Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

CDA 96823

July 20, 2017
Automatic call distribution directs customers to use touch-tone phones or keywords to
navigate or provide information.
Within the data warehouse model, the external databases could include competitor
information, industry information and stock market analysis.
A server is a computer designed to request information from a client.
System software controls how the various technology tools work together along with
the application software. System software includes both operating system software and
utility software.
Sustainable MIS disposal refers to the safe disposal of MIS assets at the end of their life
If a business could produce more hamburgers with the same inputs it would see a rise in
productivity and possibly an increase in profits.
The logical view of information deals with the physical storage of information on a
storage device.
Extensible Markup Language is an open-standards way of supporting interoperability.
One of the most ineffective ways to set up authentication techniques is by setting up
user IDs and passwords.
Explicit knowledge is the knowledge contained in people's heads. The challenge
inherent in explicit knowledge is figuring out how to recognize, generate, share, and
manage knowledge that resides in people's heads.
Buyer power is the ability of buyers to affect the price they must pay for an item.
The four common characteristics of big data include variety, veracity, volume, velocity.
Ransomware is a form of social engineering in which one individual lies to obtain
confidential data about another individual.
A social media manager is a person within the organization who is trusted to monitor,
contribute, filter, and guide the social media presence of a company, individual,
product, or brand.
Mobile application management (MAM) administers and delivers applications to
corporate and personal smart phones and tablets.
Pay-per-click generates revenue each time a user clicks on a link that takes the user
directly to an online agent waiting for a call.
Data governance is the practice of gathering data and ensuring that it is uniform,
accurate, consistent, and complete, including such entities as customers, suppliers,
products, sales, employees, and other critical entities that are commonly integrated
across organizational systems.
Community cloud serves a specific community with common business models, security
requirements, and compliance considerations.
A neural network is a category of efficiency metrics that attempts to measure the way
the human brain works.
Ethics and security are two fundamental building blocks for all organizations.
Software upgrade occurs when the software vendor releases a new version of the
software making significant changes to the program.
Outsourcing is an arrangement by which one organization provides a service or services
for another organization that chooses not to perform them in-house.
Virtualization is a collection of computers, often geographically dispersed, that are
coordinated to solve a common problem.
One of the advantages found in a relational database is increased information
Backdoor programs change their form as they propagate.
A hierarchical database model stores information in the form of logically related
two-dimensional tables.
An extranet is an extension of an intranet that is available only to authorized outsiders,
such as customers, partners, and suppliers.
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electronic tags and labels to identify objects
wirelessly over short distances.
An emergency contains all of the details of an incident.
Utility systems are customized by using the control panel, which is a Windows feature
that provides options that set default values for the Windows operating system.
The chief technology officer is responsible for ensuring the speed, accuracy,
availability, and reliability for MIS.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates all departments and functions throughout
an organization into a single IT system (or integrated set of IT systems) so employees
can make decisions by viewing enterprisewide information about all business
A URL is a program that runs within another application such as a website.
What are standard packet formats?
A.include a packet header, packet body containing the original message, and packet
B. lists the destination (for example, in IP packets the destination is the IP address)
along with the length of the message data
C. represents the end of the packet or transmission end
D. a utility application that monitors the network path of packet data sent to a remote
According to the ethical computer use policy, users should be ________ of the rules
and, by agreeing to use the system on that basis, ________ to abide by the rules.
A. informed; collaborate
B. consent; informed
C.informed; consent
D. consent; information
What system is used in computer appliances and special-purpose applications, such as
an automobile, ATM, or media player and are used for a single purpose?
A. system software
B. operating system software
C. embedded operating system
D. multitasking
What is equipment used to capture information and commands?
A. input device
B. output device
C. magnetic tape
D. magnetic medium
What software organizes information on a hard disk in the most efficient way?
A. disk optimization software
B. safe mode software
C. crash-proof software
D. disk image software
Which of the statements below means the same as easy to manage content?
A. Website owners can make changes only with the aid of MIS professionals.
B. The website cannot organize customer data.
C.Users can update data-driven website with little or no training.
D. Users with extensive training can update data-driven websites.
In the relational database model, what is a person, place, thing, transaction, or event
about which information is stored?
B. relationships
C. attribute
D. foreign Key
Which of the following is considered part of the process in the systems thinking
example of a TPS?
A. source document
B. calculate
C. report
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following is an example of a critical success factor?
A. increase customer satisfaction
B. number of new customers
C. number of new products
D. percentage of employee turnover
What targets sales opportunities by finding new customers or companies for future
A. sales management system
B. contact management system
C. opportunity management system
D. sales force automation system
What is the difference between pirated and counterfeit software?
A. Counterfeit is fake technology products, where pirated is invisible technological
cameras placed online.
B.Pirated is the unauthorized use, duplication, distribution, or sale of copyrighted
software, where counterfeit is software that is manufactured to look like the real thing
and sold as such.
C. Counterfeit is the unauthorized use, duplication, distribution, or sale of copyrighted
software, where pirated is software that is manufactured to look like the real thing and
sold as such.
D. Pirated is stolen software used to hack into a company's classified material, where
counterfeit is a fake version of firewall software.
Which term refers to the time frames when the system is operational?
A. administrator access
B. accessibility
D. portability
Jensen is a senior developer for HackersRUs, a company that helps secure management
information systems. Jensen's new task is to break into the computer system of one of
HackersRUs's top clients to identify system vulnerabilities and plug the holes. What
type of hacker is Jensen?
A. cracker
B. white-hat hacker
C. script bunnies
D. black-hat hacker
MIS is a business function. Which of the following does MIS perform to help aid the
company in decision making and problem solving?
A. moves information about people
B. moves processes across the company to improve systems
C. moves information about products
D. All of these are correct.
What are project objectives?
A.quantifiable criteria that must be met for the project to be considered a success
B. products, services, or processes that are not specifically a part of the project
C. any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result or item that is produced to
complete a project or part of a project
D. a definition of the work that must be completed to deliver a product with the
specified features and functions
What is predictive dialing?
A.automatically dials outbound calls and when someone answers, the call is forwarded
to an available agent
B. directs customers to use touch-tone phones or keywords to navigate or provide
C. routes inbound calls to available agents
D. All of these are correct.
What is the World Wide Web Consortium?
A. delivers everything from animation to graphics and music to movies
B. an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term
growth of the Web
C. a nonprofit organization that has assumed the responsibility for Internet Protocol (IP)
address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, and domain name system
D. the Internet protocol web browsers use to request and display web pages using
universal resource locators
What is a combination of HTTP and SSL that provides encryption and secure
identification of an Internet server?
A.secure hypertext transfer protocol (SHTTP)
B. secure sockets layer (SSL)
C. SSL certificate
D. SHTTP certificate
What is pretexting?
A. a form of social engineering in which one individual lies to obtain confidential data
about another individual
B. a hacker looks through your trash to find personal information
C. legitimate users who purposely or accidentally misuse their access to the
environment and cause some kind of business-affecting incident
D. malicious agents designed by spammers and other Internet attackers to farm email
addresses off websites or deposit spyware on machines
A manager who must implement a loyalty program across 500 hotels would be placed
in which category for managerial decision-making challenges?
A. Managers need to analyze large amounts of information.
B. Managers must make decisions quickly.
C. Managers must apply sophisticated analysis techniques, such as Porter's strategies or
forecasting, to make strategic decisions.
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following are included as potential internal weaknesses in a SWOT
analysis that are harmful to an organization?
A. core competencies, market leaders, cost advantages, excellent management
B. lack of strategic direction, obsolete technologies, lack of managerial talent, outdated
product line
C. expanded product line, increase in demand, new markets, new regulations
D. new entrants, substitute products, shrinking markets, costly regulatory, requirements
Which of the following departments is primarily responsible for promoting discounts,
attracting customers, and communicating marketing campaigns?
A. Accounting and Finance
B. Marketing and Sales
C. Operations Management
D. Human Resources
What is a packet?
A.a single unit of binary data routed through a network
B. lists the destination (for example, in IP packets the destination is the IP address)
along with the length of the message data
C. represents the end of the packet or transmission end
D. a utility application that monitors the network path of packet data sent to a remote
Which of the following describes ETL?
A. a process that extracts information from internal and external databases
B. a process that transforms information using a common set of enterprise definitions
C. a process that loads information into a data warehouse
D. All of these are correct.
Which business application uses location information to provide a service and is
designed to give mobile users instant access to personalized local content?
A. radio-frequency identification
B. global positioning systems
C. geographic information systems
D.location-based services
What is usability?
A. a system that is not operating and cannot be used
B. refers to the ability of an application to operate on different devices or software
platforms, such as different operating systems
C.the degree to which a system is easy to learn and efficient and satisfying to use
D. describes how well a system can scale up, or adapt to the increased demands of
Which of the following is the website that was the primary catalyst for growing
electronic government and is the official U.S. gateway to all government information?
A. Government.gov
B. TheUnitedStatesofAmerica.org
C. TheWhiteHouse.com
D. FirstGov.gov
What is the flow that a systems thinking approach using a TPS would follow?
A. Streamlining (Input) - CRUD, Calculate (Process) - Reports (Output).
B. Source Documents (Input) - Optimization Analysis (Process) - (Feedback) -
C. Source Documents (Input) - CRUD, Calculate (Process) - Reports (Output) -
D. Selling Documents (Input) - Cycle Time (Process) - Reports (Output) - (Feedback).
What determines future environmental infrastructure requirements that ensure
high-quality system performance?
A. capacity system
B.capacity planning
C. capacity function
D. performance indicators
What connects the plans, methods, and tools aimed at integrating separate enterprise
A. enterprise systems
B.enterprise application integration
C. middleware
D. enterprise application integration middleware
What is the smallest or basic unit of information?
A. database management element
B.data element
C. data model
D. data integrity issue