Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

COMP 90190

July 20, 2017
Information integrity are rules that help ensure the quality of information.
Spyware removes any software that employs a user's Internet connection in the
background without the user's knowledge or explicit permission.
The network protocols include LAN, WAN, and MAN.
The logical view of information focuses on how individual users logically access
information to meet their own particular business needs.
The control unit performs all arithmetic operations (for example, addition and
subtraction) and all logic operations.
A static process is continuously changing and provides business solutions to
ever-changing business operations.
Information granularity means immediate, up-to-date information.
Structured query language compiles all of the metadata about the data elements in the
data model.
Hardware is the set of instructions the software executes to carry out specific tasks.
A Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) gateway displays the path in which
the process flows.
A relational database model stores information in the form of logically related
two-dimensional tables.
Streaming is a method of sending audio and video files over the Internet in such a way
that the user can view the file while it is being transferred.
Complex instruction set computer chips limit the number of instructions the CPU can
execute to increase processing speed.
Estimation determine which things go together.
Supply chain execution systems ensure supply chain cohesion by automating the
different activities of the supply chain.
A business process patent is a patent that protects a specific set of procedures for
conducting a particular business activity.
Time-series information is time-stamped information collected at a particular frequency.
A client is a computer designed to request information from a server.
Production is the process where a business takes raw materials and processes them or
converts them into a finished product for its goods or services.
A phishing expedition is a masquerading attack that combines spam with spoofing. The
perpetrator sends millions of spam emails that appear to be from a respectable
company. The emails contain a link to a website that is designed to look exactly like the
company's website. The victim is encouraged to enter his or her username, password,
and sometimes credit card information.
Closed source is any proprietary software licensed under exclusive legal right of the
copyright holder.
Pay-per-call are keywords that advertisers choose to pay for and appear as sponsored
links on the Google results pages.
Inventory turnover is an unfilled customer order for a product that is out of stock.
Single-factor authentication requires the user to provide two means of authentication,
what the user knows (password) and what the user has (security token).
Knowledge workers are individuals valued for their ability to mitigate risk and
implement critical human resource rules and regulations.
The network categories include ISP, NSP, and RSP.
Porter's Five Forces Model outlines the process for a sales strategy.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a world where interconnected, Internet-enabled devices
or "things" can collect and share data without human intervention.
Closed source is an online marketing concept in which the advertiser attempts to gain
attention by providing content in the context of the user's experience in terms of its
content, format, style, or placement.
Advanced analytics focuses on forecasting future trends and producing insights using
sophisticated quantitative methods, including statistics, descriptive and predictive data
mining, simulation, and optimization.
Integrations are achieved using middlewareseveral types of software that sit between
and provide connectivity for two or more software applications. Middleware translates
information between disparate systems.
Corporate social responsibility, a subset of sustainable MIS, refers to the
environmentally responsible use, manufacture, and disposal of technology products and
computer equipment.
Which of the following will help an organization maintain consistent business
A.Marketing, sales, and accounting departments decide to use the same vendor for a
new system.
B. Sales decides to implement a new system without considering other departments.
C. A new office policy states that all managers can implement their own policies for
purchasing supplies and materials.
D. Marketing decides to save customer's email addresses in the marketing system, even
though other organizational systems do not have this capability.
Who are individuals and organizations actively involved in the project or whose
interests might be affected as a result of project execution or project completion?
A. project manager
B.project stakeholders
C. executive sponsor
D. All of these are correct.
Email provides email services for computer users, including receiving mail, sending
mail, and storing messages. Leading email software includes Microsoft Outlook,
Microsoft Outlook Express, and Eudora.
Which of the choices below offers an example of a WAN?
A. the Internet
B. Microsoft's main campus in Washington
C. the city of Denver's court and police departments
D.All of these are correct.
What is a prediction?
A.a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future, for example,
predicting future sales or employee turnover
B. a statistical process that finds the way to make a design, system, or decision as
effective as possible, for example, finding the values of controllable variables that
determine maximal productivity or minimal waste
C. predictions based on time-series information
D. a statistical process for estimating the relationships among variables
What encompasses all organizational information, and its primary purpose is to support
the performance of managerial analysis tasks?
A. transactional information
B.analytical information
C. timeliness
D. quality
What is a characteristic of a table?
B. table
C. record
D. key
If you were thinking about a home theater system, which of the following represents the
A. the DVD player, DVD movie, speakers, TV, and electricity
B. playing the movie including the audio through the speakers and the video on the TV
C. a message stating that the disk is dirty and cannot be played
D. spinning the disk to play, pause, rewind, or fast forward
What is a technological solution that allows publishers to control their digital media to
discourage, limit, or prevent illegal copying and distribution?
A. digital rights management
B. counterfeit software
C. privacy
D. pirated software
Which of the choices below defines information security?
A. a broad term encompassing the protection of information
B. protects information from accidental misuse
C. protects information from intentional misuse
D. All of these are correct.
What is the address of a file or resource on the Web such as www.apple.com?
A. hypertext markup language
B. web browser
C. hypertext transport protocol
D. universal resource locator
What is an example of using cluster analysis in business to create target-marketing
A. Google search
B. first name information
C.zip code segmentation
D. last name associations
In terms of big data, what includes the uncertainty of data, including biases, noise, and
A. variety
C. volume
D. velocity
Your boss has asked you to analyze the music industry using Porter's five forces model.
Which of the following represents supplier power in the music industry?
A. established record labels like EMI, Sony, Universal
B. Walmart, Target, iTunes
C. game systems like Wii, social networks like Facebook
D. Taylor Swift, Beyonc, The Beatles, The Stones
The business decisions made by the accounting department include transactional data,
purchasing data, payroll data, and tax data.
What is a network?
A. enables the transmission of data over public or private networks
B. a communications, data exchange, and resource-sharing system created by linking
two or more computers and establishing standards, or protocols, so that they can work
C. any network without a central file server and in which all computers in the network
have access to the public files located on all other workstations
D. a computer that is designed to request information from a server
What is a protocol?
A. an intelligent connecting device that examines each packet of data it receives and
then decides which way to send it onward toward its destination
B. a reference to the geometric arrangement of the actual physical organization of the
computers and other network devices in a network
C. a standard that specifies the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during
D. the capability of two or more computer systems to share data and resources, even
though they are made by different manufacturers
What is a part of operational CRM that automates service requests, complaints, product
returns, and information requests?
A. cross-selling
B. up-selling
C. campaign management system
D.customer service and support
Which of the statements below is not accurate in reference to mobile and wireless
A. Mobile technology can travel with the user.
B. Wireless technology is any type of operation accomplished without the use of a
hard-wired connection.
C.Wireless technology is any type of operation accomplished with the use of a
hard-wired connection.
D. Mobile technology allows a user to download software to a laptop or cell phone for
portable reading or reference.
What refers to a type of cable composed of four (or more) copper wires twisted around
each other within a plastic sheath?
A. twisted-pair cable
B. coaxial cable
C. fiber-optic cable
D. transmission control protocol/internet protocol
What decodes information?
A. digital certificate
B. encryption
C. decryption
D. cryptography
What is a secondary storage medium that uses magnetic techniques to store and retrieve
data on disks or tapes coated with magnetically sensitive materials?
A. input device
B. output device
C. magnetic tape
D. magnetic medium
Which of the following is an example of information?
A. Who is customer number 12345XX?
B. What is product number 12345XX?
C. What customer number is Bob Smith?
D. What is my worst-selling product?
What tracks corporate metrics such as critical success factors and key performance
indicators and include advanced capabilities such as interactive controls, allowing users
to manipulate data for analysis?
A. informing
B. infographics
C. data visualization tools
D. business intelligence dashboards
Which of the following defines teergrubing?
A. a problem that occurs when someone registers purposely misspelled variations of
well-known domain names
B. the theft of a website's name that occurs when someone, posing as a site's
administrator, changes the ownership of the domain name assigned to the website to
another website owner
C. government attempts to control Internet traffic, thus preventing some material from
being viewed by a country's citizens
D. an antispamming approach where the receiving computer launches a return attack
against the spammer, sending email messages back to the computer that originated the
suspected spam
Which of the following is not an information cleansing activity?
A. identifies redundant records
B. identifies inaccurate or incomplete data
C. identifies missing records or attributes
D. identifies sales trends
Which gate is inception?
A.gate one
B. gate two
C. gate three
D. gate four
What is the support value activity that provides employees with training, hiring, and
A. procurement
B. operations resource management
C.human resource management
D. firm infrastructure
Which group of stakeholders' primary interests include fair compensation, job security,
and ethical conduct/treatment?
A. employees
B. shareholders/investors
C. community
D. customers
Who are experts in technology who use their knowledge to break into computers and
computer networks, either for profit or just motivated by the challenge?
A. information spy
C. spyware
D. adware
Which group of stakeholder's primary interests include maximizing profits, growing
market share, and high return on investment?
A. partners/suppliers
B. shareholders/investors
C. community
D. government