Nursing Chapter 17 Homework Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses

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Chapter 17 Case Study Questions
This activity contains 4 questions.
Policy Development Is Not for Us
A local nursing organization is meeting to discuss what the organization’s focus should
be in the coming year. One member of the executive committee says, “I think we need to
consider the IOM quality reports.” The treasurer quickly responds, “Those reports have
nothing to do with us or healthcare in our community or state!” The committee is quiet.
The organization’s president then joins the discussion as he agrees with the suggestion to
focus on these reports, though he is not sure what to do with the idea.
How might the president respond to this discussion in a positive manner?
What might the president say about the current status of national healthcare quality and
quality healthcare in your state?
What strategies could the organization use to implement the reports’ recommendations?
Consider policy development, professional education including continuing education,
collaboration with other healthcare professions, and other professional organizations.
How is advocacy connected to this topic?
Chapter 17 ANSWER KEY Case Study Questions
Answers will vary by student.
Answers will vary by student.
Answers will vary by student.
Answers will vary by student.
Chapter number: 17

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