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16) The staff nurse has a question regarding an employment benefit. The nurse manager is
unable to answer the question and suggests that the nurse contact the human resources
department. The nurse states, "Oh never mind, they are so unfriendly down there and can never
help you anyway." This statement reflects what basic issue?
1. The nurse's inability to ask the question logically.
2. The nurse manager's incompetence in being unable to answer the question.
3. The human resources department's failure to demonstrate support for the employees.
4. The nurse's laziness in not seeking out the answer.
17) Choose the typical components of a job or position description. Select all that apply.
1. Status: fulltime, part time, temporary
2. Education requirements
3. Work experience requirements
4. Stress level
5. Gender
18) The nurse manager is reviewing the resumes of several applicants for an open position. What
items should alert the nurse manager to possible problems with an applicant? Select all that
1. Gaps in dates
2. Overemphasis on education
3. Data is listed in reverse chronological order
4. Poor grammar
19) The nurse who has applied for a new position has been called for an interview. Several staff
members will be on the interview committee. What can the nurse expect from this process?
1. The nurse being interviewed will be in control of the flow of the interview.
2. All those on the interview committee will have been provided a copy of the nurse's resume
and application.
3. One staff member on the committee will ask all of the interview questions.
4. The nurse will be informed of the committee's decision immediately at the close of the
20) The nurse has submitted applications for several positions and has been interviewed for three
of the positions. However, the nurse has not been offered any of the jobs or been asked to come
for a second interview. What should the nurse do? Select all that apply.
1. Review the resume for omissions.
2. Review how he or she is coming across in the interview.
3. Review communication style.
4. Review the resume cover letter for appropriateness.
5. Review how strengths are being emphasized.
21) The hospital has experienced an increased turnover in its professional nursing staff. What
items should be included in the cost of this turnover? Select all that apply.
1. Interviewing costs for replacement employees
2. Lost productivity
3. Lost intellectual property
4. Increased use of per diem staff
22) The staff nurse has decided to resign after a serious conflict with a co-worker. What is the
nurse's first step in this process?
1. Tell the co-worker about the decision.
2. Send a letter of resignation to the nurse manager.
3. Discuss the resignation with the nurse manager.
4. Talk to others on the staff about the decision.
23) What is the most important aspect of the appraiser's role in the evaluation process?
1. Understanding employment laws
2. Objectivity
3. Using evaluation checklists
4. Referring to anecdotal notes
24) A group of staff nurses have met with the nurse manager to discuss the increasing stress of
working on a unit. What strategies could the nurse manager suggest or use to help the staff cope
with this stress? Select all that apply.
1. The manager could help the staff set reasonable priorities in the work done every day on the
2. The manager could offer the staff a class on multi-tasking.
3. The manager could create a schedule that supports the nurse's ability to take breaks throughout
the day.
4. The manager could encourage a goal of eating healthy foods when at work.
5. The manger could be a role model by viewing problems as challenges and opportunities.
25) Admitting, educating, and graduating more nurses seems to be a logical solution to the
nursing shortage. What factor makes this a difficult strategy to employ?
1. There are not enough applicants for nursing schools.
2. Nursing faculty make the classes too hard.
3. There are too many other jobs available that require less education.
4. There are decreasing numbers of nursing faculty.
26) What did the state of California do to address the nursing shortage that had an impact on
other states?
1. Required salary levels for all nursing staff.
2. Required nurses have Masters degree.
3. Identified clinical areas for specific required staffing levels.
4. Required nurse-to-patient ratios.
27) At a unit staff meeting, nurses are complaining about having too many tasks to do and
increasing number of patients admitted. What is the most effective strategy a nurse manager
might use to address this problem?
1. Add a support staff to the day shift to help the unit secretary.
2. Allow nurses to work shorter shifts.
3. Provide coffee and donuts in the morning.
4. Inform radiology that schedules for tests have to be moved to later in the day.
28) What did the Joint Commission due to address the increase in work place incivility?
1. Required all HCOs to track incivility.
2. Issued a sentinel event alert on incivility.
3. Denied accreditation to HCOs with high rate of incivility.
4. Required that all HCOs post signs for patients to watch for staff incivility and report.
29) A nurse manager is meeting with a staff member because of patient complaints about the
nurse's attitude and behavior toward patients. The nurse gets angry and begins yelling at the
nurse manager that the patients are just difficult patients sometimes. What is the best approach
for the nurse manager to take?
1. To tell the nurse that it does not matter if patients are difficult.
2. To call hospital security on the telephone.
3. To suggest they take a break and meet again in an hour.
4. To tell the nurse she is terminated.
30) What factors does NIOSH identify as important in increasing work stress? Select all that
1. Career concerns
2. Interpersonal relationships
3. Design of tasks
4. Salary and benefits
5. Management style

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