Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

CAS CS 83500

July 20, 2017
How do prevention and resistance technologies stop intruders from accessing and
reading sensitive information?
A. content filtering, encryption, and firewalls
B. calculating, locking, and firewalls
C. content prohibiting, and cookies
D. None of these are correct.
Companies use ________ as marketing communication channels discussing everything
from corporate strategies to detailed product overviews.
A. IMing
B. web browsing
C. email
D. podcasting
What illustrates the movement of information between external entities and the
processes and data stores within the system?
A.data flow diagram
B. computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools
C. systems development life cycle
D. process modeling
Which of the following is a possible business rule?
A. a customer can purchase many DVDs
B. DVDs can be purchased by many customers
C. a DVD title can have many copies
D. All of these are correct.
Some of the benefits for a company to operate an internal wiki are that they are great
tools for all of the following except ________.
A. collecting and disseminating knowledge
B. building software applications
C. sharing information between functional business areas
D. distributing to employees or partners across geographical distances
Shawn works at the local electrical company in Nampa, ID, which provides electricity
to the entire city of Boise. This area is prone to floods, high winds, and tornados. As the
lead enterprise architect on the night shift, Shawn has been asked to suggest ways the
company can protect its information MIS infrastructure. Shawn notices that the
company does not have the ability for its systems to respond to unexpected failures or
crashes and there is not a backup system that can automatically take over without a loss
of service to Boise residents. What should Shawn recommend his company implement?
A. accessibility
B. Moore's Law
C. antivirus software
D.fault tolerance
Which extended ERP component collects information used throughout an organization,
organizes it, and applies analytical tools to assist managers with decisions?
A.business intelligence
B. ebusiness
C. customer relationship management
D. supply chain management
Which of the following is incorrect in reference to a database?
A. A database can be relational or network.
B. Database information is accessed by logical structure.
C.Database information is accessed by physical structure.
D. Database users can have different views of information.
What is latitude?
A. a device that uses plastic or conductive polymers instead of silicon-based
microchips, allowing them to be washed or exposed to water without damaging the chip
B. a satellite-based navigation system providing extremely accurate position, time, and
speed information
C. an east/west measurement of position
D.a north/south measurement of position
What uses technology allowing humans to interact with a computer through bodily
sensations and movementsfor example, a cell phone vibrating in your pocket?
A. augmented reality
B. Google Glass
C. haptic interface
D. virtual reality
Which of the following represent the four primary traits that help determine the value of
A.information type, information timeliness, information quality, and information
B. information statistics, information tracking, information quality, and information
C. information type, information chance, information analytics, and information policy
D. information timeliness, information quality, information quantity, and information
governance policy
Asset tracking ________.
A.occurs when a company places active or semi-passive RFID tags on expensive
products or assets to gather data on the items' location with little or no manual
B. uses plastic or conductive polymers instead of silicon-based microchips, allowing
them to be washed or exposed to water without damaging the chip
C. measures the acceleration (the rate of change of velocity) of an item and is used to
track truck speeds or taxi cab speeds
D. provides extremely accurate position, time, and speed, using a satellite-based
navigation system
What is information security?
A. a broad term encompassing the protection of information from accidental or
intentional misuse by persons inside or outside an organization
B. a special class of adware that collects data about the user and transmits it over the
Internet without the user's knowledge or permission
C. a computer attack where an attacker accesses a wireless computer network,
intercepts data, uses network services, and/or sends attack instructions without entering
the office or organization that owns the network
D. software that, while purporting to serve some useful function and often fulfilling that
function, also allows Internet advertisers to display advertisements without the consent
of the computer user
What offers a pay-per-use revenue model similar to a metered service such as gas or
A. community cloud
B. private cloud
C.utility computing
D. public cloud
Which gate includes building and developing the product?
A. gate one
B. gate two
C.gate three
D. gate four
Which of the following will enforce business rules vital to an organization's success and
often require more insight and knowledge than relational integrity constraints?
A. quality business constraints
B. critical web constraints
C.business critical integrity constraints
D. web integrity constraints
What are operational business processes?
A. dynamic, nonroutine, long-term business processes such as financial planning,
expansion strategies, and stakeholder interactions
B. semidynamic, semiroutine, monthly business processes such as resource allocation,
sales strategy, or manufacturing process improvements
C. static, routine, daily business processes such as stocking inventory, checking out
customers, or daily opening and closing processes
D. None of these are correct.
What is a markup language for documents, containing structured information?
A. service-oriented architecture
B. service
C.extensible markup language
D. interoperability
What is worldwide interoperability for microware access (WiMAX)?
A. a metropolitan area network that uses radio signals to transmit and receive data
B.a communications technology aimed at providing high-speed wireless data over
metropolitan area networks
C. a means by which portable devices can connect wirelessly to a local area network,
using access points that send and receive data via radio waves
D. includes the inner workings of a Wi-Fi service or utility, including the signal
transmitters, towers, or poles and additional equipment required to send out a Wi-Fi
Jessica Ulta works as an employee for City Service Credit Union and is responsible for
consulting on loans, talking clients through the loan process, and providing loans to
members. What type of processes does Jessica primarily work with?
A. business-facing processes
B. industry-specific customer-facing processes
C. customer-facing process
D. industry-specific business-facing processes
What is a client?
A. a network that enables the transmission of data over public or private networks
B. a communications, data exchange, and resource-sharing system created by linking
two or more computers and establishing standards, or protocols, so that they can work
C. any network without a central file server and in which all computers in the network
have access to the public files located on all other workstations
D. a computer that is designed to request information from a server
Which of the following is not a characteristic of Business 2.0?
A. knowledge management
B. collaboration system
C. web browser
D. explicit knowledge
How do the majority of potential customers find business websites?
A. by applying analytics
B. through search terms that match the content
C. through viral advertisements
D. through magazines and newspapers
Paula is the owner and operator of a high-end online custom clothing company. Paula
has never heard of Porter's Five Forces model and she wants to understand why she
would perform an analysis using it. If you were tasked with explaining Porter's Five
Forces model to Paula, what would be the primary reason she would want to use this
type of analysis?
A. to help Paula choose a clothing business focus
B. to help Paula evaluate the attractiveness of the clothing industry
C. to help Paula evaluate and execute business goals
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following does not represent an example of analytical information?
A. trends and product statistics
B. unstructured long-term decisions
C. five-year sales report
D. future growth projections
According to Peter Drucker, what are managers who do things right addressing?
A. efficiency
B. effectiveness
C. both efficiency and effectiveness
D. customer satisfaction only
Which of the questions below can be answered using business intelligence?
A. Where has the business been?
B. Where is the business now?
C. Where is the business going?
D. All of these are correct.
What allows users to access the WWW?
A. hypertext markup language
B. web browser
C. hypertext transport protocol
D. universal resource locator
Several factors can accelerate the need for a company to make business improvement
processes. What is the most obvious factor?
A. market shifts
B. technology
C. discoveries
D. bottlenecking
What is a computer attack where an attacker accesses a wireless computer network,
intercepts data, uses network services, and/or sends attack instructions without entering
the office or organization that owns the network?
A. spyware
B. hacker
C. drive-by hacking
D. adware
Which of the following is a problem associated with dirty data?
A. duplicate data
B. incorrect data
C. violates business rules
D. All of these are correct.
Volume includes the scale of data.
What represents the loss of a network signal strength measured in decibels (dB) and
occurs because the transmissions gradually dissipate in strength over longer distances or
radio interference or physical obstructions like walls impact communication signals?
A. Proxy
B. Broadband over power line
D. Repeater
What is a common tool used to support visualizations and that tracks KPIs and CSFs by
compiling information from multiple sources?
A. models
B. digital dashboards
C. neural networks
D. verified graphs
What is a program that runs within another application such as a website?
A. domain name
B. domain name hosting
C. applet
D. paradigm shift