Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 390 Quiz 2

July 13, 2015
Interviewees must wear business suits when interviewing for management or office
In a job interview, an older job hunter should focus on events from 20 years ago rather
than recent ones.
In an oral presentation, it is mandatory for formal visuals to have both numbers and
Proofreading every document with a spell checker is considered sufficient since it helps
eliminate all possible errors.
Since basic templates may seem repetitive to people who see a lot of presentations, you
should consider customizing the template for important presentations.
Looking directly at the audience typically helps a speaker be more conscious of
feedback from the audience.
Block format is the format most frequently used for business letters.
You should always send copies of all e-mail messages to your boss in order to keep
him/her in the loop.
Oriental is an acceptable substitute for Asian.
A strategy that works in one organization may not work somewhere else.
In open punctuation, one should never omit the punctuation following the salutation and
the close.
When speaking of someone who has lost his or her hearing as an adult, always use the
term deaf.
The passive voice emphasizes the agent doing the action.
The most important notes in meeting minutes are the:
A. decisions and assignments made to people for implementation.
B. record of people present and absent in the meeting.
C. issues raised but not resolved.
D. expenses and costs incurred in conducting the meeting.
E. number of working hours lost as the result of the meeting.
Which of the following is not a method to show enthusiasm?
A. Smiling
B. Leaning forward to talk
C. Maintaining a steady posture
D. Using energy in body movements
E. Participating fully in games designed to energize workers
Which of the following is an example of a report that provides information, analyses,
and recommendations?
A. Audit reports
B. Pay-back reports
C. Problem-solving reports
D. Quarterly reports
E. Sales reports
Which of the following refers to a standard procedure for designing presentation slides?
A. Use complete sentences instead of bullet-point phrases.
B. Make at least eight points on each slide to reduce the amount of white space.
C. Use the same font size in all the slides irrespective of the content.
D. Use clear, concise language.
E. Choose a different template, or background design, for each slide in the same
In which of the following situations should a person typically stay in a job?
A. When a person has been steadily doing the same tasks in a job for years with no
B. When a persons boss has grown well from where he or she started in a company.
C. When the company a person is working for is planning to expand, and as a result
rapid changes are occurring within the company.
D. When a persons boss doesnt bother to provide tasks that require the person to learn
cutting-edge skills.
E. Both B and C are situations in which a person should stay in his or her current job.
Which of the following techniques helps find exact terms when searching for a web
A. Using the root word followed by the minus sign
B. Using a question mark before and after the term
C. Putting quotes around the term
D. Capitalizing the whole term
E. Not capitalizing the whole term
Which of the following parts of a report tells the reader what the document is about and
identifies the reports recommendations?
A. Transmittal
B. Recommendation
C. Conclusion
D. Executive Summary
E. Illustration
Training sessions in an organization are primarily:
A. persuasive presentations.
B. informative presentations.
C. goodwill presentations.
D. sales presentations.
E. keynote presentations.
A watchdog audience:
A. has the authority to keep a message from getting to the primary audience.
B. has the ability to act directly on a message in lieu of the primary audience.
C. has the ability to cancel a message from the start.
D. has political, social, or economic power.
E. seldom pays attention to the transactions between the speaker/writer and the primary
Rose, a customer service representative at LIN Corp, was pulled up by her manager for
inefficiency and unsatisfactory performance. Although Rose logged in the required
number of hours every day,her manager found that she closed only 72 cases a day as
against the team average of 154 cases. Which of the following should Rose do in order
to increase her efficiency?
A. Maintain a blog
B. Avoid purging files periodically
C. Engage in flaming
D. Log her activity for a week and analyze it later to identify patterns
E. Stop using social networking tools completely for business situations
Which of the following is not a good practice when planning for presentations?
A. Keeping an oral presentation simpler than a written message
B. Treating sales presentation as a conversation
C. Expecting a major opinion change in the audience from a single oral presentation
D. Linking what one has to say to the audiences experiences and interests
E. None of the above are good practices
Bob worked in Gadget Park Inc. As a marketer, he regularly blogged about latest
gadgets under the pseudonym LEX G (Lay Expert on Gadgets). In his latest blog post,
Bob criticized a new smartphone that was scheduled to be launched after a week by
Gadget Parks subsidiary Blitz Inc. He also alleged that Blitz manufactured faulty
products. The blog post went viral and users shunned Blitzs new smartphone when it
was eventually launched. Gadget Parks internal investigation traced the blog post to its
own system and subsequently, to Bob, who wrote it using his companys laptop. The
management decided to fire Bob immediately. Which of the following is true of this
A. Sharing deeply personal information and opinions is inappropriate in business
B. It is ethical to share personal opinions about others through blog posts.
C. Blogs are a disruptive influence on people and must not be used.
D. Typically, blogging jeopardizes the marketing of new products.
E. Even if companies own or pay for computer resources, they are never entitled to
access e-mail and blogs created by employees on their systems.
The overviews or forecasts that tell the reader what the writer will discuss in a section
or in the entire report are known as:
A. blueprints.
B. transitions.
C. spatial patterns.
D. talking heads.
E. chronological reports.
Which of the following listening errors can be avoided by paying attention to the tone
of voice and body language of the speaker?
A. Listening errors caused by focussing solely on facts
B. Listening errors caused bymaking assumptions
C. Listening errors caused bylooking for flaws in a speaker
D. Listening errors caused byinattention
E. None of the above listening errors can be avoided by paying attention to the tone of
voice or body language of the speaker.
Ron is a freelance Web designer who creates Web pages for Alpha Inc. He submitted a
few sample Web pages to a client for her approval. The client complained of navigation
problems while scrolling because of an incessant amount of unorganized text. What
should Ron do to improve the readability of the Web pages?
A. Reduce content and information on the Web pages substantially
B. Use animations and graphics to supplement and embellish the text
C. Eliminate bulleted lists
D. Use frames or sections on the Web pages
E. Use "marketese"
Which of the following positive roles played by people in groups involves asking
questions and identifying gaps in the groups knowledge?
A. Seeking information and opinions
B. Encouraging participation
C. Summarizing
D. Evaluating
E. Coordinating
What are transmittals?
The purpose of a _____ is to orient the reader to the report and to build a good image of
the report and of the writer.
Explain the different implications of using "we" and "I" in the context of creating
you-attitude in business communication.
What is the pattern for organizing justification reports when readers are reluctant to
grant the writers requests?
Why is it important to take notes during an interview?
The _____ of a Web page must open quickly and also contain the information visitors
need to quickly find.