Book Title
Contemporary Management 9th Edition

BUS 559 Quiz 2

July 20, 2015
Which type of power is based on thespecialized knowledge and skills of a leader?
A. Positional power
B. Referent power
C. Expert power
D. Coercive power
E. Reward power
Toy Town makes and sells jigsaw puzzles and strategy board games. Its products are of
excellent quality, but fail to meet consumer needs. Which of the following is most likely
to be true with regard to Toy Town?
A. It has a high level of efficiency and low level of effectiveness.
B. It has a high level of effectiveness and low level of efficiency.
C. Its product manager chooses the wrong goals to pursue and uses the resources
D. Its product manager chooses the right goals to pursue and uses the resources wisely.
E. Its product manager responds quickly to change.
Higher product quality can increase efficiency and thereby lower operating costs.
A. True
B. False
Which of the following is true of choosing among alternative solutions?
A. The alternativesolutions are ranked in the order that they were developed or created.
B. Identifying all relevant information doesn't mean that a manager has complete
C. Existence of incomplete information is more serious than ignoring critical
D. Once alternatives are chosen and ranked, they must be evaluated.
E. The final step in the decision-making process is choosing among alternative
In a 360-degree appraisal, a manager receives feedback based on evaluations by his or
hersuperior alone.
A. True
B. False
The flatter the hierarchy of an organization, the less flexible the organization becomes.
A. True
B. False.
Policies, rules, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are all types of _____ plans.
A. single-use
B. functional
C. rolling
D. standing
E. scenario
Flexible manufacturing is a strategy based on the use of manual labor to reduce the
costs associated with the product assembly process or the way services are delivered to
A. True
B. False
The extent to which doing a job gives the worker direct and clear information about
how well the worker is performing the job is known as:
A. task identity.
B. feedback.
C. autonomy.
D. task significance.
E. skill variety.
A(n) _____ value is a personal conviction about desired modes of conduct or ways of
A. terminal
B. strategic
C. nominal
D. extrinsic
E. instrumental
The routineselection process for becoming a law enforcement officer includes tests that
measure an applicant'sability to perform certain job-specific tasks such as running
stairs, dragging a weight, or climbing a wall. This is an example of a(n) _____.
A. physical ability test
B. personality test
C. trait test
D. behavioral test
E. IQ test
Behavior appraisals are especially useful when what workers are like is more important
than how workers perform their jobs.
A. True
B. False
The administrative model is based on three important concepts: bounded rationality,
incomplete information, and satisficing.
A. True
B. False
Extrinsically motivated behavior is that which is performed out of a desire to work for
the welfare of society.
A. True
B. False
What is the importance of impersonal written communication?
Compare the leadership styles of managers from innovative and conservative
organizational cultures.
Discuss why different strategies often call for the use of different organizational
structures and cultures.
List and briefly explain the different stages of a product life cycle.
In today's business world, top executives are receiving large salaries and unbelievable
stock options. Is it ethical for managers to receive these amounts? Argue both sides of
this question.
Discuss the four specific ways in which managers can lower costs or increase
differentiation to obtain a competitive advantage.
List at least five guidelines for giving effective performance feedback that contributes
to employee motivation and performance.

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