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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Although Justin spent his first 18 months in an orphanage, his adoptive mother believes
that sensitive caregiving will help Justin overcome his early experiences. Justin's
mother emphasizes the role of __________ in development.
A) nurture
B) stages
C) stability
D) nature
A survey of a nationally representative sample of U.S. 8- to 18-year-olds found that
their most frequent type of media multitasking is
A) surfing the Internet.
B) listening to music.
C) talking on the phone.
D) watching TV.
Which of the following statements about gifted children is true?
A) Most gifted children have high self-esteem.
B) Many gifted children are socially isolated.
C) The vast majority of gifted children have IQ scores of 150 or higher.
D) Most gifted children show an evenly high ability across academic subjects.
Two-year-old Grace believes that words are for talking about people's feelings and
needs. Her vocabulary consists of many social formulas and pronouns. Grace uses
A) a referential style.
B) an expressive style.
C) telegraphic speech.
D) infant-directed speech.
In instances of sudden, unexpected deaths, __________ may be especially pronounced.
A) avoidance
B) confrontation
C) mourning
D) restoration
Jade spent two years in a Mexican-American community studying communication
between parents and children. Jade is using the __________ research method.
A) naturalistic observation
B) ethnographic
C) self-report
D) structured observation
Russell and Janine are involved in a sexually intimate relationship and share an
apartment. Their relationship is
referred to as
A) noncommitted.
B) traditional.
C) cohabitation.
D) informal.
The gender gap favoring males in mathematical reasoning is large for
A) mental rotation tasks.
B) spatial visualization tasks.
C) subjects like algebra and geometry.
D) basic skills like multiplication and division.
Emotional competence
A) develops from repeated experiences with failure.
B) results in a decline in self-conscious emotions.
C) is influenced more by biology than the environment.
D) is vital for successful peer relationships and overall mental health.
Two main types of designs used in all research on human behavior are __________ and
A) observational; experimental
B) correlational; experimental
C) observational; correlational
D) variable; observational
Two-year-old Annmarie tells her mom, "I a good girl." This statement demonstrates that
Annmarie is beginning to develop
A) a categorical self.
B) empathy.
C) self-conscious emotions.
D) scale errors.
In the __________, sights and sounds are represented directly and stored briefly.
A) sensory register
B) short-term memory
C) working memory
D) long-term memory
Which of the following statements about divorce in midlife is true?
A) Women are more likely than men to admit that their emotional inattentiveness
played a major role in marital failure.
B) Middle-aged adults with little or no education are more likely to divorce than highly
educated midlifers.
C) Women are more likely than men to initiate divorce, and those who do fare
somewhat better in psychological well-being.
D) Women who initiate a split often already have another romantic involvement to turn
to after the divorce.
One limitation of the ethnographic method is that
A) investigators' cultural values sometimes lead them to misinterpret what they see.
B) it provides little information on how children and adults actually behave.
C) it relies on unobtrusive techniques, such as surveillance cameras and one-way
D) it provides little information about the reasoning behind participants' responses.
Jennifer, age 45, is a Girl Scout leader. She states that she really enjoys giving to and
guiding the next generation. According to Erikson, Jennifer has developed a sense of
A) intimacy.
B) generativity.
C) guilt.
D) stagnation.
Adrian developed a secure attachment to his parents when he was a child. Adrian
probably characterizes his most important adult love relationship in terms of
A) shared interests, emotional distance, and status.
B) dependency, insecurity, and sacrifice.
C) desperation, anxiety, and fear.
D) trust, happiness, and friendship.
Landon's parents wonder how his self-esteem will differentiate in adolescence. Landon
will probably add which of the following dimensions of self-evaluation to those of
middle childhood?
A) close friendship, romantic appeal, and job competence
B) athletic and academic ability
C) physical attractiveness and relationships with family members
D) friendship, integrity, and honesty
Compared to younger people, middle-aged adults see themselves as
A) more concerned about others' expectations and evaluations.
B) capable of managing a complex array of tasks easily and effectively.
C) less concerned with following self-chosen standards.
D) having more negative than positive qualities.
__________ provide(s) the most precise information about which brain regions are
specialized for certain capacities.
A) Neuroimaging techniques
B) Brain-wave patterning
C) Event-related potentials (ERPs)
D) Brain sculpturing
Mr. and Mrs. Frishman recently divorced. Their 5-year-old son is likely to
A) take on extra household chores.
B) blame himself for the marital breakup.
C) escape into undesirable peer activities.
D) provide emotional support to his mother.
Baby Tyler's limb movements are gentle. He stirs occasionally and facial grimacing
occurs. Although his eyelids are closed, occasional rapid eye movements can be seen
beneath them. Tyler is most likely in which of the following states?
A) regular sleep
B) drowsiness
C) irregular sleep
D) quiet alertness
In males, semen volume, sperm motility, and percentage of normal sperm decrease
gradually after age
A) 20.
B) 25.
C) 30.
D) 35.
Our most powerful mental representations include __________ and __________.
A) images; imitation
B) imitation; concepts
C) images; concepts
D) habituation; imitation
Which of the following statements about possible selves is true?
A) They increase in number with age.
B) They become increasingly abstract with age.
C) They show considerable stability by early adulthood.
D) They may be the key to continued well-being in adulthood.
Research confirms that __________ plays a large role in accounting for boys'
gross-motor superiority.
A) boys' greater muscle mass
B) the social environment
C) girls' higher fat-to-muscle ratio
D) girls' lack of coordination
In Case's neo-Piagetian theory, children acquire central conceptual structures
A) in an abrupt stagewise transition to logical thought.
B) once cognitive schemes are sufficiently automatic.
C) spontaneously in a systematic transition.
D) at about the same time, regardless of experience, culture, and schooling.
Eric is more likely than his sister to be negatively affected by X-linked disorders
A) males are more likely than females to inherit harmful recessive alleles.
B) the Y chromosome is much longer than the X chromosome.
C) the Y chromosome lacks many corresponding genes to override those carried on the
X chromosome.
D) his sex chromosomes match, which makes him more susceptible to disease.
Hart volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. When he is at a work site, he is so
engrossed in activity that he loses all sense of time and self-awareness. Hart is
A) early-onset dementia.
B) environmental mastery.
C) self-efficacy.
D) flow.
Dr. Whittier believes that many intelligence tests sample knowledge and skills that not
all groups of children have had equal opportunity to learn. Dr. Whittier's belief reflects
the controversial question that ethnic differences in IQ have to do with
A) heritability.
B) multiple intelligences.
C) test bias.
Fourteen-year-old Phil experiences muscle growth and notices the growth of body and
facial hair. Which of the following hormones is responsible for this change?
A) estrogen
B) testosterone
C) adrenal androgens
D) thyroxine
The most important cause of the age-related drop in female fertility is
A) a decline in the number and quality of ova.
B) cancer of the ovaries or uterus.
C) abnormal menstrual cycles.
D) a decline in sexual activity.
As Lucinda enters adolescence, she begins to worry about walking, talking, eating,
dressing, and laughing in ways consistent with a feminine gender role. Lucinda is
A) gender intensification.
B) identity diffusion.
C) gender-role confusion.
D) identity moratorium.

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