Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

OBHR 332

July 13, 2015
If a writer cannot make the subject line both specific and short, he/she should make it as
short as possible.
A follow-up letter should not include any jargon of the company.
Words such as "maybe" and "perhaps" are best avoided in psychological description.
Commas should be used to separate items in a series.
Clowning involves making unproductive jokes and diverting the group from the task.
Major requests that require changes in values, culture, or lifestyles should not be made
in e-mail messages.
A written message makes it easier to get immediate action or response.
Titles such as a waiter or a waitress is perfectly acceptable as a substitute for server to
ensure nonsexist language.
Impersonal constructions cover up information and are considered inappropriate and
deceitful in the context of business writing.
When you refuse requests from people outside your organization, avoid using a buffer
at all costs.
A gatekeeper has the power to stop a message from reaching the primary audience.
Key to building healthy relationships with clients, customers, and co-workers is seeing
another point of view.
Sales letters with strong you-attitude get a far bigger response than letters with no
According to Maslows hierarchy of needs, all of us go back and forth between higher
and lower-level needs.
Listening to people is an indication that:
A. you are in a position to minimize their pain significantly.
B. you are taking them seriously.
C. you lack empathy.
D. you are unlikely to take your listeners feelings into consideration.
E. none of the above.
Which of the following is true about giving ones contact information on a resume?
A. An applicant should list only the cell phone number if that is the best way to reach
him or her.
B. An applicant should not provide his or her street address, phone number, or e-mail
address on his or her resume.
C. An applicant should not list his or her cell phone number on the resume.
D. In a web resume, an applicant must include his or her cell phone and land line
E. None of the above.
Parentheses are used to set off words, phrases, or sentences used to explain or comment
on the main idea.
Mark travelled from Arizona to Ohio for an interview at Arts & Attics Co. Which of the
following should Mark do in his follow-up call to the interviewer?
A. He should confirm the salary details.
B. He should tell the interviewer why he thinks the project the employer told him about
will not work.
C. He should ask the interviewer if he should provide any more information.
D. He should ask what the other applicants scores are.
Which of the following is true of the Table of Contents in a report of less than 25
A. It must list all the headings.
B. It must include a thank you note for the reader.
C. It must list the two or three highest levels of headings.
D. It must include a summary of the conclusions and recommendations.
E. It must point out additional research that is necessary, if any.
Which of the following is true of proofreading?
A. Proofreading is putting words on paper or on a screen.
B. Proofreading refers to the gathering of information before writing a document.
C. Most expert writers skip proofreading their documents because it negatively impacts
the overall effectiveness of their documents.
D. Proofreading comprises adding, deleting, substituting, or rearranging.
E. The aim of proofreading is to ensure that the document is free from typographical
When an applicant is competing against many applicants for an interview slot, he or she
A. write a one-size-fits-all letter to get an interview.
B. target the letter to the specific company.
C. avoid the use of active verbs and gerunds.
D. avoid giving detailed a description of the qualifications.
E. do all of the above.
To reduce the number of conflicts in a group, you should:
A. avoid discussing problems.
B. ask group members to deal with their problems independently.
C. adopt a dictatorial style of leadership.
D. make responsibilities and ground rules clear at the beginning.
E. none of the above.
For designing effective presentation slides:
A. avoid bullet-point phrases.
B. make no more than one point on each slide to enhance readability.
C. consistently use a small font in all the slides, usually 20-point, in order to increase
white space.
D. use a lot of clip art, animation, and graphics irrespective of the nature of the
E. choose a consistent template, or background design, for the entire presentation.
Which of the following is true of a colon?
A. A colon is used to separate a main clause and a list that explains the last element in
the clause.
B. A colon is used to separate the main clause from an introductory clause, the readers
name, or words that interrupt the main clause.
C. A colon is used to indicate possession.
D. A colon is used to join two or more words that are used as a single adjective.
E. A colon is used to emphasize a break in thought.
When is it most appropriate to use long sentences?
A. To show repetition of thoughts
B. To show how ideas are linked to each other
C. To avoid the use of gerunds and infinitives
D. To use active verbs
E. None of the above
A computer _____ is a script that harms your computer or erases your data.
You decide to write a make-good report for your supervisor, who wants to better
understand how a project will be financed. Should you recommend action at the
A. No, because pay-back reports are not recommendation reports.
B. No, because your supervisor needs to make the recommendation, not you.
C. Yes, because make-good reports always provide recommendations.
D. Yes, because theres no reason to read the report if no recommendation appears.
E. Yes, because make-good reports are non-analytical reports and require
When a writer shifts the emphasis away from the message to the specific reader, it
suggests that:
A. serving the reader is the writers real concern.
B. the writer is trying to be condescending.
C. there is some negative news in the succeeding paragraphs.
D. reader benefits are not included in the message.
E. the writer expects the reader to pay close attention to details.
While writing numbers in a document, you should:
A. spell out numbers from one to nine.
B. always use figures for single-digit numbers.
C. always spell out amounts of money.
D. always use figures for numbers that appear at the beginning of sentences.
E. none of the above.
Paul is attending a job interview at an advertising agency. The demographics of the
agency show that majority of the employees are aged between 24 and 32. However,
Paul, who was previously was occupied as an entrepreneur, is 38 years old. At the job
interview Paul should typically:
A. use his age as an excuse to be unaware of the latest computer programs the
advertising field uses.
B. be able to point to specific cases where he has learned from young people and
worked well with them.
C. talk about his ability to relate to older customers, who have so much disposable
D. focus on events that occurred 15 years ago, rather than the recent ones that added to
his experience as an entrepreneur.
E. follow both B and C.
You are in a meeting with an international executive at his office. A colleague comes in
to talk to him during your appointment, and he answers two phone calls a little later.
This probably means that:
A. he thinks you are less important than the other callers.
B. he is unorganized.
C. his culture is monochronic.
D. his culture is polychronic.
E. seldom emphasizes on relationships.
Which of the following is not an example of parallel structure?
A. Yoga can help you develop flexibility, reduce stress, and enhance fitness.
B. You should learn how to analyze business audiences and edit business documents.
C. You are all encouraged to share ideas, express concerns, and ask questions.
D. You can pay by credit card, check, or just fill out a payroll deduction card.
E. None of the above.
Chris, a salesperson at Rinc Inc., is completing an order of 2500 syringes that was
placed by a medical laboratory. This particular laboratory is a major client and does a
great deal of business with Rinc. Which of the following sentences should Chris use in
his letter to the client in order to create you-attitude?
A. "Your order has been dispatched."
B. "You will be pleased to note that your syringes have been dispatched and will reach
you in a couple of days."
C. "Your order has been dispatched and will arrive shortly subject to conditions as
detailed in the agreement."
D. "Your order #202314 will be shipped this evening and should reach you by August
E. None of the above.
How should you write numbers and dates in business documents?
Briefly describe active listening.
_____ is the audiences response to you as the source of the message.
How can a job hunter counter an employer who has fears of hiring older employees?
_____ sentences have only one main clause.