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Human Physiology 14th Edition

PSYC 73898

July 19, 2017
Which of the following is NOT a function of intestinal microbiota?
A.production of B vitamins
B.ferment indigestible contents of the chyme
C.production of vitamin K
D.hydrolyze proteins
Systole refers to the ______ of the heart.
D.blood flow
What structures are used for direct cell to cell signaling?
A. desmosomes
B. tight junctions
C. exocytosis vesicles
D. gap junctions
__________ is a potent mineralocorticoid that helps increase blood volume and
A.Antidiuretic hormone
Which of the following is NOT a function of the epidermis?
A.a barrier against microorganisms
B.prevents water loss
C.protects against abrasion
D.provides sensations of touch and pain
What do muscarine and nicotine have in common?
A. They are both antagonists for their respective receptors.
B. They are both agonists for their respective receptors.
C. They both activate-protein coupled channels.
D. They have nothing in common.
Which of the following is NOT a difference between DNA and RNA?
A.They have different sugars.
B.RNA is a single strand, while DNA is a double strand.
C.DNA has thymine, while RNA has uracil.
D.They both can leave the nucleus to perform their functions.
Pre-mRNA contains noncoding regions called
A. exons.
B. introns.
C. small nuclear ribonucleoproteins (snRNPs).
D. spliceosomes.
Where is glycine released?
A. in the PNS
B. at skeletal muscleds
C. in the CNS
D. at the diaphragm
The foramen ovale
A.closes after birth due to decreased pulmonary vascular resistance.
B.normally shunts blood between the pulmonary artery and aorta.
C.normally shunts blood between the right and left ventricles.
D.has no importance in fetal respiratory physiology.
The division of the cytoplasm in mitosis is called
A. anaphase.
B. cytokinesis.
C. senescence.
D. kinetochore.
Which vitamin and its deficiency is NOT correctly matched?
A.vitamin B1 - beriberi
B.folate - pernicious anemia
C.niacin - pellagra
D.vitamin D - rickets
What type of cell can destroy cancer cells without prior stimulation by tumor antigens?
A.cytotoxic T lymphocytes
B.natural killer cells
C.B lymphocytes
D.regulatory T lymphocytes
Which of the following stimulates the formation of the platelet plug?
A. von Willebrand's factor
C. thromboxane A2
D. All apply
Neural crest cells form
A. the adrenal medulla.
B. postganglionic symapthetic nerves.
C. the hypothalamus.
D. both the adrenal medulla and postganglionic sympathetic nerves.
Which of the following is NOT true of calcitonin?
A. It is made by follicle cells of the thyroid.
B. Inhibits loss of calcium by bones.
C. It lowers blood calcium levels.
D. All apply.
Removal of the ___________ would result in a lack of energy in the semen to support
the sperm cells.
A.seminal vesicles
What is the name of the process that re-isomerizes the all-trans retinal back to the 11-cis
A.dark adaptation
B.visual cycle of retinal
C.bleaching reaction
D.dark current
What structure is found around PNS axons that is NOT found around CNS axons?
A. nodes of Ranvier
B. myelin sheath
C. neurilemma
D. plasma membrane
Nitric oxide is made when Ca2+ influx into the axon terminal indirectly activates nitric
oxide synthetase, which forms nitric oxide from the amino acid L-
Fenestrated capillaries are found in the
A.liver and bone marrow.
B.skeletal muscles.
C.adipose tissue.
D.endocrine glands.
Ammonia usually
A.acts as a base.
B.acts as an acid.
C.acts as a buffer.
D.ionizes to form a hydroxyl ion.
Increased production of cytochrome P450 enzyme to break down hormones and drugs
is mediated through the stimulation of what kind of receptor?
A. specific anion receptor
B. SXR receptor
C. enterogastrone receptor
D. enterokinase receptor
During isovolumetric ventricular relaxation
A.left ventricular pressure exceeds aortic pressure.
B.atrial pressure is less than ventricular pressure.
C.ventricular pressure is increasing.
D.the atrioventricular valves are open.
The last Korotkoff sound occurs when the blood pressure is equal to
A.atmospheric pressure.
B.systolic pressure.
C.diastolic pressure.
D.pulmonary pressure.
Carrier proteins would be required by
C.follicle stimulating hormone.
The first anatomical change associated with atherosclerosis is the appearance of
B.blood clots.
C.fatty streaks.
What ion is necessary for the clotting process?
What protein is present in large amounts in connective tissue proper?
Cerebral edema would be treated with a(an) ___________ intravenous solution of
A. hypertonic
B. hypotonic
C. isotonic
The only flagellated cells in humans are
A. ova.
B. sperm.
C. goblet cells.
D. tumor cells.

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