Journalism Chapter 4 Homework Rich media display ads add color and ROI to a traditional campaign Display Ads run throughout our websites in a variety of universal sizes

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Keith's Radio Station: Broadcast-- Internet-- and Satellite 9th Edition
Bruce Mims, John Allen Hendricks
Radio 2.0: Today’s Local Integrated
Solution Provider
By Weezie Kramer
Radio today integrates multiple on air, online, and digital assets to create dynamic and
solution oriented, integrated campaigns for clients. Campaigns coordinate multiple
marketing assets to engage consumers and motivate action and response from fans.
Our goal is to create great content, provide terrific entertainment and talent, and deliver it to
consumers on any platform that they want to access it, whenever they want to access it.
Internet Radio
The fastest growing segment of the radio industry, Internet radio
today represents up to 15% of the total listening audience
Online listeners across desktop, laptop, and mobile applications
tend to be among the most loyal, tech savvy, and responsive
Internet radio is consumed at the “point of purchase”
Display Ads and Banner Ads
Rich media display ads add color and ROI to a
traditional campaign
Video Pre-Rolls
“Must see” Video Pre-Roll and Video ads provide
visuals and motion that serve between our most
ardent fans as they opt-in to their favorite content
(300x250 “video ads” are our most popular assets)
Rich Media / Walk On Video
Rich Media video ads, like “walk-on” or “disruptive”
video ads, launch on a radio station website page and
bring additional attention and excitement to an
advertisers message
MicroSites / Landing Pages
Creative, client branded websites and web
pages enhance an advertisers marketing
message by providing information, videos
Website Takeovers
Daily and hourly takeovers of radio station websites can
include static banner ads, visual takeovers, side bars and
more to powerfully reinforce an advertisers message
Social Media Activation
Incorporating an integrated approach to
promote an advertisers social media strategy
drives consumer interest for an advertisers
Mobile/Text Programs
Combining an on-air campaign with texting can dynamically build
an advertisers brand’s database
Text-to-Win programs drive consumers into retail locations to pick
up a text code and enter to win prizes and redeem special offers
Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs give consumers an opportunity to
earn points to be used toward prizes from an
advertisers business, station prizes, special incentives,
and more
Contests and Promotions
On air giveaways and contesting are a proven
staple of radio marketing, reinforcing an
advertisers objective to a highly engaged listener
HD Radio:
HD radio offers an enhanced user experience and better fidelity
Benefits of HD radio include:
FM radio that sounds almost as good as a CD
AM radio that sounds as good as traditional FM

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