Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSI 855 Test 2

July 13, 2015
Listeners can create active responses if they avoid mirroring the speakers feelings or
stating their own feelings.
When you write to people you know well, humor can be used to set the right tone.
The segments of a pie chart are best labeled outside the circle.
The secondary audience may be asked to comment on a message or to implement ideas
after they have been approved.
Seeing another point of view also means empathizing-putting yourself "in the other
persons shoes."
In business documents, parentheses are used to indicate quoted material.
When you know your readers name and gender, you should, without any exception, use
courtesy titles that do not indicate marital status.
If someone nods while listening to you and brings up points of disagreement later when
you finish speaking, it is likely that your listener:
A. does not agree with you ideologically.
B. wants to mislead you by nodding incessantly.
C. agrees with everything you have said except for the conclusion.
D. wants to show that he is listening.
E. none of the above.
You are working on a project that will require additional personnel. You decide to write
a memo requesting the same to your boss, who may be reluctant because the department
is already understaffed. Therefore, you choose the problem-solving pattern. In your
message, you should:
A. lay emphasis upon the negative aspect of the message to get a quick response.
B. demonstrate you-attitude by asking immediately for the extra personnel.
C. lay emphasis upon the you-attitude in the subject line of the message.
D. describe the problem you both share.
E. lay emphasis on the negative aspects to underline the seriousness of the problem.
Which of the following is a characteristic of an active verb?
A. It is usually made up of a form of the verb "to be" plus a past participle.
B. It describes something that the grammatical subject is doing.
C. It describes something that is being done to the grammatical subject.
D. It is used only when an agent is specified in the sentence.
E. All of the above are true.
Appendices are used in messages to:
A. provide an overview or executive summary for readers who just want the main
B. provide information that primary audiences dont need.
C. provide irrelevant and vague information.
D. act as table of contents so that readers can turn to the portions that interest them.
E. exclusively explain the common technical terms used in the document that all the
audiences are aware of.
A manager wants to inform her subordinates about a reduction in the retirement benefits
for all employeesowing to the prolonged financial crisis. Which of the following is the
best subject line to use, in this instance?
A. "Substantial reductions in retirement benefits"
B. "Management efforts to return to profitability"
C. "Changes in retirement benefits"
D. "Retirement"
E. "Bad news"
You receive a report that provides a detailed description of the data collected for a
recent project. The writer makes observations about the data but offers no
recommendation. This is an example of a(n) _____ report.
A. audit
B. annual
C. advisory
D. analytical
E. quarterly
Which of the following helps protect a computer from viruses that come with
A. Installing a program that blocks e-mail access
B. Opening all attached files on the e-mail system instead of downloading them
C. Asking people to include their names in attachment titles
D. Blocking all forwards and e-mails from senders who do not belong to your work
E. Downloading an attachment before opening it, when its source and contents are not
Which of the following practices reduces the effectiveness of a speakers voice?
A. Using a low-pitched voice
B. Using many changes in pitch, stress, and tone
C. Speaking in a monotone
D. Increasing ones volume without shouting
E. Speaking slowly with pauses in formal conversations
Which of the following is true of subject lines?
A. They tell readers why they need to read the document.
B. They refer the reader to the number used on the previous correspondence the letter
replies to.
C. They help build a good image of the writers organization.
D. They provide a comprehensive list of enclosures that accompany a business letter.
E. They are instrumental in eliminating future correspondence on the same subject.
Which of the following is true of nonverbal symbols?
A. Across cultures, mourners wear black to funerals, while brides wear white.
B. Height connotes status in many parts of the world.
C. In Japan, clothing seldom denotes the status or the occupational group.
D. Many North Americans typically measure time in thirty-minute blocks.
E. None of the above.
Transitions are:
A. words that introduce or summarize the main idea of a paragraph.
B. words that eliminate alternatives.
C. words that tell the reader whether the discussion is continuing on the same point.
D. single words, short phrases, or complete sentences that indicate the topic in each
E. words that focus on the structure of the report.
Sending e-mail attachments makes the most sense when sending:
A. a long text document.
B. a text document with limited formatting.
C. a non-text file.
D. all of the above.
E. only A and C.
Why should words be underlined or italicized in a document?
A. To emphasize them
B. Toindicate that the original speaker did not use them
C. To show that they are misleading
D. To indicate that the source from which they are cited is not authentic
E. To indicate omissions before and after the underlined or italicized text
Which of the following is true of block format and modified block format?
A. Both formats can use headings, lists, and indented sections for emphasis.
B. Both formats can be typed quickly as everything is lined up at the left margin.
C. Both formats create visually attractive pages.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.
Adams companys brochures advertise about the companys products with catchy
sentence fragments. Is the use of such fragments appropriate in this situation?
A. No, because this requires the use of active verbs.
B. No, because it makes the language very tight.
C. Yes, because they give the effect of speech.
D. Yes, because it falls under the norms of standard English.
E. None of the above is correct.
Explain the difference(s) between open and closed questions.
To indicate possession, you should add _____ and an s" to the word.
_____ is best described as creating a scenario rich with sense impressions-what the
reader sees, hears, smells, tastes, feels-so readers can picture themselves using a
businesss product or service and enjoying its benefits.
What are the sources through which a person can gather information about a company?
What should you do to avoid listening errors caused by faulty assumptions?
List the different steps that can be taken to create you-attitude.
What is the purpose of a well-written follow-up letter?
Conforming to a groups norms, being loyal or patriotic, and having friends are
behaviors that arise out of the need for _____ according to Maslow€s hierarchy of
_____ refers to meetings that allow a small group to get away for team building,
brainstorming, or long-range planning.
What are feasibility reports?