Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUS 366 Test

July 13, 2015
Constructive ways to respond to criticism and get closer to the real concern include
paraphrasing and checking for feelings.
In a presentation, if the speaker is asked a question to which he or she does not know
the answer, it is better to admit ignorance.
Extrinsic benefits do not necessarily come from using the product or doing the action.
Generally, requests sound friendliest when they use conversational language.
Grammar checkers have rendered human intervention in editing irrelevant.
The only purpose of a transmittal is to tell the readers about organizational problems.
To be effective, a buffer must put the reader in a good frame of mind, not give the bad
news but not imply a positive answer either, and provide a natural transition to the body
of the letter.
A person who implies that he or she has the best ideas and can do the best work is a
born leader.
According to Professor John Sullivan, the ideal job is one a person would want to do
even if he or she were rich.
In formalization, the group seeks to restore earlier conflicts.
Encouraging participation and listening actively are positive group roles that help a
group build loyalty, function smoothly, and resolve conflicts.
In a long report, triple-space means three empty spaces before the next heading.
A good work schedule provides both the total time you plan to spend on and the date
when you expect to finish each activity.
To summarize a document, a writer should avoid giving supporting evidence unless the
audience specifically asks for it.
Demographic characteristics are measurable features that can be counted objectively.
Why do some organizations ask employees to sign memos rather than simply initialing
What does the title page of a report contain?
List four strategies to counter objections.
How can a person justify negative information? Why is it important?
What is the impact of phrasing a reader benefit in you-attitude?
You may customize detailed patterns of organization for documents with a _____ to
help you keep the "big picture" in mind as you write.