Book Title
Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform 2012 Election Edition 11th Edition

CGS SS 49091

July 16, 2017
The __________ specifies that any power not specifically delegated to the national
government is reserved to the states or the people.
In 1964, Congress passed the __________ to help keep the promise of the Fourteenth
Explain the basic structure of the U.S. Constitution.
Identify two amendments to the United States Constitution that are not part of the Bill
of Rights and explain the impact of each on government and society.
Targeting media programming at specific populations within society is called
Using the War Powers Resolution of 1973 as a case study, examine the rise or decline of
congressional oversight over the executive branch. Does this resolution stand as the rule
or the exception to the trend? Make an argument as to whether or not Congress has
usurped too much authority or not enough. Would you make any changes to
congressional oversight as it exists today?
Explain the informal methods of amending the Constitution and why such methods are
useful given the structure of the Constitution itself.
The __________ Amendment protects freedom of assembly.
The focus of the __________ was to establish women's right to vote.
What is a veto? Can a veto be overridden?
Define an implementing population and a consumer population in the implementation
of judicial decisions, and provide an example for each population.
The Social Security Administration rendering a decision about whether an individual
was wrongly denied disability payments illustrates the __________ function of the
federal bureaucracy.
What are grandfather clauses, and why were they enacted?
You are the leader of a student organization working to pass federal legislation that
would increase financial aid to college students. What specific strategies could you
employ to overcome the free rider/collective action problem in order to build your
organization and increase your political clout?
The __________ is one of the president's most powerful weapons in dealing with
Congress and is way for the president to influence law-making.

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