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Human Physiology 14th Edition

Psych 98513

July 19, 2017
Breathing 100% oxygen will NOT
A.significantly increase the oxygen delivery to tissues.
B.increase the amount of oxygen in red blood cells.
C.significantly increase the total oxygen content of whole blood.
D.both increase the amount of oxygen in red blood cells and significantly increase the
total oxygen content of whole blood.
Glomerular filtration would be decreased by
A.increased plasma protein concentration.
B.increased glomerular filtrate protein concentration.
C.decreased glomerular hydrostatic pressure.
D.increased mean arterial pressure.
Why is it necessary for the cell to degrade some cellular proteins?
A. to eliminate incorrectly folded proteins
B. to remove specific enzymes and plasma membrane proteins
C. for tight control of the cell cycle
D. All apply
Which of the following is NOT a major organ of the integumentary system?
A. hair
B. nails
C. cartilage
D. skin
In newborns, _________ occurs in brown fat.
What are the small cells produced by the uneven cytoplasmic divisions or oogenesis?
A.thecal cells
D.polar bodies
When an atom loses one or more electrons, it
A.becomes positively charged.
B.becomes negatively charged.
C.is called an anion.
D.has no change in its charge.
What is the function of granzymes?
A.polymerize cell membranes to form a large pore
B.activate caspases that destroy the cell's DNA
C.bind to the plasma membrane of the host cell
D.activate complement
Inhibiting phosphodiesterase would cause the photoreceptor to undergo
A. hyperpolarization.
B. depolarization.
C. repolarization.
The transport of molecules out of the urinary filtrate and into the blood is called
A. absorption.
B. reabsorption.
C. countertransport.
D. symport.
Aphasias are most often associated with damage to ___________ and ___________
A. Wernicke's and the angular gyrus
B. fornix and Broca's
C. Broca's and Wernicke's
D. the angular gyrus and septal nuclei
Which of the following involves delayed hypersensitivity?
A.contact dermatitis
B.IgE secretion
C.hay fever
D.All of the choices are correct.
Releasing and inhibiting hormones to the anterior pituitary are produced in the
A. hypothalamus.
B. pituitary gland.
C. pineal gland.
D. cerebral nuclei.
What is the function of Paneth cells of the small intestine?
A.produce mucus
B.divide by mitosis to make new mucosa cells
C.produce lysozyme and antimicrobial peptides
D.produce digestive enzymes
Why are cells in body organs generally within 100 m of a blood capillary?
A. to decrease mean diffusion time
B. to increase mean diffusion time
C. so that larger particles can diffuse more easily
D. a larger distance maximizes entropy
Amino acids and peptides in the stomach lumen stimulate acid secretion during the
________ phase of gastric secretion.
Parkinson's disease involves degeneration of nerve fibers from the
A. red nucleus.
B. substantia nigra.
C. cerebellum.
D. corpus callosum.
The __________ acts as a countercurrent exchanger.
A.juxtaglomerular apparatus
B.peritubular capillaries
C.vasa recta
D.macula densa
The __________ is the physical space which an electron occupies in an atom.
A. nucleus
B. orbital
C. energy level
D. Both orbital and energy level are correct.
Which of the following directly initiates the release of calcium ions from the
endoplasmic reticulum?
B.phospholipase C
C.inositol triphosphate (IP3)
The mesolimbic dopamine neurons arise in the midbrain and terminate in the
A. nucleus accumbens.
B. corpus striatum.
C. basal nuclei.
D. corpus callosum.
Writing skills would be impaired if the ___________ cerebral hemisphere atrophied.
A. right
B. left
C. both
The _____________ is the liquid portion of the cell between the plasma membrane and
A. cytoskeleton
B. peroxisome
C. cytosol
D. phospholipids
Accommodation would occur when
A.the muscles of the ciliary body contract.
B.the zonular fibers become taut.
C.objects move further away from the eye.
D.the lateral rectus muscle contracts.
A defect in the enzyme that catalyzes the formation of melanin from DOPA results in
C.lactose intolerance.
D.maple-syrup disease.
Addition of phosphate groups to a particular molecule is catalyzed by
What produces "goose bumps"?
A.secretion of sweat
B.contraction of the arrector pili muscle
C.flow of sebum onto the skin
D.dilation of cutaneous blood vessels
Thyroid hormone receptors form a ___ on their DNA half-sites.
Which of the following is NOT a primary catabolic source of energy to produce ATP?
A.fatty acids
C.amino acids
What valve keeps blood from flowing back into the right atrium from the right
A.tricuspid valve
B.bicuspid valve
C.mitral valve
D.pulmonary semilunar valve
The Na+/K+ pump
A. establishes equilibrium concentrations of sodium and potassium ions.
B. is an electrogenic pump.
C. is an example of secondary active transport.
D. interferes with glucose transport.

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