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Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform 2012 Election Edition 11th Edition

SSCI 21684

July 16, 2017
If the president wishes to address a foreign policy crisis without using the military, the
president may instead opt for the use of __________ as orchestrated by the Department
of State.
Describe the major ways in which the presidency has changed since the beginning of
the twentieth century. Be sure to include a description of the changes and the reasons
why these changes occurred. Include a conclusion to summarize your key points.
How did the Stamp Act help set the country on a path to independence?
John has been convicted of violating a federal criminal statute. Explain how John's case
could reach the Supreme Court.
According to the __________ Act, federal agencies must solicit public comments
before issuing new rules and regulations.
The __________, which includes the voters who identify themselves as Democrats or
Republicans and who tend to vote for the candidates of their party, has been in decline
for four decades.
How did the Hatch Act reinforce reforms initiated under the Pendleton Act? When were
these acts passed, and what events precipitated them?
Unlike Social Security, a ___________ program collects and invests contributions from
workers and then returns them with interest to beneficiaries.
Why does the plight of the Guantanamo detainees raise concerns about civil liberties?
Discuss which political group had the most impact on the formation of the Constitution
and why.
__________ percent of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention were
Describe the evolution of federalism over the course of American history. Provide
specific social/policy developments or Supreme Court decisions for each evolutionary
Explain the privileges and immunities clause.
How does Congress exercise control over the federal bureaucracy?
An interest group holding a demonstration outside the White House is an example of

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