Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSS 666 Test 2

July 13, 2015
While giving bad news to customers and other people outside your organization, you
should end with a positive, forward-looking statement in order to maintain goodwill.
A presentation becomes ineffective when within each point of the presentation speakers
take turns.
Memos cannot be used as reports.
The subject line of a persuasive e-mail message should not indicate that the writer is
asking for something.
A person working for an employer of choice will be seen as less employable and
promotable the next time the person is on the job market.
It is more difficult for an audience to interpret material present in a chart rather than a
A good topic sentence forecasts the structure and content of the paragraph.
In many groups, the different kinds of leadership are taken on by a single person.
Notebooks at campus placement offices have typically have lesser job descriptions than
those that appear in ads.
Letters in block formats cannot use headings and lists.
A web page should provide a link to the home page, the name and e-mail address of the
person who maintains the page, and the date when the page was last revised.
Nonverbal gestures can often have very different meanings in different cultures.
You are in the middle of a referral interview when you realize that the interviewer does
not have the power to create a job position for you. Which of the following will be an
appropriate response from your side?
A. You should be disappointed that the referral interview was unsuccessful.
B. You should try meeting a person who has to power to create a position, and ask for a
C. You should look at it as a platform to seek some advice from a knowledgeable
D. You should seek more referrals at the end of this interview.
E. Both C and D are appropriate responses.
In which of the following kinds of job application letters should an applicant tell where
he or she learned about the job?
A. Solicited letter
B. Prospecting letter
C. Both solicited and prospecting letters
D. Experience letter
E. None of the above
Getting rid of negatives has the added benefit of:
A. increasing the credibility of the message.
B. making it easier for readers to understand the message.
C. increasing the credibility of the writer of the message.
D. All of the above are benefits of getting rid of negatives.
E. None of the above are benefits of getting rid of negatives.
Which of the following would not be typically included in the audience section of a
proposal for a class research project?
A. Who in the organization has the power to implement your recommendation?
B. What audiences would be affected by your recommendation?
C. How much does the audience know about the topic of your report?
D. When you will interview your primary audience?
E. Will anyone serve as a gatekeeper, determining whether your report is sent to
decision makers?
Expert writers are unlikely to:
A. recognize the importance of revision.
B. break big jobs into smaller chunks.
C. edit their own work after the draft is complete.
D. write irregularly
E. use rules flexibly.
You are considering using a video resume to apply for a fact checking job in a journal.
Is this a good idea?
A. Yes, because video resumes are common today.
B. Yes, because the format will allow you to use sight, sound, color, and motion.
C. No, because a paper resume may be better at demonstrating the skills required for the
D. No, because the time you spend filming the video resume could be better spent
searching for more jobs.
E. None of the above.
The best way to overcome an objection is to:
A. offer reasonable alternatives.
B. ignore it or treat it as truly unimportant.
C. turn it into an asset by arguing it isnt really an objection.
D. eliminate it.
E. emphasize the you-attitude.
A manager using tables and charts from a written report in his oral presentation should
typically avoid:
A. rounding off the data to a greater extent in the presentation.
B. cutting out some of the information from the visuals in the report.
C. presenting the material in a table rather than a chart.
D. providing titles for the visuals in the presentation.
E. adding decorative clip art in the presentation.
Which of the following employees in an organization will be considered least
promotable or influential?
A. Rachael, whoensures that she keep her boss informally informed about her progress
with work though her boss doesnt give her much feedback or mentoring
B. Max, who believes that networking at work is unprofessional, hence he limits
interactions with supervisors to formal meetings only, in which he allows others to take
the lead
C. Rebecca, who deliberately initiates conversations with her boss through which she
aims to show that she is thinking about ways to work smarter and learn more
D. Arnold, who ensures to explicitly put across his disagreements at meetings about
points that contrast from his views
E. David, who often links his points and comments to those made by powerful and
influential people present at a meeting
A subject and a verb is said to agree with each other when one is singular and the other
plural, or vice versa.
Closed questions differ from open questions in that closed questions:
A. do not require the answers to fit into pre-chosen categories.
B. do not lock the subject into any sort of response.
C. are not faster or easier for subjects to answer.
D. are not apt for probing the complexities of a subject.
E. does not have a limited number of possible responses.
Insulting or swearing at someone via e-mail is called _____.
A. lurking
B. cyberstalking
C. stereotyping
D. flaming
E. none of the above
If primary audiences will have more knowledge than other audiences then writers must:
A. cover the simpler topics exclusively.
B. skim through the topics quickly.
C. merge all the paragraphs into one.
D. assume that the other audiences would make an effort to acquire information via the
Internet prior to receiving the message.
E. provide a glossary of terms.
Georges manager asked him to edit some reports. George notices that the reports
prepared by his manager lacked unity of paragraph. Which of the following strategies
can George use to make the report more coherent?
A. Eliminate gerunds and infinitives
B. Use transitional words
C. Put multiple topics in a single paragraph
D. Avoid using subject lines
E. All of the above
Which of the following is true of incorporating old language in a new document?
A. Using unrevised boilerplate can create a document with incompatible styles and
B. Before incorporating old language in a new document, one should read through the
whole document at a single sitting to be sure that style, tone, and level of detail are
consistent in the old and new sections.
C. Before incorporating old language in a new document, one should check to see that
the old section is well written.
D. Before incorporating old language in a new document, one should consciously look
for differences between the two situations, audiences, or purposes that may require
different content, organization, or wording.
E. All of the above.
Which of the following is true about creating a resume?
A. The resume should always be printed on a legal size paper.
B. A resume and an application letter should not use the same letterhead.
C. One should experiment with layout, fonts, and spacing to get an attractive resume.
D. Pale color paper is not acceptable for printing a resume.
What is a form letter?
How can you effectively manage your incoming e-mail?
If you really listen to the people you disagree with, you show that you _____ them.
To achieve the desirable tone in your message, you should use _____ for people outside
your organization whom you dont know well.
What is the importance of politeness in reports?How can writers avoid offending their
In the process of replying to an e-mail message, when you hit "reply," the e-mail
program automatically uses _____ and the previous subject.