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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
For most of late adulthood, cognitive declines are
A) swift.
B) extensive.
C) gradual.
D) rare.
Which of the following statements about advance medical directives is true?
A) The durable power of attorney for health care cannot anticipate all future medical
conditions and, thus, the living will is more flexible.
B) The durable power of attorney can ensure a partner's role in decision making and in
advocating for the patient's health-care needs.
C) People who do not support passive euthanasia do not need advance medical
D) In all U.S. states, failure to provide an advance medical directive now results in the
appointment of a health-care proxy.
Elliott, age 11, is suddenly afraid to go to school. Which of the following is the best
advice you can give to Elliott's parents?
A) Allow him to stay home from school until he feels more comfortable.
B) Become more protective of him by accompanying him to his classes.
C) Lightheartedly point out that being afraid of going to school is not normal.
D) Firmly insist that he return to school, and train him in how to cope with difficult
The ability to engage in effective and appropriate communication is called
A) linguistics.
B) pragmatics.
C) language arts.
D) conservation.
Ellen and Jane recently had a new baby. If they are like most new parents, the arrival of
the baby will
A) not cause significant marital strain.
B) lead to high rates of anxiety and depression in both Ellen and Jane.
C) lead to an increase in the quality of their communication.
D) lead to a sharp increase in marital satisfaction.
According to __________ of motor development, mastery of motor skills involves
acquiring increasingly complex systems of action.
A) the proximodistal trend
B) the cephalocaudal trend
C) ecological systems theory
D) dynamic systems theory
Currently, an older adult in __________ can expect to live the longest in full health,
without disease or injury.
A) Japan
B) Sweden
C) the United States
D) China
Jacob has begun to question his parents' political beliefs and has attended several rallies
to find out about alternatives. He is characterized by identity
A) diffusion.
B) foreclosure.
C) moratorium.
D) achievement.
Which of the following is a recessive characteristic?
A) curly hair
B) facial dimples
C) red hair
D) double-jointedness
Baby Alan started opening his mouth differently for a nipple than for a spoon. Baby
Alan is probably in Stage ___ of Piaget's sensorimotor stages.
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5
Gardner believes that
A) emotional intelligence is highly correlated with general intelligence.
B) traditional intelligence tests accurately assess the complexity of human behavior.
C) all forms of intelligence follow the same course of development.
D) each intelligence has a unique biological basis and a distinct course of development.
Adult learners list __________ as the most common reason for not completing their
A) role overload
B) the amount of homework
C) the fast pace of the classes
D) failure to achieve high grades
In the male,
A) meiosis results in just one sperm cell.
B) the cells from which sperm arise are produced continuously throughout life.
C) sperm cells do not reach maturity until adolescence.
D) about 1 to 2 million sperm are produced when meiosis is complete.
Both police arrests and self-reports show that delinquency
A) is equally common among boys and girls.
B) rises in late adolescence and emerging adulthood.
C) rises over early and middle adolescence and then declines.
D) is often exaggerated and overreported.
Which of the following statements about good health and exercise in midlife is true?
A) Physical activity in midlife enhances self-efficacy and effective stress management.
B) Engaging in exercise during midlife is less positively associated with a positive
outlook than in younger adults.
C) Middle-aged people who maintain an exercise regimen are not likely to perceive
themselves as particularly active.
D) While good health positively affects energy and zest for life in early adulthood, it
can have the opposite effect in midlife.
Research shows that dietary calorie restriction in nonhuman primates
A) increases blood glucose and insulin levels.
B) slows aging, but does not extend the lifespan.
C) decreases bone density.
D) increases accumulation of body fat.
Ainsley, who has not had a hysterectomy, is undergoing menopause. Her doctor will
probably recommend
A) hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
B) surgical removal of the ovaries (SRO).
C) estrogen replacement therapy (ERT).
D) postmenopausal surgery (PMS).
According to Jean Piaget's cognitive-developmental theory,
A) children actively construct knowledge as they manipulate and explore their world.
B) children's learning depends on reinforcers, such as rewards from adults.
C) adult teaching is the best way to foster development.
D) rapid development occurs during sensitive periods.
Which of the following statements about children's questions is true?
A) Seventy to ninety percent of children's questions are non-information-seeking.
B) When preschoolers ask questions, more often than not they are clamoring for
C) The content of children's questions is related to their cognitive development.
D) With age, preschoolers ask fewer questions about function.
Current research indicates that Freud was correct that
A) children adopt the moral standards of their same-sex parent.
B) guilt is an important motivator of moral action.
C) children's fear of punishment leads to the development of moral behavior.
D) fear of the loss of parental love motivates conscience formation.
The reduced time that Western teenagers spend with their parents results from
A) a sharp increase in parent"child conflict.
B) the lack of unstructured time available to teenagers.
C) adolescents' view that parents are not "cool."
D) the large amount of unstructured time available to teenagers.
Martin is a caregiver for a 70-year-old Alzheimer's patient. If he is like most caregivers,
which of the following types of assistance would he most desire?
A) knowledge about the disease
B) coping skills
C) caregiving skills
D) respite
Heritability estimates
A) are likely to exaggerate the role of the environment.
B) are difficult to misapply.
C) cannot be used to study complex traits, such as intelligence and personality.
D) are likely to exaggerate the role of heredity.
Dr. Bigelow is interested in studying musical prodigies. Which method is best suited for
this type of research?
A) naturalistic observation
B) clinical interview
C) case study
D) structured interview
Which of the following statements about preschoolers' ability to generate and follow a
plan is true?
A) Preschoolers' difficulty with appearance versus reality contributes to their poor
planning skills.
B) Preschoolers cannot systematically search for a lost object even if possible locations
are few.
C) When parents encourage planning in everyday activities, they help children plan
more effectively.
D) Preschoolers are not yet capable of planning, even if the tasks are familiar and not
too complex.
Which of the following is an ethical concern regarding the use of reproductive
A) The in vitro "sex sorter" method could lead to parental sex selection.
B) Reproductive technologies cannot be used to overcome most male fertility problems.
C) More than 75 percent of reproductive technologies result in multiple births.
D) A lack of genetic ties often strains the parent"child relationship.
Dr. Summers helps terminally ill patients take their own lives by enabling the patients
to swallow or inject a lethal dose of drugs. Dr. Summers practices
A) involuntary euthanasia.
B) assisted suicide.
C) voluntary active euthanasia.
D) passive euthanasia.
In men with high blood pressure or atherosclerosis, __________ heighten(s) the risk of
constricting blood vessels in the optic nerve, permanently damaging it.
A) testosterone production
B) sexual stimulation
C) erectile dysfunction
D) medications for impotence
The amniotic fluid
A) delivers food and oxygen to the developing organism.
B) helps keep the temperature of the prenatal world constant.
C) delivers nutrients and removes waste products.
D) produces blood cells until the organs are mature enough to take over this function.
In classical conditioning, once a baby's nervous system makes a connection between
two stimuli, the __________ stimulus produces __________.
A) neutral; the behavior by itself
B) conditioned; a reflexive response
C) unconditioned; an unconditioned response
D) neutral; a reflexive response
School-age children's attitude toward language undergoes a fundamental shift when
A) develop language awareness.
B) use private speech.
C) are exposed to bilingual education.
D) use reflective speaking.
Sophia's parents are warm but overindulgent and inattentive. They make few demands
for maturity. They permit Sophia to make many decisions before she is ready. Sophia's
parents have a(n) __________ style of child rearing.
A) authoritative
B) authoritarian
C) permissive
D) uninvolved
North Americans with sickle cell anemia have an average life expectancy of _____
A) 5
B) 25
C) 55
D) 75
X-rays of epiphyses enable doctors to estimate children's
A) adult weight.
B) loss of baby teeth.
C) brain development.
D) skeletal age.

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