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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Max enjoys working with ideas; Madison is emotional and has a high need for
individual expression. According to Holland's six personality types, Max is __________
and Madison is __________.
A) investigative; artistic
B) realistic; conventional
C) enterprising; investigative
D) conventional; social
Basic emotions are
A) difficult to identify in the first few months of life.
B) universal in humans.
C) found only among humans.
D) reflexive.
Marcus, age 53, is spending a lot of time caring for his young grandson. His
subordinates at work have noticed that he has become a kinder, more compassionate
boss. According to Levinson, Marcus is engaged in which of the following
developmental tasks?
A) young"old
B) destruction"creation
C) masculinity"femininity
D) engagement"separateness
Which of the following statements about homosexuality is true?
A) Attraction to members of the same sex is not limited to teens who identify as lesbian,
gay, or bisexual.
B) Most homosexual adolescents are "gender-deviant" in dress and behavior.
C) About 85 percent of adolescents who report having engaged in homosexual acts
identify as homosexual.
D) Researchers have yet to identify a link between heredity and homosexuality.
A growing number of researchers regard the question of how much heredity and
environment contribute to differences among people as
A) unanswerable.
B) mainly answered by DNA.
C) unimportant.
D) easily answered with kinship studies.
__________ intelligence refers to skills that depend on accumulated knowledge and
experience, good judgment, and mastery of social conventions.
A) Fluid
B) Crystallized
C) Naturalistic
D) Kinesthetic
The risk of __________ fracture increases fifteenfold from age 65 to 85 and is
associated with a 20 percent increase in mortality.
A) hip
B) elbow
C) skull
D) ankle
Jaynie is cheerful and upbeat. Hank is active and energetic. Alayna is prone to angry
outbursts. These descriptions refer to
A) temperament.
B) effortful control.
C) reactivity.
D) self-regulation.
Which of the following statements about controversial and neglected children is true?
A) Controversial children display a blend of positive and negative social behaviors.
B) Neglected children report feeling lonely and unhappy.
C) Controversial children have few friends and are unhappy with their peer
D) Neglected children are as socially maladjusted as rejected children.
The most successful treatment for anorexia usually involves
A) a combination of individual and group therapy.
B) family therapy and medication to reduce anxiety and neurotransmitter imbalances.
C) short-term individual therapy and nutritional counseling.
D) hypnosis and insertion of a feeding tube.
Infant intelligence tests are somewhat better at making long-term predications for
__________ babies.
A) extremely high-scoring
B) average- to high-scoring
C) low- to average-scoring
D) extremely low-scoring
Adolescents prenatally exposed to smoking tend to have __________ than those born to
mothers who did not smoke.
A) higher levels of disruptive, aggressive behavior
B) higher mental test scores
C) longer attention spans
D) earlier onset of puberty
Individuals whose __________ systems function more efficiently appear to have an
edge in intellectual skills.
A) endocrine
B) nervous
C) circulatory
D) cardiovascular
One reason older workers generally reduce their career aspirations is that they
A) become aware that their skills are declining.
B) have fewer alternative positions into which they can move.
C) have less access to jobs with reasonable workloads.
D) have less access to jobs with good physical working conditions.
When euthanasia legislation passed in Australia's Northern Territory, the Aborigines
A) regarded it as culturally inappropriate.
B) advocated the practice because it had been part of their culture for generations.
C) praised the new law as compassionate.
D) accepted the practice for older adults but not younger individuals.
A) declines with age.
B) affects about 10 percent of people over age 65.
C) is rarely related to physical illness or pain.
D) can lead to cognitive deterioration.
Which of the following concepts places the most emphasis on bidirectional exchanges
between heredity and the environment?
A) range of reaction
B) canalization
C) epigenesis
D) niche-picking
A major shortcoming of Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences is that
A) neurological evidence for the independence of his abilities is weak.
B) it virtually ignores the role of cultural and learning opportunities in intellectual
C) it overemphasizes the idea of general intelligence.
D) it fails to account for biological contributions to intelligence.
Forrest lives in a Green House-style nursing home. In comparison with traditional
nursing home residents, which of the following is most likely true?
A) Physically, Forrest will decline more quickly.
B) Forrest will report substantially better quality of life.
C) Forrest will interact less often with other residents.
D) The timing of Forrest's social contact will more often be deterred by staff.
Zachary, age 3, has autism. Zachary probably __________ often __________ than
typically developing agemates.
A) more; engages in social referencing
B) less; establishes joint attention
C) more; imitates an adult's novel behaviors
D) less; uses words to echo what others say
In Yvonne's preschool classroom, children of varying abilities work in groups, teaching
and helping one another. This classroom emphasizes the Vygotskian principle of
A) active participation.
B) individualized instruction.
C) independent exploration.
D) peer collaboration.
Weight-loss maintainers are more likely than individuals who relapse to
A) believe that temporary lifestyle changes are needed.
B) use social support and to keep a record of their weight.
C) restrict fat to no more than 7 percent of their daily caloric intake.
D) keep their weight-reduction plan to no longer than 25 weeks.
Jacob, a sixth grader, entered the middle school academic bowl. According to Erikson,
by entering the competition, Jacob shows
A) autonomy.
B) industriousness.
C) inferiority.
D) basic trust.
With the birth of Brenda's first child, she felt more fulfilled than ever before. However,
she also acknowledged feelings of concern and fear over being able to meet all of her
parental responsibilities while maintaining personal happiness and satisfaction. Brenda's
thinking reflects
A) relativism.
B) cognitive-affective complexity.
C) expertise.
D) pragmatism.
Which of the following statements regarding a sensitive period for mastering musical
performance skills is true?
A) The sensitive period for mastering musical performance is birth to two years of age.
B) The sensitive period for mastering musical performance is two to three years of age.
C) The sensitive period for mastering musical performance is three to five years of age.
D) No evidence exists for a sensitive period in the first few years of life for mastering
musical performance skills.
In response to the "Heinz dilemma," Dolph states, "Even if his wife is dying, it is still
Heinz's duty as a citizen to obey the law. If everyone started breaking the law, there"d
be no civilization, just crime and violence." Dolph is at which of Kohlberg's stages of
moral development?
A) Stage 3: The "good-boy"good-girl" orientation
B) Stage 4: The social-order-maintaining orientation
C) Stage 5: The social contract orientation
D) Stage 6: The universal ethical principle orientation
Daily vitamin"mineral supplements
A) are recommended for all older adults.
B) do not reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease or cancer.
C) can slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
D) can result in improvements in cognitive functioning and memory.
Dynamic systems theory provides convincing evidence that the development of motor
A) is profoundly influenced by the physical environment.
B) is hardwired.
C) is genetically determined.
D) always follows the proximodistal trend.
Which of the following statements about vocational life in middle adulthood is true?
A) Work life is no longer an important aspect of identity or self-esteem.
B) Middle-aged employees have higher rates of absenteeism than younger employees.
C) More so than in earlier or later years, people attempt to increase the personal
meaning of their vocational lives.
D) Middle-aged employees have higher rates of job turnover than younger employees.
__________ is the disorder most often misdiagnosed as dementia.
A) Atherosclerosis
B) Depression
C) Parkinson's disease
D) Diabetes
American employers regard recent high school graduates as
A) adequately prepared for skilled business occupations.
B) adequately prepared for industrial occupations.
C) unprepared for skilled business and industrial occupations and manual trades.
D) adequately prepared for manual trades.
Monica experienced depression that emerged after she gave birth to her son, but failed
to subside as Monica adjusted to hormonal changes in her body and the demands of
motherhood. As a result, Monica's son probably
A) sleeps longer than most infants.
B) sleeps poorly.
C) tries to comfort his mother when she is sad.
D) produces low levels of the hormone cortisol.
Following habituation, when a new stimulus causes responsiveness to return to a high
level, the increase is called
A) imitation.
B) recovery.
C) reinforcement.
D) repetition.
Research findings indicate that
A) gay fathers are less responsive to their children's needs than heterosexual fathers.
B) gay fathers are less consistent in setting limits than heterosexual fathers.
C) gay and lesbian parents are as committed to and effective as heterosexual parents.
D) lesbian mothers are more committed and effective than heterosexual mothers.
Research on infantile amnesia suggests that adults typically cannot remember events
that happened during the first few years of life because
A) early memories are stored in an explicit memory system that is difficult to recall.
B) most adults have forgotten these early memories due to the passage of time.
C) long-term memory does not emerge until around age 7.
D) adults cannot translate early preverbal memories into language.

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