Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

OBHR 525 Test 2

July 13, 2015
Negative and persuasive e-mail messages should not be direct.
Even if a stress interview puts you under stress, you should do your best to stay at ease
and respond assertively.
One of the goals of a person who chairs a meeting is to inform the group of its progress.
Candidates looking for management or office jobs should always carry expensive
briefcases at the start of their career.
While writing to superiors you can tone down your request by avoiding subjunctive
The most effective decision-making strategy is to let the person who talks first, last,
loudest, or most determine the decision.
_____ are the hardest to develop when you are announcing policies.
List the seven questions a proposal must answer convincingly.
_____ is language-sentences, paragraphs, even pages-from a previous document that a
writer includes in a new document.
A _____ culture treats time as a resource.
The best way to deal with an objection is to _____ it.
Explain what a keyword is and how to use it.
_____ is best described as the implied attitude of the writer toward the reader.
Letters to people outside your organization should be _____ to build goodwill.