Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 819

July 13, 2015
When asked to say something about themselves in an interview, people should discuss
their lives in detail, like an autobiography.
Unlike a written message, oral presentations are never used to build goodwill.
The pitch where a persons hum sounds loudest and most resonant is that persons best
In both solicited and prospecting letters, applicants should address the letter to the
managers of all the departments in the company.
In a bar chart, all the bars should be of the same width.
It is not acceptable to mention on ones resume that summer employment or part-time
employment paid for a substantial part of ones college expenses.
Colons should be used to indicate omissions.
Grammar checkers produce error-free documents exempting the writer from having to
participate actively in the editing process.
All hiring situations usually require the same kind of application letters.
In which of the following ways is an information interview different from a referral
A. An information interview are exclusively used to tap unadvertised jobs, whereas
referral interviews are not.
B. It is appropriate to ask for a job in a referral interview, but not in an information
C. An information interview can be used to improve ones resume, whereas a referral
interview provides no such opportunities.
D. An information interview is conducted with people who are new to a job, and a
referral interview with experts in a field.
E. An information interview talks about what a job involves; a referral interview helps
learn about current job opportunities in the field.
Which of the following sentences represents the correct use of an apostrophe?
A. The 1400s marked the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe.
B. Theyre building a bridge across the river here.
C. We will find the cause for this technical snag in two days.
D. Its wings enable the Dragonfly to fly at 10 metres per second.
E. Ramons new smartphone is elegant and feature rich.
If you have several reasons for saying no, use only those that are _____.
A. inconspicuous.
B. ambivalent.
C. watertight.
D. least likely to upset the reader.
E. none of the above.
Which of the following is a tactful way to remind readers of information?
A. Give a brief definition in the text
B. Ask readers if they need or want additional information
C. Spell out acronyms the first time they are used
D. Ensure that readers use the Internet to search for information at that very instant
E. Both A and C
Which of the following should applicants not do when showing a knowledge of the
position and the company?
A. Choose relevant evidence from what the applicants have done to support their claims
that they could help the company
B. Present the information as though it will be news to the reader
C. Give one or two specific details to demonstrate knowledge
D. Use the knowledge and not just repeat it
E. All of the above
Multiple choice questions are an example of:
A. summary questions.
B. interpretive questions.
C. closed questions.
D. branching questions.
E. open questions.
Which of the following questions would appear in a behavioral interview?
A. Are you a team man or do you like working alone?
B. Why did you score low grades in the final year?
C. How did you handle challenges faced during your college project?
D. Would you be willing to settle for a lower compensation package initially?
E. What are your long term career plans?
When an applicant knows that the company is hiring, he or she should:
A. be modest about his or her qualifications.
B. create a bridge between the attention-getter and the qualifications.
C. tell when he or she will be available to begin work.
D. include the abilities that he or she lacks.
E. not do any of the above.
Which of the following is an appropriate strategy to tackle a stress interview?
A. Accept any stress without complaining to the interviewer.
B. Be assertive and tell the interviewer about any behavior that bothers you.
C. Remain silent if the interviewer is silent during an interview.
D. Do the opposite of what the interviewer asks you to do.
E. Retort in kind and probe the interviewer in return.
Which of the following is a characteristic of a feasibility report?
A. It evaluates several alternatives and recommends one of them.
B. It summarizes completed work or research that does not result in action or
C. It recommends or justifies a purchase, investment, hiring, or change in policy.
D. It focuses only on describing the organizational problems.
E. It discusses the extent and seriousness of problems.
Which of the following is true about making eye contact with the audience during a
A. It results in the audience getting offended and perceiving the speaker to be
B. It establishes one-on-one contact with the individual members of the audience.
C. It denotes that the speaker lacks confidence and is incompetent.
D. It enables the speaker to be conscious of feedback from the audience.
People can more effectively put across their points through in-person meetings than
through e-mail because:
A. both B and C are correct.
B. in-person meetings dont require interpersonal skills.
C. there is no scope for body language in e-mail meetings.
D. e-mail messages are often more brusque than comments in person.
E. in-person meetings dont require prior preparations.
A(n) _____ tells what the letter is about.
What can you do to determine the functionality of your designs?
What should a job applicant do after a first interview?
How does bypassing occur?
When is it appropriate to use long words instead of short words?
When should applicants target a specific company in their application letter?