Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

CAS CS 32239

July 20, 2017
Which of the following is a potential feature of a digital dashboard?
A. a hot list of KPIs refreshed every 15 minutes
B. a running line graph of planned versus actual production for the past 24 hours
C. a graph of stock market prices
D. All of these are correct.
What analyzes unstructured data to find trends and patterns in words and sentences?
A. social media analytics
B. speech analytics
C.text analytics
D. web analytics
Using the collective power of a community to identify and classify content significantly
________ content categorization costs.
A. eliminates
B. raises
C. lowers
D. balances
Cheryl is the operations manager for Nature's Bread Company, which specializes in
providing natural products for health conscious individuals. Cheryl is responsible for
compiling, analyzing, and evaluating daily sales numbers to determine the company's
profitability and forecast production for the next day. Which of the following is an
example of knowledge that Cheryl would be using to successfully perform her job?
A. Craig Newmark is customer number 15467.
B. Flour Power is supplier number 8745643.
C. best-selling product by day
D. Best-selling product changes when Tony the best baker is working.
Which of the following are included as potential internal strengths in a SWOT analysis
that are helpful to an organization?
A. core competencies, market leaders, cost advantages, excellent management
B. lack of strategic direction, obsolete technologies, lack of managerial talent, outdated
product line
C. expanded product line, increase in demand, new markets, new regulations
D. new entrants, substitute products, shrinking markets, costly regulatory, requirements
What is a set of measurable characteristics of a human voice that uniquely identifies an
A. voiceprint
B. face
C. iris
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following refers to immediate, up-to-date information?
A. daily information
B. strategic information
C.real-time information
D. crisis information
What is an agile MIS infrastructure?
A. identifies where and how important information, such as customer records, is
maintained and secured
B. includes the hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment that, when
combined, provides the underlying foundation to support the organization's goals
C. identifies ways that a company can grow in terms of computing resources while
simultaneously becoming less dependent on hardware and energy consumption
D. includes the plans for how a firm will build, deploy, use, and share its data,
processes, and MIS assets
What is the intangible creative work that is embodied in physical form and includes
trademarks and
A. intellectual software
B. Intellectual property
C. trademark property
D. ethical property
Which of the choices below represents the definition of information compliance?
A. the act of conforming, acquiescing, or yielding information
B. a method or system of government for information management or control
C. the category of computer security that addresses the protection of data from
unauthorized disclosure and confirmation of data source authenticity
D. examines the organizational resource of information and regulates its definitions,
uses, values, and distribution, ensuring that it has the types of data/information required
to function and grow effectively
Which of the following is an ebusiness marketing technique?
A. cookies
B. pop-up ad
C. banner ad
D. All of these are correct.
What are the three primary types of management information systems available to
support decision making across the company levels?
A. transaction processing systems, decision support systems, executive information
B. analytical information, decision support systems, executive information systems
C. transaction processing systems, drill-down systems, expert systems
D. what-if analysis, sensitivity analysis, goal-seeking analysis
Executives of a company deal less with details of the operational activities and more
with the higher meaningful aggregations of information, or "coarser" information. What
refers to the level of detail in the model?
A. drill-down
B. visualization
C. granularity
D. consolidation
Broad differentiation, broad cost leadership, and _________ create the three generic
strategies identified by Porter.
A. narrow market leadership
B. high cost versus low cost
C.focused strategy
D. None of these are correct.
What improves business process efficiencies by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary
A. workflow
B. swim lane
C. automation
D. streamlining
With so much information and moving parts within a company, technology has made it
possible for employers to monitor many aspects of employee jobs and duties. What is a
system that can track employees' activities by measures such as keystrokes, error rate,
and number of transactions processed?
A. anti-spam system
B. information intelligence system
C. workplace MIS monitoring
D. company technology monitoring
Which of the following would not be found in a digital dashboard for a manufacturing
A. a graph of stock market prices
B. a running line graph of planned versus actual production for the past 24 hours
C. an excel spreadsheet with cost analysis data
D. a hot list of key performance indicators, refreshed every 15 minutes
What determines values for an unknown continuous variable behavior or estimated
future value?
A. classification
C. affinity grouping
D. clustering
What occurs when a new radical form of business enters the market that reshapes the
way companies and organizations behave?
A. domain name
B. domain name hosting
C. applet
D. paradigm shift
What is the maker movement?
A. systems used to create the digital designs and then manufacture the products
B.a cultural trend that places value on an individual's ability to be a creator of things as
well as a consumer of things
C. a community center that provides technology, manufacturing equipment, and
educational opportunities to the public that would otherwise be inaccessible or
D. serialization or the ability to track individual items by using the unique serial number
associated with each RFID tag
What is Porter's Five Forces Model?
A. evaluates an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to
identify significant influences that work for or against business strategies
B. analyzes the competitive forces within the environment in which a company operates
to assess the potential for profitability in an industry
C. views a firm as a series of business processes, each of which adds value to the
product or service
D. generic business strategies that are neither organization nor industry specific and can
be applied to any business, product, or service
What is structured data?
A.has a defined length, type, and format and includes numbers, dates, or strings such as
Customer Address
B. created by a machine without human intervention
C. data that humans, in interaction with computers, generate
D. not defined, does not follow a specified format, and is typically freeform text such as
emails, Twitter tweets, and text messages
Velocity includes different forms of structured and unstructured data.
Jennifer is writing a paper and she must determine which of Porter's three generic
strategies The Museum Company has implemented. Jennifer finds out that The Museum
Company offers specialty products found only in museums around the world to affluent
customers. What would Jennifer determine The Museum Company is using as its
generic strategy?
A. broad market, low cost
B. narrow market, high cost
C. broad market, high cost
D. narrow market, low cost
What computer is the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive type of computer?
A. supercomputer
B. mainframe computer
C. workstation computer
D. minicomputer
Spatial data (geospatial data or geographic information) identifies the geographic
location of features and boundaries on Earth, such as natural or constructed features,
oceans, and more. spatial data can be mapped and is stored as coordinates and topology.
A GIS accesses, manipulates, and analyzes spatial data.
The actual hamburger is included in which category of making a hamburger?
A. input
B. process
D. All of these are correct.
Which of the following terms implies that organizations that cannot adapt to the new
demands placed on them for surviving in the information age are doomed to extinction?
A. collective intelligence
B. digital Darwinism
C. joint venture
D. sole proprietorship
What software contains course information such as a syllabus and assignments and
offers drop boxes for quizzes and homework along with a grade book?
A. preventive security software
B. personal information management software
C. crash-proof software
D. course management software
A semi-passive RFID tag is ________.
A. an electronic identification device that is made up of a chip and antenna
B. a transmitter/receiver that reads the contents of RFID tags in the area
C. a device that does not have a power source
D.a device that uses a battery to run the microchip's circuitry but communicates by
drawing power from the RFID reader
The business decisions made by the human resources department include investment
data, monetary data, and reporting data.
What is another term for instant messaging?
A. IMing
C. podcasting
D. webbing
Which of the following definitions represents typosquatting?
A. a problem that occurs when someone registers purposely misspelled variations of
well-known domain names
B. the theft of a website's name that occurs when someone, posing as a site's
administrator, changes the ownership of the domain name assigned to the website to
another website owner
C. government attempts to control Internet traffic, thus preventing some material from
being viewed by a country's citizens
D. an antispamming approach where the receiving computer launches a return attack
against the spammer, sending email messages back to the computer that originated the
suspected spam
What is a general term for a set of standards governing the collection and use of
personal data and addressing issues of privacy and accuracy?
A. cyberbullying
B. fair information practices
C. click-fraud
D. bring your own device
What is an older secondary storage medium that uses a strip of thin plastic coated with
a magnetically sensitive recording medium?
A. magnetic medium
B. magnetic tape
C. hard drive