Nursing Chapter 15 Homework Uap Evaluate The Communication Attitude And Response

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Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
Chapter 15 Critical Thinking and Critical Reasoning and Judgment Questions
This activity contains 2 Discussion Questions and 1 Application Exercise.
Discussion Questions:
Consider one of your current clinical sites. Identify barriers to effective delegation that
you observe or experience. For each barrier, describe a strategy that might be used to
prevent or overcome the barrier. (Online Application Option)
Find your state’s nurse practice act on the Web or in your library. Why is it important for
you to be aware of this law? Compare your state’s nurse practice act with a UAP position
description from a local HCO. Does the law say anything about delegation, and if so, how
does it relate to the position description? Is there other information on your state’s board
of nursing website on delegation, and how might this information be useful? Sharing
information may allow the team to look at position descriptions from different HCOs.
(Online Application Option)
Application Exercise:
For one week in clinical, consider the following:
What tasks or patient care activities that your patients require could be delegated
and to whom?
Apply the delegation decision-making tree and five rights of delegation.
Discuss delegation with a team leader and staff nurses. Document your data.
When tasks are delegated to UAP, how do they respond?
If you have an opportunity to observe an RN delegating to a UAP, evaluate the
communication, attitude, and response. (Online Application Option)
Chapter 15 ANSWER KEY Thinking Critically Questions
Discussion Questions:
[Answers will vary according to the student’s clinical experiences] Barriers to effective
delegation require attention before, during, and after the process. Delegating may mean
[Answers will vary per practice standards in each state related to delegation]
Application Exercises:
[Answers will vary by student experience]
Chapter number: 15

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