Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 878 Quiz 3

July 13, 2015
The best way to brainstorm is to write without stopping until a set time has elapsed,
even if you must write "I will think of something soon."
If you need to probe for complexities of a topic for a survey, you should use open
Good listeners pay attention and focus on the other speakers in a generous way rather
than on themselves.
One of the primary purposes of a simple informative message is to build a good image
of the writer.
Attending an interview without a strategy works well when the potential employer
expects spontaneity.
In a recommendation progress report, one should use the direct request pattern of
organization if the recommendations are easy for the readers to accept.
Comparison/contrast pattern for organizing information does not permit writers to bury
the disadvantages between neutral or positive material.
Reports should never contain analysis of the information it presents.
Culture provides patterns of acceptable behavior and belief.
Full justification works better for a scannable resume because scanners prefer a
document format that is precise.
When there is a benefit and a requirement the reader must meet to get the benefit, the
sentence is usually more positive if the requirement is put first.
If an applicant already has a job, he or she might typically decide to wait until his or her
desired employer offers a job.
Writers must use gerunds and infinitives, combine sentences, and reword sentences to
cut the number of words.
How should applicants organize an unsolicited job letter?
_____ is the implied attitude of the speaker or writer toward what the words say.
Briefly explain the significance of commas in business writing.
In what situations are reader benefits most likely to contain more than the usual amount
of detail?
When should you ideally think about the document design?
What are the most common types of negative messages?
List some best practices for writing letters and memos.
Why is the opening screen of a Web page so important?
What kind of clothing should be worn to an interview?