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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Harrison is a popular-antisocial child. Which of the following characteristics is he likely
to display?
A) He performs well in school and communicates with peers in a friendly way.
B) He is athletically skilled but is a poor student who causes trouble and defies adult
C) He displays a wide range of negative social behaviors and is overwhelmed by social
D) He engages in low rates of interaction but does not report feeling lonely or unhappy.
Which of the following statements about the development of self-concept is true?
A) Preschool children are better than school-age children at "reading" others' messages
and internalizing their expectations.
B) A large discrepancy between an ideal self and a real self boosts self-esteem.
C) Perspective-taking skills are crucial for developing a self-concept based on
personality traits.
D) School-age children often avoid making social comparisons when describing
Which of the following is an example of a direct parental influence on children's peer
A) Maxine arranges for her 4-year-old to play with his friend at the park.
B) Regina allows her 3-year-old to choose her own playmates.
C) Tamie plays house with her 4-year-old.
D) David and his 3-year-old play with blocks.
David, a Caucasian American born in 2010, is likely to live 3 to 6 years __________
born the same year.
A) less than Sam, an African American
B) less than Evelyn, an African American
C) longer than Mindy, a Caucasian American
D) longer than Jason, an African American
Which of the following statements is an example of induction?
A) "I"ll put you in time out if you don"t stop jumping on the couch."
B) "You sat there last time. It is your sister's turn."
C) "You hit your brother. You know better than that."
D) "Your sister is crying because you won"t give back her truck."
Which of the following statements about basic emotions is true?
A) Infants come into the world with the ability to clearly express basic emotions.
B) Newborns' emotional expressions closely resemble those of adults.
C) Babies' earliest emotional life consists of attraction to pleasant stimulation and
withdrawal from unpleasant stimulation.
D) Babies are born with well-organized and specific emotional expressions for
happiness and fear.
A body mass index (BMI) above the __________ percentile for a child's age and sex is
considered overweight, a BMI above the __________ percentile obese.
A) 50th; 75th
B) 75th; 85th
C) 75th; 95th
D) 85th; 95th
The __________ child-rearing style is the most successful approach.
A) authoritative
B) authoritarian
C) permissive
D) uninvolved
__________ provide the best estimate of a baby's ability to recover from the stress of
A) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Network Neurobehavioral Scale scores
B) Changes in neonatal assessment scores over the first week or two of life
C) Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale scores
D) Weight loss and weight gain
Katie wonders when she will first be able to hear her fetus's heartbeat through a
stethoscope. You tell her that this should happen by the
A) fourth week of pregnancy.
B) third month.
C) end of the second trimester.
D) beginning of the third trimester.
Chet and Leola enjoy being grandparents. They especially value being able to pass
family history and values to a new generation. Which of the following grandparenthood
gratifications is probably most important to them?
A) valued elder
B) immortality through descendants
C) reinvolvement with personal past
D) indulgence
One of the goals of the Nurse"Family Partnership, currently implemented in hundreds
of counties across 42 U.S. states, is to
A) eradicate prenatal drug use.
B) lessen the effects of teratogens on developing organisms.
C) improve family conditions, thereby protecting children from lasting difficulties.
D) provide family planning and genetic counseling.
Lauren is beginning to use strategies to adjust her emotional state to a comfortable level
of intensity so she can accomplish her goals. Lauren is using
A) emotional contagion.
B) social referencing.
C) emotional self-regulation.
D) emotional dynamics.
Ursula is in the second stage of labor. She can expect __________ during this stage.
A) contractions of the uterus to begin gradually and become more frequent and
B) the placenta to separate from the uterine wall and be delivered
C) the cervix to widen and thin to nothing
D) her baby to be born
__________ may heighten the effects of a high-fat diet.
A) Sex hormones
B) Over-the-counter medications
C) Free radicals
D) Low body weight
Which of the following seems to reduce an individual's risk of developing Alzheimer's
A) hormone therapy
B) a "Mediterranean diet"
C) folate supplements
D) anti-inflammatory drugs
Boys are _____ times more likely to be injured during childhood than girls.
A) 1.5
B) 2
C) 2.5
D) 3
Children who acquire effective self-regulatory skills develop a sense of
A) elevated self-esteem.
B) advanced linguistic intelligence.
C) academic self-efficacy.
D) practical intelligence.
Optimal aging is
A) facilitated by societal contexts that promote effective person"environment fit.
B) easily measurable by examining cognitive performance, cardiovascular functioning,
and degree of disability.
C) measured by examining each older adult's specific achievements and physical
D) a concept that only applies to seniors who are financially secure and socially
Michael was born with cataracts in both eyes. What can you tell his parents about the
possibility of recovery as it relates to sensitive periods in brain development?
A) Michael should not have corrective surgery until adulthood, as earlier surgery may
permanently damage his eyes.
B) The longer cataract surgery is postponed beyond infancy, the less complete the
recovery in visual skills.
C) Corrective surgery should be postponed until early childhood so that Michael can
fully recover his visual skills.
D) There is only a slight chance that corrective surgery can repair Michael's severe
Knowing Niraj's IQ score helps his father
A) determine if Niraj's mental age is the same as his chronological age.
B) know whether Niraj is ahead, behind, or on time in mental development compared
with his agemates.
C) determine the percentage of younger and older children who fall above or below
Niraj's score.
D) know how Niraj compares in mental development to younger and older children.
At the beginning of the embryonic period, the __________ system develops fastest.
A) circulatory
B) endocrine
C) digestive
D) nervous
From early to middle adulthood, the death rate due to cancer
A) doubles.
B) triples.
C) multiplies fivefold.
D) multiplies tenfold.
For boys, voice change usually takes place
A) after adult stature is reached.
B) before spermarche.
C) at the peak of the growth spurt.
D) before any other signs of puberty.
Piaget's view of development was greatly influenced by his early training in
A) physics.
B) sociology.
C) biology.
D) kinesiology.
__________ rises over the adolescent years.
A) Self-disclosure between friends
B) Number of best friends
C) Possessiveness between friends
D) Time spent with siblings
Mr. and Mrs. Hopewell are concerned because they have been trying without success to
have a baby for over a year. Which of the following procedures would you recommend
to them?
A) gene therapy
B) genetic counseling
C) genetic engineering
D) fetal medicine
According to the concept of __________, our genes influence the environments to
which we are exposed.
A) canalization
B) gene"environment correlation
C) heritability estimation
D) natural selection
Which of the following statements about self-esteem in elementary school is true?
A) It rises dramatically as soon as children enter school and remains high throughout
the elementary school years.
B) It increases steadily over the first few years of elementary school and then drops
from fourth grade on.
C) Throughout middle childhood, girls' self-esteem tends to be higher than boys'.
D) It declines during the first few years of elementary school and then, from fourth
grade on, rises for the majority of young people.
__________ are responsible for myelination.
A) Neurons
B) Neurotransmitters
C) Glial cells
D) Synapses
Which of the following statements is supported by research on child maltreatment?
A) Every industrialized country except the United States and France prohibits corporal
punishment in school.
B) The United States has banned the use of corporal punishment in public schools.
C) Because the United States does not view violence as an appropriate way to solve
problems, physical abuse is rare.
D) In the United States, there is little support for the use of physical punishment with
children under the age of 5.
When the diets of severely malnourished children improve, they
A) rarely show catch-up growth.
B) rarely have lasting damage.
C) usually continue to undereat even when food is plentiful.
D) tend to gain excessive weight.
The __________ is an influential model of changes in our social networks as we move
through life.
A) social convoy
B) social clock
C) kinkeeper role
D) continuity chain
What are the two distinct styles of early language learning? What accounts for a
toddler's language style?
What is vocational burnout? Who is the most likely to suffer from it?
What influence does heredity have on physical growth?
Describe the four typically cited gratifications of grandparenthood. How do
middle-aged adults rate their role as grandparents?
Briefly describe the psychological impact of attending college.
What is bereavement overload? Who is at risk for it?
How do children become bilingual? Is there a sensitive period for second-language
development? Discuss bilingual development in middle childhood.
Compare and contrast collectivist and individualistic societies.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith are concerned about their 15-year-old son, Wesley. He has
withdrawn from his friends and seems depressed. Recently, Wesley stated, "You"d be
better off if I were dead." Should the Smiths be concerned? Provide them with the
warning signs of suicide.
Describe the various forms of child maltreatment. Indicate who typically commits
abusive incidents and who is at risk for abuse.
Terra is Rh-negative and her husband, Marcus, is Rh-positive. Advise Terra about the
consequences of this blood type incompatibility.
What is the most widely used potent teratogen? How does it affect prenatal
Compare and contrast naturalistic and structured observations.
Toby, age 85, is extremely infirm and displays wasted muscle mass and strength. In
recent months, Toby has experienced weight loss, severe mobility problems, and
cognitive difficulties. Explain Toby's condition. What contributes to it?
Describe the components of the mental system, including the sensory register,
short-term memory, working memory, and long-term memory.
Discuss the emergence of self-esteem in early childhood. How can adults promote high
What is assisted living, and how is it beneficial for older adults?
Describe both child-centered preschool or kindergarten programs and academic
programs. Which type of programming does the research favor for early childhood?
What does it mean to "die with dignity?" How can family members help that happen?
Explain intermodal perception and its importance to perceptual development.

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