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Human Physiology 14th Edition

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July 19, 2017
Fructose is a ketone.
Deletion of the SRY gene would cause male fetuses to develop as females.
Respiratory acidosis results from hyperventilation.
The corpus luteum secretes both estradiol and progesterone.
Osmosis and simple diffusion do NOT require the actions of carrier proteins.
Smooth muscle contraction requires the actions of myosin light chain kinase.
The brain ventricles are remnants of the hollow neural tube.
Children with kwashiorkor have low growth rates and low levels of IGF-1.
Hypertension and edema are often treated with diuretics.
Congestive heart failure occurs when the pumping efficiency of the heart increases.
The origin is the point of muscle attachment that is most stationary.
Beta-oxidation produces acetyl CoA molecules from fatty acids.
There are stones in the inner ear.
The principle that reversible reactions will be driven from the side of the equation
where the concentration is lower to the side where the concentration is higher is known
as the law of mass action.
Inulin is a good measure of GFR because it is filtered but neither reabsorbed nor
secreted by the kidneys.
When tissues are producing more CO2 through increased metabolic activity, less O2 is
provided to those tissues.
Thin filaments are composed of myosin and tropomyosin.
The midbrain is part of the brainstem.
Acetyl CoA and NAD are the end-products of the citric acidcycle.
The human female determines the sex of her offspring.
Contraction of the internal intercostal muscles expands the thoracic cavity.
Histamine release will cause more acid to be released in the stomach.
Four of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves give rise to parasympathetic preganglionic
The specific sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide is known as the primary protein
The "Adam's apple" is formed by the largest cartilage of the larynx.
The population of T lymphocytes in the blood is larger than that of the B lymphocytes.
All amino acids contain carboxyl and amino groups.
Lipophilic hormones travel in the blood bonded to carrier proteins.
The myometrium is the inner most layer of the uterus.
Fever is induced by pyrogens.
Epithelial membranes cover body surfaces and line the cavity of organs.
The two categories of immune defensive mechanisms are __________ and
A.innate (nonspecific) immunity, adaptive (specific) immunity.
B.passive immunity, active immunity.
C.heavy immunity, light immunity.
D.direct immunity, indirect immunity.
The metabolic rate of an awake, relaxed person, 12 to 14 hours after eating, at a
comfortable temperature is known as the
A.average metabolic rate.
B.basal metabolic rate.
C.oxidative metabolic rate.
D.metabolic rate.
Chromatin that is active in genetic transcription is called
A. euchromatin.
B. homochromatic.
C. heterochromatin.
D. embryonic chromatin.
Which tracts are NOT part of the extrapyramidal motor tracts?
A. vestibulospinal
B. corticospinal
C. rubrospinal
D. reticulospinal
What enzyme is needed for the conversion of testosterone into estradiol in the male
A.5-alpha reductase
D.cGMP phosphodiesterase
Which of the following is NOT an action of cortisol secretion?
A.stimulates gluconeogenesis
B.lowers blood levels of free fatty acids
C.promotes lipolysis
D.inhibits glucose utilization
The more movable bony attachment is the
A circular path of neurons synapsing with one after another is called a ____ circuit.
A. recurrent
B. dendritic
C. synaptic
D. parallel
The blood-brain barrier results mostly from the action of __________, a type of glial
A. ependymal cells
B. microglia
C. astrocytes
D. oligodendrocytes
Endothelin causes
C.no effect.
What type of neurons aid in imitating, understanding intentions and behaviors of others,
and having empathy with the emotions of others?
A.sensory neurons
B.motor neurons
C.association neurons
D.mirror neurons
During maximal exercise, the skeletal muscles can receive as much as ____ of the total
blood flow.
Which of the following is NOT true of norepinephrine?
A. released in both the CNS and PNS
B. released by sympathetic neurons to smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands
C. amphetamines stimulate norepinephrine pathways
D. causes depression in the CNS
Which of the following is NOT true of the nuclear envelope?
A. double-layered
B. fused in areas by nuclear pore complexes
C. single-layered
D. contains nuclear pores
MRI images of living amnesiac patients show a shrunken
A. hypothalamus.
B. epithalamus.
C. hippocampus.
D. pineal gland.
Which poison inhibits glycine receptors?
A. strychnine
B. curare
C. tetrodotoxin
D. All of the choices are correct.
Chorea is most likely to result from
A.damage to the caudate nucleus.
B.damage to the spinal ganglia.
C.damage to the occipital lobe.
D.damage to the hypothalamus.
If blood glucose levels decrease from normal, which of the following changes takes
place to bring glucose levels back to normal?
A.increase in insulin - increase in glucagon
B.increase in insulin - decrease in glucagon
C.decrease in insulin - increase in glucagon
D.decrease in insulin - decrease in glucagon
Degeneration of ______________ motor neurons occurs in amyotrophic lateral
D.both middle and lower
___________________ can form a goiter due to the presence of autoantibodies that
exert TSH-like effects on the thyroid.
A.Grave's disease
D.Cushing's disease
Which taste modality involves membrane receptors that are coupled to G-proteins?
A. umami
B. salty
C. sour
D. All apply.
Which of the following is NOT true of nicotinic-gated channels?
A. The binding of ACh allows diffusion of Na+ into and K+ out of the neuron.
B. Only EPSPs are generated.
C. Only action potentials are generated.
D. Summation can occur because of a graded response.
Gonadotropic hormones from the anterior pituitary will affect the gonads in all of the
following ways EXCEPT
A.stimulation of spermatogenesis or oogenesis.
B.stimulation of gonadal hormone secretion.
C.development of internal genital ducts.
D.maintenance of gonad structures.
Which of the following would be most easily broken?
A.a hydrogen bond
B.a nonpolar covalent bond
C.an ionic bond
D.a polar covalent bond
Damage to the terminal ganglia would have the greatest effect on
A.somatic motor nerves.
B.sympathetic motor nerves.
C.parasympathetic motor nerves.
D.somatic reflex function.
When the arteriovenous anastomoses are stimulated by sympathetic nerve fibers, the
superficial capillary loops are
A.engorged with blood.
C.by passed.
D.not affected.
The primary stimulus for insulin secretion is
A.increased blood glucose concentrations.
B.increased blood calcium concentrations.
C.increased body temperature.
D.increased exposure to sunlight.
Sympathetic stimulation of the heart will
A. increase the rate of diastolic depolarization.
B. increase conduction rate.
C. increase the strength of contraction.
D. All apply.
Solutes that cannot freely pass through a membrane are said to be
A. hypertonic.
B. osmotically inactive.
C. osmotically active.
D. selectively permeable.
A bundle of axons in the CNS is called a/an
A. nerve.
B. bundle.
C. tract.
D. neuron.
What color of light is best absorbed by rods?
The presence of renin secreting tumors may cause
B.increased aldosterone secretion.
C.increased renal sodium reabsorption.
D.All of the choices are correct.
The pH of the cytoplasm is more ___________ than the interior of a primary lysosome.
The process of fat formation from acetyl CoA is called
A. lipogenesis.
B. lipolysis.
C. beta-oxidation.
D. deamination.
Damage to which of the following nerves would reduce GI secretions?
A.glossopharyngeal nerve
B.hypoglossal nerve
C.vagus nerve
D.phrenic nerve

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