Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 507 Quiz 1

July 13, 2015
Keywords are useless when doing research with a computer.
If a letter is accompanied by other documents, the writer should refer to them in the
body of the letter.
The body of an interview is typically the shortest part of the interview.
In a proposal for a class research project, for the Call to Action section, you should
avoid welcoming any suggestions your instructor may have, as those issues would have
already been covered in the proposal.
A comma splice occurs when two main clauses are joined by both a comma as well as a
coordinating conjunction.
T-tests are typically used to examine the basic points needed for successful informative
and positive messages.
People with a strong sense of self-worth will make a better impression at job interviews.
Writers must spend less time on sections that support their recommendations.
List some strategies that can be used for delivering bad news diplomatically.
You need to know the rules of grammar and punctuation to _____.
Describe the formation stage of group development.
The _____ refers to the group you want to make statements about in a survey.
The best time to negotiate for salary and benefits is _____ you have a job offer.
Briefly explain the relevance of feelings in business communication.
How do sentences that focus on the reader create you-attitude?