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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Creative individuals are
A) intolerant of ambiguity.
B) rarely driven to succeed.
C) willing to try again after failure.
D) all highly productive.
Which of the following statements about the dual-process model of coping with loss is
A) Effective coping requires people to shift their focus inward, shutting out the outside
stressors of ordinary life.
B) Confronting grief without relief is the most mentally healthy approach to
C) Consistent with the dual-process model, survivors who attend to loss-oriented, rather
than restoration-oriented, activities move through the bereavement process most
D) Effective coping requires people to oscillate between dealing with the emotional
consequences of loss and attending to life changes.
Bryson and his co-workers are developing a new sales strategy. When Bryson's
conclusions differ radically from the rest of the team, he considers the justifiability of
his conclusions and revises them slightly. Bryson is engaged in
A) epistemic cognition.
B) dualistic thinking.
C) relativistic thinking.
D) pragmatic thought.
The umbilical cord
A) appears as a tiny stalk and eventually grows to a length of 6 to 12 inches.
B) contains one large artery that delivers nutrients to the embryo.
C) connects the placenta to the developing organism.
D) permits the blood of the mother and the embryo to mix directly.
Compared to elders in large cities, elders in small towns are __________ likely to
A) more; move into planned housing for elders
B) less; develop warm relationships with nonrelatives
C) less; feel safe and secure
D) more; remain actively involved in the community
In operant conditioning, a reinforcer
A) decreases the occurrence of a response.
B) removes a desirable stimulus.
C) is a neutral stimulus.
D) is a stimulus that increases the occurrence of a response.
The genetic variability produced by meiosis is
A) rare.
B) male dominant.
C) adaptive.
D) female dominant.
The more preschoolers play with same-sex playmates, the
A) greater their tolerance for "gender-inappropriate" activities.
B) more their behavior becomes gender typed.
C) more peers criticize them.
D) greater their opportunities for cross-gender play.
Today, inadequate nutrition
A) is not confined to developing countries.
B) rarely leads to death.
C) affects approximately 40 percent of American children.
D) is confined to developing countries.
Because the environments of most twin pairs are less diverse than those of the general
population, it is often difficult to
A) generalize heritability findings to the whole population.
B) generate reaction ranges.
C) conduct kinship studies.
D) determine heritability estimates.
Immigrants from collectivist cultures report
A) higher levels of loneliness than people born in the United States and Canada.
B) similar levels of loneliness to native-born Westerners.
C) lower levels of loneliness than native-born Americans.
D) low levels of intimacy in most romantic relationships.
Over time, children rely on increasingly effective __________ to solve problems.
A) reflexive schemes
B) memory tricks
C) logic games
D) mental approaches
Coregulation is a(n)
A) form of supervision in which parents exercise general oversight while letting
children take charge of moment-by-moment decision making.
B) permissive child-rearing style where the child takes responsibility for making rules.
C) agreement between parents and other caregivers to be consistent with rules and
D) authoritarian child-rearing style where the parent exercises firm control.
Sayuri, who lives in a collectivist culture, wins a game. Her parents will probably
encourage Sayuri to feel
A) pride in her personal achievement.
B) embarrassed by the individual attention.
C) envious of the children who lost.
D) intense shame for violating a cultural standard.
Individuals who are low in conscientiousness are
A) calm, even-tempered, self-content, unemotional, and hardy.
B) negligent, lazy, disorganized, late, aimless, and nonpersistent.
C) ruthless, suspicious, stingy, critical, and irritable.
D) talkative, passive, sober, passionate, and conservative.
The weights of adopted children
A) correlate more strongly with those of their biological than of their adoptive parents.
B) correlate more strongly with those of their adoptive than of their biological parents.
C) show little or no correlation to either their biological or adoptive parents.
D) correlate strongly with their adoptive siblings.
Gene therapy corrects genetic abnormalities by
A) mapping the sequence of all human DNA base pairs.
B) performing surgery to repair defects during the fetal period.
C) delivering DNA carrying a functional gene to the cells.
D) modifying gene-specified proteins involved in biological aging and disease.
Which of the following statements about the cerebral cortex is true?
A) It is the first brain structure to stop growing.
B) It is sensitive to environmental influences for a longer period than any other part of
the brain.
C) It is the smallest, but most important, brain structure.
D) It is surrounded by the rest of the brain.
Research on child sexual abuse indicates that
A) both boys and girls are equally likely to be sexually abused.
B) reported cases are highest in adolescence.
C) the abuser is typically a parent or someone the parent knows well.
D) the abuser is typically a stranger.
Gender schema theory
A) explains how environmental factors contribute to sex differences in behavior and
personality traits.
B) explains how environmental pressures and children's cognitions work together to
shape gender-role development.
C) maintains that children acquire gender-typed responses through modeling and
D) maintains that biological factors have a greater impact on gender typing than
environmental factors.
Mr. Wixom is dying. His wife wants to help him have a dignified exit. In
communicating with Mr. Wixom, she should
A) talk about the past and avoid discussing his impending death.
B) assure him that she will support him through his physical and psychological distress.
C) tell him that he is going to get better soon.
D) conceal or minimize her own grief.
The average age of retirement in the United States is currently
A) 60.
B) 63.
C) 65.
D) 68.
Compared with school-age children, teenagers' self-evaluations place more emphasis on
A) athletic ability.
B) physical strength.
C) social virtues.
D) physical attractiveness.
A researcher using a structured interview would typically ask
A) questions in a large group of participants.
B) the same set of questions in the same way to each research participant.
C) only yes/no, multiple choice, and true/false questions.
D) a different set of questions for each participant.
Involvement in leisure activities and, especially, __________ is related to better
physical health and reduced mortality.
A) volunteer service
B) travel
C) reading
D) swimming
Angry reactions __________ with age.
A) decrease in both frequency and intensity
B) increase in intensity, but decrease in frequency
C) increase in both frequency and intensity
D) increase in frequency, but decrease in intensity
Small-for-date infants __________ than preterm infants.
A) have chubbier cheeks and larger eyes
B) are less likely to die
C) more often show evidence of brain damage
D) more often are held close, touched, and talked to gently
Currently, the most widely used potent teratogen is
A) aspirin.
B) diethylstilbestrol (DES).
C) thalidomide.
D) Accutane.
Which of the following statements about children's map-making abilities is true?
A) Cultural frameworks influence children's map making.
B) Preschool children do not yet include landmarks on maps they draw.
C) Girls tend to be better at map making than boys.
D) Map making is a universal skill that emerges in most children by age 6.
Which of the following preschoolers is most likely to be shunned by agemates?
A) a boy who wears nail polish
B) a boy who plays with building blocks
C) a girl who wears cowboy boots
D) a girl who enjoys art
In setting personal goals, older adults
A) often deny their physical and cognitive limitations.
B) focus on maintaining abilities and preventing losses.
C) focus on gains in physical goals and losses in cognitive goals.
D) focus on gains in cognitive goals and losses in physical goals.
Which of the following statements about the Type A behavior pattern is true?
A) Individuals with the Type A behavior pattern are not as likely as Type B individuals
to develop heart disease.
B) Hallmarks of the Type A pattern include ambition, patience, the ability to multitask,
and a relaxed sense of time.
C) Women score higher than men in hostility and dominance, evident in rapid, loud,
insistent speech.
D) Current evidence pinpoints hostility as a toxic ingredient of Type A in both men and
Miranda says "more apple." This two-word utterance is an example of
A) an underextension.
B) babbling.
C) telegraphic speech.
D) a referential style.

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