Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition


July 19, 2017
Business continuity planning identifies all critical business functions and the effect that
a specific disaster may have upon them.
Employee relationship management (ERM) provides web-based self-service tools that
streamline and automate the human resource department.
A social media policy outlines the corporate guidelines or principles governing
employee online communications.
Architecture includes Ethernet and transmission control protocol/Internet protocol
Information richness refers to the depth and breadth of details contained in a piece of
textual, graphic, audio, or video information.
Data visualization tools move beyond Excel graphs and charts into sophisticated
analysis techniques such as pie charts, controls, instruments, maps, time-series graphs,
and more.
Cache memory is a small unit of ultra-fast memory that is used to store recently
accessed or frequently accessed data so that the CPU does not have to retrieve this data
from slower memory circuits such as RAM.
Business impact analysis details how a company recovers and restores critical business
operations and systems after a disaster or extended disruption.
A data miner contains a subset of data warehouse information.
Passive RFID tags have their own transmitter and a power source (typically a battery).
In the basic supply chain, return refers to preparing to manage all resources required to
meet demands.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allows dynamic IP address allocation so
users do not have to have a preconfigured IP address to use the network.
A secure socket layer enables devices to connect to a wireless network to communicate
with each other.
Copyright laws protect collaborative websites like blogs and wikis allowing users to
reuse material freely and easily.
Broadband over power line (BPL) technology makes possible high-speed Internet
access over ordinary residential electrical lines and offers an alternative to DSL or
high-speed cable modems.
Unstructured decisions occur in situations in which no procedures or rules exist to guide
decision makers towards the correct choice.
Object-oriented languages provide a programming method that provides for interactive
modules to a website.
Procurement includes the processes that control the distribution, maintenance, and
replacement of materials and personnel to support the supply chain.
A zombie farm is a group of computers on which a hacker has planted zombie
A record is a collection of related data elements.
Project constraints are factors considered to be true, real, or certain without proof or
Analysis paralysis occurs when the user goes into an emotional state of over-analysis
(or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect
paralyzing the outcome.
Dynamic scaling means the MIS infrastructure can be automatically scaled up or down
based on needed requirements.
Computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools are software suites that automate
systems analysis, design, and development.
A business model is a plan that details how a company creates, delivers, and generates
A repeater receives and repeats a signal to reduce its attenuation and extend its range.
Optimization is a statistical process that finds the way to make a design, system, or
decision as effective as possible; for example, finding the values of controllable
variables that determine maximal productivity or minimal waste.
Gantt charts define dependency between project tasks before those tasks are scheduled.
Fair information practices are policies that allows employees to use their personal
mobile devices and computers to access enterprise data and applications.
Disasters such as power outages, fires, floods, hurricanes, and even malicious activities
such as hackers and viruses strike companies every day. Disasters can have effects on
disrupting communications, damaging physical infrastructures, halting transportation,
and blocking utilities.
A data warehouse is a logical collection of information, gathered from many different
operational databases, that supports business analysis activities and decision-making
In-sourcing has been instrumental in creating a viable supply of IT professionals and in
creating a better quality workforce combining both technical and business skills.
Memory stick is an older secondary storage medium that uses a strip of thin plastic
coated with a magnetically sensitive recording medium.
Complex instruction set computer chips limit the number of instructions the CPU can
execute to increase processing speed.
Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a computer network that relies on the computing power and
bandwidth of the participants in the network rather than a centralized server.
Information reach refers to the number of people a business can communicate with on a
global basis.
FTP provides terminal emulation that allows a personal computer or workstation to act
as a terminal, or access device, for a server.
A project is a temporary activity a company undertakes to create a unique product,
service, or result.
Course management software occurs when the software vendor releases updates to
software to fix problems or enhance features.
What is uplift modeling?
A. a place where customer service representatives answer customer inquiries and solve
problems, usually by email, chat, or phone
B. customers use the web to find answers to their questions or solutions to their
C. a system that gathers product details and issue resolution information, which can be
automatically generated into a script for the representative to read to the customer
D.a form of predictive analytics for marketing campaigns that attempts to identify target
markets or people who could be convinced to buy products
What focuses on forecasting future trends and producing insights using sophisticated
quantitative methods, including statistics, descriptive and predictive data mining,
simulation, and optimization?
A. distributed computing
B.advanced analytics
C. analysis paralysis
D. data artist
What is legal feasibility?
A. measures how well the solution will be accepted in a given opportunity
B.measures how well a solution can be implemented within existing legal and
contractual obligations
C. measures the project time frame to ensure that it can be completed on time
D. measures the practicality of a technical solution and the availability of technical
resources and expertise
RFID reader (RFID interrogator) is a transmitter/receiver that reads the contents of
RFID tags in the area. A RFID system is composed of one or more RFID tags, one or
more RFID readers, two or more antennas.
A database maintains information on ________.
A. inventory
B. transactions
C. employees
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following represents megahertz?
A. the number of millions of CPU cycles per second
B. the number of billions of CPU cycles per second
C. a type of CPU that can recognize as many as 100 or more instructions, enough to
carry out most computations directly
D. a limitation in the number of instructions the CPU can execute to increase processing
What is the depth and breadth of details contained in a piece of textual, graphic, audio,
or video?
A. information richness
B. information age
C. information reach
D. information browser
What takes information entered into a given system and sends it automatically to all
upstream systems and processes?
A. forward integration
B. forward data interchange
C. backward integration
D. backward data interchange
What is master data management?
A. occurs when the same data element has different values
B. occurs when a system produces incorrect, inconsistent, or duplicate data
C. refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security
of company data
D. the practice of gathering data and ensuring that it is uniform, accurate, consistent,
and complete, including such entities as customers, suppliers, products, sales,
employees, and other critical entities that are commonly integrated across
organizational systems
Steve Jobs and Apple created a big advantage in the technology industry with the
introduction of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. What are these all examples of?
A. competitive advantage
B. first-mover advantage
C.All of these are correct.
D. None of these are correct.
What is crowdsourcing?
A. refers to the wisdom of the crowd
B. sources capital for a project by raising many small amounts from a large number of
individuals, typically via the Internet
C. collaborating and tapping into the core knowledge of all employees, partners, and
D. involves capturing, classifying, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing information assets
in a way that provides context for effective decisions and actions
What is an infrastructure built for notifying people in the event of an emergency?
A. business operational plan
B. business continuity plan
C.emergency notification service
D. emergency continuity plan
What are the different options where an emergency notification service can be
A. through the firm's own infrastructure
B. by an outside service provider on company premises
C. by an outside service provider hosted remotely
D.All of these are correct.
What is held in a classroom environment and led by an instructor?
A. online training
B.workshop training
C. help desk
D. corrective maintenance
Why would a company use an intranet?
A. Intranets are used for business operations and management.
B. Intranets are used for communications and collaboration.
C. Intranets are used for web publishing.
D.All of these are correct.
Which of the following is not a primary use of GIS?
A. finding what is nearby from a specific location
B. mapping densities
C. routing information
D.ensuring safety equipment is on an airplane before a flight
What is the primary responsibility of the CTO?
A. overseeing all uses of MIS
B. ensuring the security of business systems
C.ensuring speed, accuracy, and reliability for MIS
D. collecting and distributing company information
What is a company's acknowledged responsibility to society?
A. cloud computing
B. clean computer
C. upcycle
D.corporate social responsibility
What reuses or refurbishes ewaste and creates a new product?
A. clean computing
B. green personal computer
D. corporate social responsibility
What is the actual hardware that interprets and executes the program (software)
instructions and coordinates how all the other hardware devices work together?
B. control unit
D. primary storage
What is created by a machine without human intervention?
A. structured data
B.machine-generated data
C. human-generated data
D. unstructured data
What is the exact pattern of a consumer's navigation through a site?
A. web browsing
B. hypertext
C. clickstream data
D. web data
Which of the following questions would a company need to answer when first
establishing a backup and recovery plan?
A. What types of storage mechanism will meet the needs of the company?
B. How often does the company need to back up its information?
C. What types of recovery systems does the company infrastructure need?
D.All of these are correct.
What charts the cost to the company of the unavailability of information and technology
and the cost to the company of recovering from a disaster over time?
A. disaster organizational cost analysis
B. disaster recovery improvements
C. disaster financial costs
D.disaster recovery cost curve
What describes the production, management, use, and disposal of technology in a way
that minimizes damage to the environment?
A. environmental MIS
B. holistic MIS
C. the green designation for technology
D.sustainability, or green, MIS
What are defects in the code of an information system?
A. testing
C. insects
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following statements is accurate when considering the ebusiness challenge
of adhering to taxation rules?
A. All online companies must pay sales tax.
B. Online companies do not have to pay any sales tax.
C. Some online companies have to charge sales tax.
D. Online companies that sell physical products have to pay sales tax and online
companies that provide intangible services do not.
What is a computer designed to meet the computing needs of several people
simultaneously in a small- to medium-sized business environment?
A. supercomputer
B. mainframe computer
C. workstation computer
D. minicomputer
What refers to the creation of new kinds of intermediaries that simply could not have
existed before the advent of ebusiness, including comparison-shopping sites such as
Froogle and bank account aggregation services such as Citibank?
A. intermediaries
B. disintermediation
C. reintermediation
D. cybermediation
What is a device that measures the acceleration (the rate of change of velocity) of an
item and is used to track truck speeds or taxi cab speeds?
A. active RFID
B. semi-passive RFID
C.RFID accelerometer
D. chipless RFID
What is cable that can carry a wide range of frequencies with low signal loss?
A. twisted-pair wiring
B. coaxial cable
C. fiber-optic cable
D. transmission control protocol/internet protocol