Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition


July 19, 2017
Tiffany & Company competes in the marketplace by offering high-cost custom jewelry.
Tiffany & Company is following a broad market and cost leadership strategy.
Maintainability means the system quickly transforms to support environmental changes.
There are three primary areas where enterprise architects focus when maintaining a
firm's MIS infrastructure including information MIS infrastructure, agile MIS
infrastructure, and sustainable MIS infrastructures.
A Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) activity is a task in a business
In a SWOT analysis, potential internal weaknesses are harmful when they identify all
key areas that require improvement. Weaknesses focus on the absence of certain
strengths, including absence of an Internet marketing plan, damaged reputation,
problem areas for service, outdated technology, employee issues, and so on.
A workflow control system monitors processes to ensure tasks, activities, and
responsibilities are executed as specified.
In the basic supply chain, plan refers to preparing to manage all resources required to
meet demand.
Software customization modifies existing software according to the business's or user's
SCRUM is a sequential, activity-based process in which each phase in the SDLC is
performed sequentially from planning through implementation and maintenance.
Presentation graphics create and enhance charts and graphs so that they are visually
appealing and easily understood by an audience, e.g., a full-features presentation
graphics package such as Lotus Freelance.
According to Porter it is recommended to adopt only one of the three generic strategies.
Dynamic information includes data that change based on user actions.
The primary purpose of a data warehouse is to perform transactional processes.
Cloud computing delivers electricity using two-way digital technology and is meant to
solve the problem of outdated electrical grids.
RFID's electronic product code (RFID EPC) promotes serialization or the ability to
track individual items by using the unique serial number associated with each RFID tag.
CRM predicting technologies help organizations identify their customers across other
A personal computer is a computer that is operated by a single user who can customize
the functions to match personal preferences.
Uplift modeling is a form of predictive analytics for marketing campaigns that attempts
to identify target markets or people who could be convinced to buy products.
System restore enables a user to return to the previous operating system.
To combat business challenges, leaders communicate and execute business strategies, a
term deriving from the Greek word stratus for army and ago for leading.
Customer order cycle time is the time it takes to manufacture a product and deliver it to
the retailer.
A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a large computer network usually spanning a
Call scripting systems offer a form of predictive analytics for marketing campaigns that
attempts to identify target markets or people who could be convinced to buy products.
Wireless media are transmission material manufactured so that signals will be confined
to a narrow path and will behave predictably.
Complex instruction set computer chips limit the number of instructions the CPU can
execute to increase processing speed.
Bring your own devices is a general term for a set of standards governing the collection
and use of personal data and addressing issues of privacy and accuracy.
Reports for each sales person, product, and part are examples of detail or fine
information granularities.
Ransomware is a form of malicious software that infects your computer and asks for
Search engine ranking evaluates variables that search engines use to determine where a
URL appears on the list of search results.
Information governance is a method or system of government for information
management or control.
What is transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP)?
A. software that prevents direct communication between a sending and receiving
computer and is used to monitor packets for security reasons
B. a standard that specifies the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during
C. a simple network protocol that allows the transfer of files between two computers on
the Internet
D.a standard Internet protocol that provides the technical foundation for the public
Internet as well as for large numbers of private networks
Which of the following is where customer service representatives answer customer
inquiries and respond to problems through a number of different customer touchpoints?
A.contact center
B. web-based self-service
C. call scripting
D. website personalization
What is an older secondary storage medium that uses a strip of thin plastic coated with
a magnetically sensitive recording medium?
A. input device
B. output device
C. magnetic tape
D. magnetic medium
What enables users to navigate the World Wide Web? The two leading browsers are
Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
A. a browser
B. a network user license
C. groupware
D. PIM software
A consolidation rotates data to display alternative presentations of the data.
Many firms complete data quality audits to determine the accuracy and completeness of
its data.
Which of the following is a common marketing CRM metric?
A. number of new prospective customers
B. average number of service calls per day
C. average time to resolution
D.cost per interaction by marketing campaign
What occurs when a system updates information at the same rate it receives the
A. collective intelligence system
B. collaboration system
C. real-time communication
D. knowledge management system
Amazon.com uses a customer profiling system whenever a customer visits its website.
Using this system, Amazon can offer products tailored to that particular customer's
profile and buying pattern. What is Amazon using to achieve this competitive
A. rivalry
B. buyer power
C.product differentiation
D. substitute product
A wireless WAN (WWAN) is a wide area network that uses radio signals to transmit
and receive data.
What is voice over IP (VoIP)?
A.uses IP technology to transmit telephone calls
B. a computer network that relies on the computing power and bandwidth of the
participants in the network rather than a centralized server
C. distributes digital video content using IP across the Internet and private IP networks
D. the integration of communication channels into a single service
Which of the following statements is accurate?
A. Key performance indicators can have no more than four critical success factors.
B. Critical success factors can have no more than four key performance indicators.
C. Key performance indicators can have several critical success factors.
D. Critical success factors can have several key performance indicators.
What in the cloud means that a single instance of a system serves multiple customers?
B. single-tenancy
C. cloud fabric
D. cloud fabric controller
What is computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM)?
A.systems used to create the digital designs and then manufacture the products
B. a cultural trend that places value on an individual's ability to be a creator of things as
well as a consumer of things
C. a community center that provides technology, manufacturing equipment, and
educational opportunities to the public that would otherwise be inaccessible or
D. serialization or the ability to track individual items by using the unique serial number
associated with each RFID tag
Cell phone manufacturers often refer to their products as mobile devices. Which of the
following would not be included in the folksonomy for a cell phone?
A. mobile phone
B. iPhone
C. Blackberry
D. technology platform
What involves graphically representing the processes that capture, manipulate, store,
and distribute information between a system and its environment?
A. data flow diagram
B. computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools
C. systems development life cycle
D.process modeling
What are two of the primary features of ebusiness components?
A. eprocurement
B. elogistics
C. eprocurement and elogistics
D. None of these are correct.
How does the text recommend that a company operate if it wants to be successful in the
information age?
A. functionally independent between departments
B. interdependently between departments
C. together as one department with little or no independence
D. each department acting as its own individual business unit
What is analysis paralysis?
A. processes and manages algorithms across many machines in a computing
B. focuses on forecasting future trends and producing insights using sophisticated
quantitative methods, including statistics, descriptive and predictive data mining,
simulation, and optimization
C.occurs when the user goes into an emotional state of over-analysis (or over-thinking)
a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome
D. a business analytics specialist who uses visual tools to help people understand
complex data
What does API stand for?
A. Asynchronous Programming Information
B. Application Programming Interface
C. Application Provider for the Internet
D. Asynchronous Protocol Interaction
Which of the following is a type of attribute?
A. single-valued attribute
B. multivalued attribute
C. null-valued attribute
D. All of these are correct.
What is the size of the internal electrical pathway along which signals are sent from one
part of the computer to another?
A. clock speed
B. word length
C. bus width
D. chip line width
What software helps save information if a computer crashes?
A. disk optimization software
B. safe mode
C. crash-proof software
D. disk image software
What is a content editor?
A. the person responsible for creating the original website content
B.the person responsible for updating and maintaining website content
C. includes fixed data incapable of change in the event of a user action
D. includes data that change based on user action
The age we live in has infinite quantities of facts that are widely available to anyone
who can use a computer. What age is this statement referring to?
A. data age
B. information age
C. business intelligence age
D. Internet of Things
Which of the following is true in regard to the elimination of redundant information?
A. uses additional hard disk space
B. makes performing information updates harder
C.improves information quality
D. All of these are correct.
What occurs in situations in which a few established processes help to evaluate
potential solutions, but not enough to lead to a definite recommended decision?
A. analytics
B. structured decisions
C. unstructured decisions
D. semistructured decisions
What is an older secondary storage medium that uses a strip of thin plastic coated with
a magnetically sensitive recording medium?
A. magnetic medium
B. magnetic tape
C. hard drive
Which of the following are challenges of Business 2.0?
A. information vandalism
B. technology dependence
C. violations of copyright and plagiarism
D. All of these are correct.
Which business process would you find in the marketing and sales division?
A. manufacturing inventory
B. enrolling employees in health care benefits
C. promoting of discounts
D. creating financial statements
Explain the three components of a sustainable MIS infrastructure along with their
business benefits.
Demonstrate the value of business process modeling, and compare As-Is and To-Be
Describe the two primary diagrams most frequently used in project planning.
Explain the different wireless network categories.
Explain the five different networking elements creating a connected world.
Explain the importance of decision making for managers at each of the three primary
organization levels along with the associated decision characteristics.
Describe TCP/IP along with its primary purpose.
Describe the seven phases of the systems development life cycle.
Summarize the different software development methodologies.
Explain the different wireless network business applications.
Describe the six major categories of hardware and provide an example of each.
Identify the challenges of business mobility.
Define the relationship between operating system software and utility software.
Compare the four categories of ebusiness models.
Describe the project stakeholder's and executive sponsor's roles in choosing strategic
Explain ETL and the role of a data mart in business.
Identify the different media types found in networks.
Compare LANs, WANs, and MANs.
Compare disruptive and sustaining technologies, and explain how the Internet and
WWW caused business disruption.
Explain topology and the different types found in networks.