Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

OBHR 868

July 13, 2015
RFP is the acronym for Reasons for Funding the Program.
When you give bad news to a superior, you should avoid turning the negative message
into a persuasive one.
In the follow-up letter, applicants must counter any negative impressions that may have
come up at the interview.
Specific, concrete words are easier to understand and remember.
The best way to deal with an objection is to eliminate it.
The title of a report must always be left aligned.
Even though U.S. homes have more pieces of furniture than the traditional Japanese
home, Japanese may see Western rooms as "empty" since Western furniture lines the
walls, leaving a large empty space in the middle of the room.
Focusing solely on facts does not lead to listening errors.
High-pitched voices are usually perceived as being more authoritative, sexier, and more
pleasant to listen to than are low-pitched voices.
Parallel structure is unnecessary in resumes.
Norms for politeness are cultural and generational.
Ellipses are spaced dots.
In a positive message, focussing on what you can do for the reader, helps project
Using the salutation "Dear Jenny" for a reader outside your organization and whom
youve not met is a good idea because it suggests a friendly, casual tone that most
readers like.