Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSS 184 Midterm

July 13, 2015
The Title Page of a report contains four items.
Psychographic characteristics are quantitative rather than qualitative.
Freewriting involves writing your topic in the middle of a page and circling it. It is
primarily used for identifying patterns and repeated ideas.
Word processing programs can be set to check for widows and orphans.
Once used, job application materials are rarely useful in the future.
To make visuals more accurate, one must avoid combining graphs with different scales.
When you are writing to a new audience or have to solve a particularly difficult
problem, you should ideally plan to revise the draft at least three times.
In a long report, the Table of Contents lists itself.
You should always present disciplinary notices and negative performance appraisals
indirectly and with appropriate buffers.
To make visuals more accurate, one must use two or three-dimensional graphs.
Suppose that you work for someone who likes flowery language or wordy paragraphs.
Discuss how you will efficiently deal with it so that you do not have to compromise
with your standard of writing.
What are the different ways in which writers can tighten their writing?
How can speakers harness the nervous energy before their presentation to help do their
best work?
What measures should be taken in order to revise a collaborative document effectively?