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Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform 2012 Election Edition 11th Edition

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July 16, 2017
Scholarship suggests that about __________ of the promises in the victorious party's
presidential platform are completely or mostly implemented.
a. less than one-fourth
b. one-fourth
c. one-third
d. one-half
e. two-thirds
Which of the following is true with respect to Keynesian economic policy?
a. Keynesian economic policy relies on government taxes and adjustments to the money
supply to control inflation and unemployment.
b. Keynesian economic policy relies on taxation and expenditures by government to
control inflation and unemployment.
c. Keynesian economic policy uses the money supply to control inflation and
d. Keynesian economic policy can only be used by the federal government.
e. Keynesian economic policy can only be used by state-level governments.
How did Lincoln defend his decision to order a blockade of southern ports without the
approval of Congress?
a. He stated that he had received approval from the Supreme Court for the action.
b. He claimed that the Constitution was not clear about his powers and therefore he
could take action and do what he thought best in any situation.
c. He used his power of veto to go around Congress on the issue.
d. He claimed that the inherent powers of his office allowed him to circumvent the
Constitution in a time of war or national crisis.
e. He claimed the Twenty-Fifth Amendment gave him that decision-making power.
How does C-SPAN promote democratic exchange?
a. It provides Americans with a fast-paced, first-hand view of how government works.
b. C-SPAN's coverage makes members of Congress even more accountable to citizens.
c. Voters can call in and voice their opinions directly on the House floor.
d. Prior to C-SPAN, all congressional votes were secret.
e. C-SPAN fact-checks the other television news networks as a public service.
In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court first claim the right of judicial
a. Chishom v.Georgia
b. Brown v.Board of Education
c. United States v.Nixon
d. Dred Scott v.Sandford
e. Marbury v.Madison
Which of the following is one strategy that campaigns use to control the media?
a. making the candidate more available to the press
b. staging media events
c. ignoring negative campaign events
d. appearing on the major networks' nightly news shows
e. holding unrehearsed, spontaneous press conferences
Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution contains which powers of Congress?
a. enumerated
b. restrictive
c. military
d. implied
e. executive
In the United States, the national government derives its power from which of the
a. states
b. courts
c. legislature
d. citizens
e. laws
What was the dominant form of federalism in the 1920s?
a. dual
b. combined
c. competitive
d. cooperative
e. progressive
An entitlement program provides benefits to __________.
a. all citizens of the United States
b. citizens who have made payroll tax contributions
c. citizens who meet eligibility criteria
d. legal immigrants with a work visa
e. only the very wealthy
Polls may be inaccurate for a number of reasons. Which of the following is one of those
a. Polls measure only elite opinion.
b. Polls are unable to measure the intensity of feelings about issues.
c. Polls contain far too many errors to be deemed reliable.
d. Polls have too many respondent options in which to register opinions.
e. Polls have yet to perfect the sampling process.
Laissez-faire economics holds which of the following to be true?
a. The government should actively intervene in the economy.
b. The government should not take an active role in the economy.
c. The government should do everything possible to reduce unemployment.
d. The government should lower interest rates during a recession.
e. The government should raise interest rates during a recession.
What was the most common initial reason for settlement in North America by the first
a. cultural inclusiveness
b. religious freedom
c. the right to vote
d. exploration
e. commerce
For a case to be heard in the Supreme Court, a minimum of how many justices must
vote to hear the case?
a. one
b. four
c. five
d. nine
e. six
__________ committees exist in both the House and Senate, may be temporary or
permanent, and usually have a focused responsibility.
a. Conference
b. Joint
c. Select/Special
d. Standing
e. Temporal
Social conservatives, who now form a large part of the base of the Republican Party,
often are also members of which of the following?
a. pro-choice groups
b. groups seeking to enhance marriage by allowing domestic partnerships
c. groups seeking to keep government out of Americans' private lives
d. groups seeking to expand welfare programs
e. religious organizations
The percentage of households in the United States consisting of a single person is
nearly __________ percent.
a. 10
b. 20
c. 30
d. 40
e. 50
Which of the following is true regarding mandatory spending policies?
a. They are designed to increase the money supply to improve economic growth.
b. They are designed to help states avoid having a budget surplus.
c. They create a serious ongoing financial burden on the federal government.
d. They reduce the overall cost of compliance for major industrial sectors.
e. They reduce the overall cost of doing business overseas.
The __________ is the departments, agencies, and offices within the executive branch
that perform the functions of government.
a. administration
b. bureaucracy
c. cabinet
d. civil service
e. iron triangle
Today, many Americans lack faith in the country's __________.
One prong of the Lemon test is that the law has a __________ secular purpose.
The __________ Amendment ensures the right of a criminal defendant to confront
witnesses at trial.
The __________ problem occurs when people fail to join a group because they can
receive the benefits the group offers without contributing to the group's efforts.
The national party convention serves several purposes. Examine its functions, assessing
the importance of its functions in terms of voter participation, promotion of public
policy, or related factors.
What would be the most likely consequence if courts did not have the power of judicial
What is the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and what effect did it have on media
The Cold War strategy of __________ was intended to prevent nuclear warfare by
having a large enough nuclear arsenal that the Soviet Union would not dare challenge
the United States.
According to the "How Has Campaign Financing Changed Over Time?" feature,
outside spending on campaign financing has soared in the past decade since McCain
and Feingold sponsored campaign reform legislation. What does the rise of 527 groups,
501(c) groups, and SuperPACs in the time period 2002"2012 suggest about the
determination of organizations to influence important elections?
The Government Issue (G.I.) Bill was introduced following __________.
Article VII specified that at least __________ states would have to ratify the
Constitution for it to become law.
After World War II, the United States, Canada, and Western Europe formed a peacetime
alliance known as the __________.
__________ ads compare the records and proposals of the candidates, with a bias
toward the candidate sponsoring the ad.
In recent years, political action committee (PAC) contributions have become
increasingly important in federal elections. In light of the influence of PAC money on
elections and policy making, is this trend a sign of a healthy democracy, or is it a
troubling development?
According to the Supreme Court decisions in Regents of the University of California v.
Bakke and the two University of Michigan cases noted in the chapter, what sorts of
affirmative action programs for admission to public universities are permissible, and
what sorts are not?
What are the goals of the policy evaluation process, and how is it conducted? What
might the evaluation process accomplish?

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