Nursing Chapter 14 Homework Assess Your Own Communication Style Topic concept Resolving

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Chapter 14 Critical Thinking and Critical Reasoning and Judgment Questions
This activity contains 4 Application Exercises.
With your team, review the communication barriers and discuss methods to prevent them.
(Online Application Option)
Errors in healthcare delivery are a serious concern, as has been noted in the Institute of
Medicine report To Err Is Human (1999). Interview a nurse manager or a team leader,
and ask for examples of errors that have occurred. What are they? Are the examples
related to ineffective communication? If so, in what way? How could future similar errors
be prevented? What is the healthcare organization doing to improve communication?
Share your results. (Online Application Option)
With your assigned team, determine how you might assess the team’s communication
using information in this chapter. Then use your assessment plan to assess the team’s
communication. (Online Application Option)
Discuss with your team examples of storytelling you have experienced. What was the
impact of this communication method? (Online Application Option)
Chapter 14 ANSWER KEY Critical Thinking and Critical Reasoning and
Judgment Questions
Application Exercises:
[Answer will vary per student group]
Questions that the group can use to determine communication barriers include:
a. Are messages being received? Consider whether staff know what they are
[Answers will vary according to student experience.]
Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
[Answers will vary]
The group should use the information presented in the textbook on pp. 343-348 to
[Answers will vary but should include the following information]
Storytelling is a useful communication technique that can be used to clarify a confusing

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