Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

CS 68550

July 20, 2017
Effectiveness MIS metrics include throughput, transaction speed, and system
Cyberterrorists seek to cause harm to people or to destroy critical systems or
information and use the Internet as a weapon of mass destruction.
Two methods for encrypting network traffic on the web are secure sockets layer and
secure hypertext transfer protocol.
A two-tier ERP architecture allows an organization to have an on-premises ERP system
along with cloud ERP applications.
Disk image is software for data recovery and relieves the burden of reinstalling
applications if a hard drive crashes or becomes irretrievably corrupted.
A local area network (LAN) connects a group of computers in close proximity, such as
in an office building, school, or home. LANs allow sharing of files, printers, games, and
other resources.
Identity theft is the category of computer security that addresses the protection of data
from unauthorized disclosure and confirmation of data source authenticity.
Software engineering is a disciplined approach for constructing information systems
through the use of common methods, techniques, or tools.
Augmented reality is the viewing of the physical world with computer-generated layers
of information added to it.
Augmented reality is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display
Latitude represents an east/west measurement of position.
Firm infrastructure and human resource management are part of the primary value
Traceroute occurs when paper maps are laid edge-to-edge and items that run across
maps do not match are reconfigured to match.
A sustaining technology produces an improved product customers are eager to buy,
such as a faster car or larger hard drive.
An open system consists of nonproprietary hardware and software based on publicly
known standards that allows third parties to create add-on products to plug into or
interoperate with the system.
Network transmission media refers to the various types of media used to carry the
signal between computers.
Application software also supports a variety of useful features, one of which is
A local area network (LAN) is a large computer network usually spanning a city.
People using the same information can make different decisions depending on how they
interpret or analyze the information.
A proxy is software that prevents direct communication between a sending and
receiving computer and is used to monitor packets for security reasons.
According to Porter's three generic strategies, Walmart is following a business strategy
that focuses on broad market and low cost.
Community cloud includes two or more private, public, or community clouds, but each
cloud remains separate and is only linked by technology that enables data and
application portability.
Cradle to grave is a community center that provides technology, manufacturing
equipment, and educational opportunities to the public that would otherwise be
inaccessible or unaffordable.
Memory sticks provide nonvolatile memory for a range of portable devices including
computers, digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs.
Cars, groceries, and clothing are all examples of goods.
Telecommunication systems enable the transmission of data over public or private
The core component of any system, regardless of size, is a database and a database
management system.
Graphics or Microsoft PowerPoint includes facilities for making a wide variety of
charts and graphs and for adding titles, legends, and explanatory text anywhere in the
chart or graph.
A back order is an unfilled customer order for a product that is out of stock.
Presentation graphics create and enhance charts and graphs so that they are visually
appealing and easily understood by an audience, e.g., a full-features presentation
graphics package such as Lotus Freelance.
RFID uses electronic tags and labels to identify objects wirelessly over short distances.
Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) a wireless security protocol to protect Wi-Fi networks.
Who is the person responsible for creating the original website content?
A.content creator
B. content editor
C. static information
D. dynamic information
What is a client/server network?
A. a device whereby the sending computer divides a message into a number of
efficiently sized units called packets, each of which contains the address of the
destination computer
B. an intelligent connecting device that examines each packet of data it receives and
then decides which way to send it onward toward its destination
C. a reference to the geometric arrangement of the actual physical organization of the
computers and other network devices in a network
D. a model for applications in which the bulk of the back-end processing, such as
performing a physical search of a database, takes place on a server, while the front-end
processing, which involves communicating with the users, is handled by the clients
An RFID accelerometer ________.
A. occurs when a company places active or semi-passive RFID tags on expensive
products or assets to gather data on the items' location with little or no manual
B. uses plastic or conductive polymers instead of silicon-based microchips, allowing
them to be washed or exposed to water without damaging the chip
C.measures the acceleration (the rate of change of velocity) of an item and is used to
track truck speeds or taxi cab speeds
D. provides extremely accurate position, time, and speed, using a satellite-based
navigation system
Which of the following would create transactional information?
A. projecting future sales growth
B. making an airline reservation
C. a semistructured decision to hire more employees
D. generating payroll reports
Which of the following is correct in terms of granularity?
A. refers to the level of detail in the model
B. the greater the granularity, the deeper the level of detail of the data
C. the greater the granularity, the deeper the level of fineness of the data
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following defines opt in?
A. a problem that occurs when someone registers purposely misspelled variations of
well-known domain names
B. the theft of a website's name that occurs when someone, posing as a site's
administrator, changes the ownership of the domain name assigned to the website to
another website owner
C.choosing to allow permission to incoming emails
D. choosing to deny permission to incoming emails
What is extraction, transformation, and loading?
A. It is a process of entering data, tracking data, and loading it into a database.
B.It is a process that extracts information from internal and external databases,
transforms it using a common set of enterprise definitions, and loads it into a data
C. It is a process that is performed at the end of the data warehouse model prior to
putting the information in a cube.
D. It is a process that is performed at the beginning of the data mining model.
Which of the following statements is true?
A. MIS equals business success.
B. MIS equals business innovation.
C. MIS represents business success and innovation.
D. MIS enables business success and innovation.
What are specific factors that can limit options including budget, delivery dates,
available skilled resources, and organizational policies?
A. project objectives
B.project constraints
C. project assumptions
D. project deliverable
Which of the following creates, reads, updates, and deletes data in a database while
controlling access and security?
A. database element
B.database management system
C. data governance
D. data file
What compiles information from multiple sources and tailors it to meet user needs?
A. drill-down
B. sensitivity analysis
C. what-if analysis
D. digital dashboard
Which of the following delivers electricity using two-way digital technology?
A.a smart grid
B. a systematic grid
C. a collective grid
D. an interactive grid
What is the role of a mashup editor?
B. often allows the user to drag and drop data points into a web application
C. to provide a visual interface to build up a mashup
D. All of these are correct.
What is ransomware?
A. a form of malicious software that infects your computer and asks for money
B. a new ransomware program that encrypts your personal files and demands payment
for the files' decryption keys
C. software that allows Internet advertisers to display advertisements without the
consent of the computer user
D. a special class of adware that collects data about the user and transmits it over the
Internet without the user's knowledge or permission
Which of the following offers an advantage of using a data-driven website?
A. easy to eliminate human errors
B. easy to manage content
C. easy to store large amounts of data
D. All of these are correct.
What are rules that help ensure the quality of information?
A. information integrity
B.integrity constraints
C. information quality
D. information ethics
What is closed source?
A. any proprietary software licensed under exclusive legal right of the copyright holder
B. any software whose source code is made available free for any third party to review
and modify
C. contains instructions written by a programmer specifying the actions to be performed
by computer software
D. consists of nonproprietary hardware and software based on publically known
standards that allow third parties to create add-on products to plug into or interoperate
Which of the following describes workplace MIS monitoring?
A. tracking people's activities by such measures as number of keystrokes
B. tracking people's activities by such measures as error rate
C. tracking people's activities by such measures as number of transactions processed
D.All of these are correct.
Which of the following offers an example of a company operating in a narrow
focused-market operating as the low-cost provider?
A. Walmart.
B. Tiffany and Co.
C. Neiman Marcus
D. Payless Shoes
What is hardware or software that guards a private network by analyzing incoming and
outgoing information for the correct markings?
A. firewall
B. certificate authority
C. online certificate
D. digital certificate
How would the marketing industry use business intelligence?
A. track crime patterns, locations, and criminal behavior
B.analyze customer demographics
C. predict sales, inventory levels, and distribution
D. predict hardware failures
What is another term for data that is already contained in a database or a spreadsheet?
A.structured data
B. unstructured data
C. text mining
D. web mining
What is cloud computing?
A. built using environment friendly materials and designed to save energy
B. reuses or refurbishes ewaste and creates a new product
C. a companies' acknowledged responsibility to society
D.stores, manages, and processes data and applications over the Internet rather than on
a personal computer or server
Which of the following is one of the business areas of supply chain management?
A. logistics
B. procurement
C. materials management
D.All of these are correct.
What is the difference between unavailable and high availability?
A. High availability is when the system is not operating and can"t be used, where
unavailable is when a system is continuously operating at all times.
B. Unavailable only refers to clients, where high availability refers to servers.
C.Unavailable is when the system is not operating and can"t be used, where high
availability is when a system is continuously operating at all times.
D. High availability only refers to clients, where unavailable refers to servers.
Which gate expands on the agreed-upon details of the system, including the ability to
provide an architecture to support and build it?
A. gate one
B.gate two
C. gate three
D. gate four
What allows customers to use the web to find answers to their questions or solutions to
their problems?
A. contact center
B.web-based self-service
C. call scripting system
D. uplift modeling
Which of the following lists include all of the five characteristics common to
high-quality information?
A. accuracy, completeness, strength, support, and positive feedback
B. accuracy, association, referral, sales, and marketing
C. accuracy, competition, support, customer service, and visibility
D. accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, and uniqueness
When considering the 5 steps of the order-to-delivery business process, creating
campaigns and checking inventory are included in which step?
A. Step 4 " Sales
B. Step 1 " Marketing
C. Step 3 " Operations management
D. Step 2 " Customer service
Shawn is on the executive board for ABC pharmaceuticals. The company produces the
number one selling cancer-fighting drug on the market. Due to its incredible success,
ABC pharmaceuticals has decided to increase the cost of the drug from $8 a pill to $15
a pill. Which force is ABC pharmaceutical using to increase its drug price?
A. supplier power
B. buyer power
C. threat of false entrants
D. business power