Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

MGT 227 Midterm

July 13, 2015
In a persuasive presentation, the strongest point should be put in the middle.
If all of a persons experience is in his or her familys business, he or she should use a
family members name as a reference in the resume.
Nearly all employers today prefer to contact applicants through e-mail, so listing ones
address on a resume is unnecessary.
Using consensus as a decision-making strategy takes time but results in speedier
implementation of ideas.
Facebook was designed primarily for traditional business networking purposes..
Many listening errors come from faulty assumptions.
When building a common ground, generalizations will help you connect better with
what your reader cares about.
Even if the report has not been fun to do, expressing satisfaction in doing the project is
Insistence on information during orientation tends to enhance a groups long-term
Figures are words or numbers arranged in rows and columns.
The easiest questions for subjects to answer should come first on a survey.
Even if one pays someone else to produce ones resume, one must specify the exact
Under what circumstances are reader benefits not required to be included in informative
or positive messages?
_____ characteristics are measurable features that can be counted objectively, such as
age, sex, race, education level, and income.
Do "affluent" and "effluent" mean the same?
What are the optional parts of a resume?
In _____ pattern of organizing presentations, the speaker gives all the reasons in favor
of something, and then those against it.
Why do some organizations have special letterhead for memos?
Which is the easiest way to make a group presentation?
What do different punctuation marks tell the readers?
What is the difference between mixed punctuation and open punctuation?