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Human Physiology 14th Edition

Psych 44654

July 19, 2017
Neurohypophyseal secretion of __________ stimulates formation of concentrated urine.
C.antidiuretic hormone
D.angiotensin I
The brain and spinal cord comprise the
A. central nervous system.
B. peripheral nervous system.
C. peripheral ganglia.
D. spinal nerves.
Which of the following is NOT true of metabolic syndrome?
B.insulin resistance
D.central obesity
The genetic code is found within DNA.
According to who's law, is the pressure in a small alveolus greater than a large alveolus
as long as the surface tension is equal?
A. Boyle's law
B. Dalton's law
C. Laplace's law
D. Henry's law
Molecules that are present in the membranes of gram-negative bacteria and are the best
known PAMPs are called
B.lipopolysaccharides (LPS).
Molecules that are mirror images of each other are
A. enantiomers.
B. geometric isomers.
C. cis/trans isomers.
D. structural isomers.
Within the eye, electrical impulses pass from
A. photoreceptors to ganglion cells to bipolar cells.
B. ganglion cells to bipolar cells to photoreceptors.
C. photoreceptors to bipolar cells to ganglion cells.
D. bipolar cells to photoreceptors to ganglion cells.
What allows the compaction of chromatin in the process of spermiogenesis?
The most common neurotransmitter in the brain is
A. glycine.
B. acetylcholine.
C. serotonin.
A. is always an excitatory neurotransmitter.
B. can bind to adrenergic receptors.
C. is an inhibitory neurotransmitter released by motor neurons.
D. can bind to nicotinic receptors.
What type of genes are found on the Y chromosome?
A.X-transposed genes
B.degenerate genes
C.testis-specific genes
D.All of the choices are correct.
Axons from the nasal portions of both eyes will decussate in the
A.lateral geniculate nucleus.
B.optic chiasma.
C.superior colliculus.
D.striate cortex.
The ________________ phenomenon refers to amputees reporting sensations in limbs
that are no longer there.
A.phantom limb
B.lateral inhibition
C.referred pain
Oxidation of low-density lipoproteins causes
A. fatty streak appearance.
B. increased hepatic uptake of fats.
C. monocyte conversion.
D. increased LDL receptor synthesis.
Sweat glands can also secrete _____ that stimulates vasodilation of skin arterioles to
help reduce body temperature.
A. nitric oxide
B. prostaglandin E2
C. bradykinin
D. adenosine
Which of the following motility processes is NOT correctly matched to its description?
A.peristalsis - rhythmic, wave-like contractions
B.mastication - removal of wastes
C.ingestion - taking food into the mouth
D.deglutition - swallowing
Most corticospinal tracts decussate in the
A. midbrain.
B. basal nuclei.
C. medulla oblongata.
D. spinal cord.
A 0.1 Osm plasma sample would
A. stimulate the action of osmoreceptors.
B. be hypertonic to the cells.
C. stimulate an increase in blood volume.
D. inhibit the release of antidiuretic hormone.
The risk of cardiovascular disease is increased
A. in someone with a "pear shaped" body.
B. in someone with an "apple shaped" body.
C. in someone with a BMI less than 30.
D. in someone with little intra-abdominal fat.
Negative feedback is NOT involved in the regulation of
A.body temperature.
B.blood glucose concentrations.
C.blood calcium concentrations.
D.blood clotting.
Regulatory proteins are degraded outside of lysosomes by binding to ___ and then
broken down by the proteasome.
A. ubiquitin
B. chaperones
C. lysosomes
D. ribosomes
Nitroglycerine causes vasodilation of blood vessels due to its effects on levels of
C.nitric oxide.
When an enzyme catalyzes a chemical reaction
A.the enzyme binds to the substrate's active site.
B.the enzyme's active site binds the product.
C.amino acids in the substrate allow for interaction with the product.
D.amino acids in the enzyme's active site interact with substrate molecules.
Molecules that are produced within one tissue but regulate a different tissue of the same
organ are called
A.autocrine regulators.
B.endocrine regulators.
C.paracrine regulators.
D.exocrine regulators.
Protein synthesis requires
A. aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase to link amino acids to specific tRNA molecules.
B. secreted proteins to be synthesized by cytosolic polyribosomes.
C. recognition of the anticodon in mRNA by the codon in tRNA.
D. the presence of transcription factors.
Granular cells of the juxtaglomerular apparatus respond to decreased blood volume and
increased sympathetic nerve activity by secreting
D.natriuretic hormone.
How many ATP would be formed from an 18 carbon fatty acid?
A. 32
B. 60
C. 90
D. 122
What substance released by NK cells and cytotoxic T cells destroys the DNA of an
infected cell?
The tubular filtrate osmolarity __________ as it flows through the ascending limb of
the loop of Henle.
C.remains unchanged
Intake of a specific molecule from the extracellular compartment by a cell occurs
A. phagocytosis.
B. exocytosis.
C. receptor-mediated endocytosis.
D. apoptosis.
The _____________ has both a1 and b1 receptors and responds to sympathoadrenal
stimulation with glycogenolysis and secretion of glucose.
A. liver
B. pancreas
C. adrenal cortex
D. None apply.
What condition of smooth muscle allows it to maintain contraction for long periods of
A.latch state
B.gap junctions
D.myogenic activity

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