Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 703 Final

July 13, 2015
Sales promotion in an informative or positive message should be hard sell, not
The desirable tone for business writing is stiff and groveling.
When your information is neutral, you should summarize it concisely in the subject
The title of a report should omit recommendations when the reader will find the
recommendations hard to accept.
Reader benefits tell or remind readers that they can do the job and that success will be
Business writing normally demands standard grammar, without any exception.
Reliance on verbs rather than on nouns increase when people are under stress.
Applicants must present the information about the company in their application as
though it will be news to the reader.
Monologue presentation is the least common in class situations.
Noise hinders the receiver from decoding a message accurately.
Parliamentary meetings are highly informal meetings that are crucial to a person being
seen as promotable.