Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

EMBA 873 Quiz 2

July 13, 2015
In a sentence fragment, a group of words that is not a complete sentence is punctuated
as if it were a complete sentence.
The knowledge of the company separates an applicant from other applicants.
Among the answers a person should have about oneself before job hunting is, whether
the person prefers to work with others or alone.
Norms for politeness in organizations are universal and are consistent across countries.
Presenting your ideas as suggestions to the group is the most effective way of indicating
that you expect your views to prevail.
People may respond to a limitation of freedom by asserting their freedom in some other
arena. Jack W. Brehm calls this phenomenon _____.
Which of the following is true of the communication process?
A. It begins with the sender perceiving some stimulus.
B. It begins with the interpretation of the message.
C. Noise can interfere with the message exclusively during feedback.
D. The receiver will first decode the message.
E. Information overload occurs when the channel cannot handle all the messages that
are being sent. Audience is central to the communication process. The process begins
when a person, the sender, perceives some stimulus.
In persuasive messages, when you ask for something big or something that is not a
regular part of that persons duties, the first paragraph must not only specify the request
but also:
A. highlight the negatives associated with it.
B. make the reader view it positively.
C. list similar requests made in the past.
D. strive to appease the readers ego by flattering him/her into approving the request.
E. none of the above.
Listening errors caused by faulty assumptions can be avoided by:
A. ignoring the instructions you think are unnecessary.
B. paying attention to the tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language of the
C. focusing on the appearance and delivery of the speaker.
D. considering the speakers background and experiences.
E. looking for flaws in the arguments presented by the speaker.
You want to convince your employees to sign up for the new health maintenance
program that your company offers because it is cheaper than the older program.
However, you expect most employees to stay with the more expensive program as it
covers more physicians. Which of the following persuasive strategies will be most
effective in this case?
A. Direct request pattern as the audience are likely to read the entire message
B. Direct request pattern because you need the action from a few employees
C. Problem-solving pattern as your employees are likely to give preference to emotions
rather than logic
D. Problem-solving pattern because the audience is likely to object to doing as you ask
E. None of the above
In a business message, phrases such as, "I hope" and "I trust that" most likely suggest
A. the writer is not sure.
B. the writer is confident.
C. the information provided by the writer is credible.
D. the writer lacks empathy.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following is not a stage of group development?
A. Formation
B. Orientation
C. Formalization
D. Coordination
E. All of the above refer to the different stages of group development.
Amber is in a referral interview with an expert in the career field she is interested in. In
the interview she should typically avoid:
A. talking about general job-hunting strategy.
B. getting referrals to other people.
C. questioning about the job itself, unlike in an information interview.
D. asking for a job.
E. getting advice to improve ones resume.
The CEO of an organization, in his presentation, spoke about how the company was
founded, how it was progressing at that current stage, and ended his presentation with
what opportunities the future held for the company. Hence, it can be concluded that the
CEO had organized his presentation in the a _____ pattern.
A. chronological
B. problem-causes-solution
C. pro-con
D. 1-2-3
E. matrix
Which of the following is the best title for a visual describing high employee turnover
in 2009?
A. High employee turnover, 2009
B. Visual for high employee turnover in 2009
C. The 2009 employee turnover.
D. Employee turnover in 2009 resulted in the highest workforce shortage ever.
E. Total employee turnover in the organization for the financial year 2009
Which of the following is true about creating positive emphasis in communication?
A. Dis- and un-words have positive connotations and help create positive emphasis in
B. Hidden negatives have the potential to undermine an otherwise positive message.
C. Hidden negatives are words that become positive in context.
D. The only way to create positive emphasis in communication is to do away with
negative words entirely, regardless of their relevance or importance in the context of the
Which of the following virtual meeting channels limits both tone of voice and body
A. Teleconference
B. Videoconference
C. E-mails
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
Which of the following activities does planning typically include?
A. Putting words on paper or on a screen
B. Organizing the message
C. Evaluating your work and measuring it against your goals
D. Getting feedback from someone else
E. None of the above
The reader benefit of a neighborhood supermarket reads as: "We offer the lowest prices
and the best discounts ever. Our services include play areas for children, free home
delivery, valet parking, and membership programs. We are delighted to make peoples
lives simpler by changing boring errands into entertainment." Which of the following
can be concluded about this reader benefit?
A. It is effective because it fails to mention the extrinsic benefits of shopping.
B. It is highly effective because it is phrased in you-attitude.
C. It lacks you-attitude.
D. It is ineffective primarily because it stretches up to three sentences; the shorter the
E. It is not specific as it addresses multiple audiences with different concerns.
To increase unity in a paragraph, writers must:
A. use a topic sentence.
B. reduce the use of gerunds and infinitives.
C. avoid using transitional words.
D. discuss a variety of complex ideas in a single paragraph.
E. use all of the above strategies.
Which of the following is the best strategy to counter your audiences objections?
A. Avoid specifying how much time and/or money is involved in the concerned
B. Put the time and/or money estimates in the context of the benefits they bring.
C. Deemphasize the you-attitude.
D. If an objection is false give the response to the objection by naming the objection.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following situations encourages collaboration?
A. When the stakes for the task are visibly low
B. When a group is headed by an autocratic leader
C. When the task is too small or simple
D. When a group representing different perspectives must reach a consensus
E. All of the above
Peter Hopkins, the marketing manager at Orion Inc., is delivering a presentation to a
prospective client this Monday. His presentation contains numerous slides with tables
and charts based on data collected from extensive consumer research. Because Peter
does not intend to overwhelm the client with extensive data, he is planning to put some
details in an appendix for the client to read at a later time. This strategy is most likely
A. signal weak work ethic.
B. build goodwill.
C. signal a lack of you-attitude.
D. Only A and C are correct.
E. None of the above.
Provide tips on how to organize a cover letter for sales proposals.
A _____ has the power to stop a message before it gets to the primary audience.
What are the advantages of block format and modified block format?
Give an example to illustrate how positive emphasis is often used unethically.
How should a writer summarize a conversation for internal use?