Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

CAS CS 73884

July 19, 2017
Carbon emission is the amount of energy consumed by business processes and systems.
Tags are specific keywords or phrases incorporated into website content for means of
classification or taxonomy.
Legitimate users who purposely or accidentally misuse their access to the environment
and cause some kind of business-affecting incident are called insiders.
Top-level MIS employees require administrator access, or unrestricted access to the
entire system. Administrator access can perform functions such as resetting passwords,
deleting accounts, and shutting down entire systems.
Mark Peterson identified the Porter's Five Forces Model which analyzes the competitive
forces within a business environment.
A service is a business task.
Availability means that people with disabilities including visual, auditory, physical,
speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities can use the Web.
A computer portable enough to fit on a lap or in a bag and has its own power source or
Complex instruction set computer chips limit the number of instructions the CPU can
execute to increase processing speed.
ETL, within a data warehouse model, stands for exit, track, and load.
The web accessibility initiative (WAI) brings together people from industry, disability
organizations, government, and research labs from around the world to develop
guidelines and resources to help make the Web accessible to people with disabilities
including auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and visual disabilities.
Web mining analysis describes technologies that allow users to 'see" or visualize data to
transform information into a business perspective.
Communication turns a computer into a terminal for transmitting data to and receiving
data from distant computers through the telephone system.
Information cleansing or scrubbing is a process that weeds out and fixes or discards
inconsistent, incorrect, or incomplete information.
A wireless LAN (WLAN) is a means by which portable devices can connect wirelessly
to a local area network, using access points that send and receive data via radio waves.
Mutation is the process within a genetic algorithm of randomly trying combinations and
evaluating the success (or failure) of the outcome.
Inbound logistics and operations are part of the support value activities.
Companies update business strategies continuously as internal and external
environments change.
Attracting new customers, decreasing costs, and entering new markets are all examples
of successful business strategies.
White-hat hackers have philosophical and political reasons for breaking into systems
and will often deface the website as a protest.
Cloud fabric controller is an individual that monitors and provisions cloud resources
similar to a server administrator at an individual company.
Managing consumer trust is not a challenge for ebusinesses participants as the Internet
has numerous security technologies in place to completely protect consumers and their
online transactions.
Reliability is a system weakness that can be exploited by a threat.
A desktop computer is an electronic book that can be read on a computer or special
reading device. Some are small enough to carry around, while others are the size of a
telephone booth.
Failback, a specific type of fault tolerance, occurs when a redundant storage server
offers an exact replica of the real-time data, and if the primary server crashes, the users
are automatically directed to the secondary server or backup server.
When a company is the first to market with a competitive advantage, it gains a
particular benefit known as competitive intelligence.
Clustering segments a heterogeneous population of more homogeneous subgroups.
Active RFID tags use a battery to run the microchip's circuitry, but communicate by
drawing power from the RFID reader.
A mainframe computer is designed to meet the computing needs of hundreds of people
in a large business environment. Mainframe computers are a step up in size, power,
capability, and cost from minicomputers.
Cradle to grave provides materials management support.
An emergency is a sudden, unexpected event requiring immediate action due to
potential threat to health and safety, the environment, or property.
A kill switch is a logical relationship that exists between the project tasks, or between a
project task and a milestone.
Second-generation assembly language is difficult for people to understand.
A dependency is a logical relationship that exists between the project tasks, or between
a project task and a milestone.
Single-factor authentication requires more than two means of authentication such as
what the user knows (password), what the user has (security token), and what the user is
(biometric verification).
Alpha testing occurs when programmers test the system to ensure it is bug-free.
The optimal disaster recovery plan in terms of cost and time is where on the disaster
recovery cost curve?
A.where the two cost effects intersect
B. when the cost to the company of unavailability of information and technology is high
C. when the cost to the company of recovering from a disaster over time is high
D. when the two cost effects are furthest apart
What are some of the immediate results businesses achieved upon using instant
A. quickly identify which employees are at their computers
B. easily hold simultaneous IM sessions with multiple people
C. resolve questions or problems immediately
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following is considered a good?
A. milk and eggs
B. managing a team
C. selling groceries
D. All of these are correct.
What is logistics?
A. purchase goods and services to meet the needs of the supply chain
B.includes the processes that control the distribution, maintenance, and replacement of
materials and personnel to support the supply chain
C. includes activities that govern the flow of tangible, physical materials through the
supply chain such as shipping, transport, distribution, and warehousing
D. occurs when distorted product-demand information ripples from one partner to the
next throughout the supply chain
What is the process of analyzing data to extract information NOT offered by the raw
data alone?
A. Data integrity
B. Data mart analysis
C.Data mining
D. Data extraction
What is supply chain visibility?
A.views all areas up and down the supply chain in real time
B. uses advanced mathematical algorithms to improve the flow and efficiency of the
supply chain while reducing inventory
C. ensures supply chain cohesion by automating the different activities of the supply
D. occurs when distorted product-demand information ripples from one partner to the
next throughout the supply chain
What language groups data and corresponding processes into objects?
A. scripting language
B.object-oriented language
C. fourth-generation language
D. All of these are correct.
How are integrations achieved?
A. connecting the plans, methods, and tools aimed at integrating separate enterprise
B.using middlewareseveral types of software that sit between and provide connectivity
for two or more software applications
C. sending information entered into a given system automatically to all downstream
systems and processes
D. providing enterprisewide support and data access for a firm's operations and business
When the software vendor releases an update to software to fix problems or enhance
features, what is it called?
A. a software update
B. a software upgrade
C. crash-proof software
D. course management software
What is the analysis phase in the SDLC?
A. involves establishing a high-level plan of the intended project and determining
project goals
B.involves analyzing end-user business requirements and refining project goals into
defined functions and operations of the intended system
C. involves describing the desired features and operations of the system
D. involves placing the system into production so users can begin to perform actual
business operations with the system
What is interactive voice response (IVR)?
A. automatically dials outbound calls and when someone answers, the call is forwarded
to an available agent
B.directs customers to use touch-tone phones or keywords to navigate or provide
C. routes inbound calls to available agents
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following represents megahertz?
A. the number of millions of CPU cycles per second
B. the number of billions of CPU cycles per second
C. a type of CPU that can recognize as many as 100 or more instructions, enough to
carry out most computations directly
D. a limitation in the number of instructions the CPU can execute to increase processing
Which of the following represents the different information levels?
A. detail, summary, aggregate
B. document, presentation, spreadsheet, database
C.individual, department, enterprise
D. executives, managers, operational employees
What is an SNA?
A. strong network applications
B. social needs analysis
C. social networking analysis
D. steady network areas
What is the set of instructions the hardware executes to carry out specific tasks?
A. hardware
C. client
D. server
What can help uncover correlations and trends in data that would otherwise go
A. informing
B. infographics
C.data visualization tools
D. business intelligence dashboards
What are services?
A. material items or products that customers will buy to satisfy a want or need
B. tasks performed by people that customers will buy to satisfy a want or need
C. the process where a business takes raw materials and processes them or converts
them into a finished product for its goods or services
D. the rate at which goods and services are produced based upon total output given total
What is the critical path?
A. the path from resource to task that passes through all critical components of a project
B. the path between tasks to the project's finish that passes through all critical
components of a project plan
C.the sequence of activities that determine the earliest date by which the project can be
D. the path from start to finish that passes through all the tasks that are critical to
completing the project in the longest amount of time
Enterprise architects require ________ access so they can perform such functions as
resetting passwords or deleting accounts.
A. functional 
B. infrastructure 
C. restricted 
Email provides email services for computer users, including receiving mail, sending
mail, and storing messages. Leading email software includes Microsoft Outlook,
Microsoft Outlook Express, and Eudora.
Why are Fortune 500 companies engaging in blogging?
A. to order supplies
B. to review favorite Internet providers
C. to gather feedback and share ideas
D. to pay employees
What provides enterprisewide support and data access for a firm's operations and
business processes?
A.enterprise systems
B. enterprise application integration
C. middleware
D. enterprise application integration middleware
At which level of an organization do managers develop overall business strategies,
goals, and objectives as part of the company's strategic plan?
A. operational level
B. managerial level
C. strategic level
D. All of these are correct.
What is the outsourcing option that includes the closest location and direct customer
A.onshore outsourcing
B. nearshore outsourcing
C. offshore outsourcing
D. None of these are correct.
Which of the following occurs when everyone involved in sourcing, producing, and
delivering the company's product works with the same information?
A. eliminates redundancies
B. cuts down wasted time
C. removes misinformation
D.All of these are correct.
What defines all project roles and indicates what responsibilities are associated with
each role?
A. communication plan
B.responsibility matrix
C. project assumptions
D. project deliverable
When evaluating the value chain, all of the following are included in the primary value
activities except _________.
A. inbound activities
B. operations
C. service
D. MIS development
What is software for data recovery that relieves the burden of reinstalling applications if
a hard drive crashes or becomes irretrievably corrupted?
A. disk optimization software
B. safe mode software
C. crash-proof software
D. disk image software
Which data types are typically found in the finance department?
A. promotion data, sales data, advertising data
B. employee data, promotion data, vacation data
C.investment data, monetary data, reporting data
D. transactional data, purchasing data, payroll data, tax data
Which of the following is a problem associated with dirty data?
A. inaccurate data
B. nonintegrated data
C. violates business rules
D. All of these are correct.
Applications allowed to be placed on the corporate network, like IM software, and
corporate computer equipment used for personal reasons on personal networks are two
areas that should be addressed by managers in which of the following company
A. information ethics policy
B. information security policies
C. information technology plan
D. All of these are correct.
Who is a person who is grounded in technology, fluent in business, and able to provide
the important bridge between MIS and the business?
A. MIS Infrastructure manager
B. MIS specialist
C. enterprise architect
D. enterprise manager
Which question below represents a CRM analyzing technology question?
A.Why did sales not meet forecasts?
B. What customers are at risk of leaving?
C. What is the total revenue by customer?
D. All of these are correct.