Personal Injury in Car Accident Cases

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I’m Hurt: Personal Injury in Car Accident Cases
What is that noise? I felt a strong sound as like if someone was shooting fireworks for
Independence Day, but it was not the 4th of July yet, the month of March had just begun.
My neck and back hurts a lot, my hands were shaking, and they were very cold at the
same time. I supposed it was my nerves that attacked me. Are you guys ok? I asked my
boyfriend and his son who were passengers in my car. What have you done, my
boyfriend screamed angrily, but the truth is that I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just
driving at the speed limit on a road with a lot of traffic. It was then when I decided to pull
Commented [J1]: This is an interesting personal anecdote
and an informative piece on how to process after a car
accident. However, your instructions say to write a
persuasive essay. Persuasive essays are arguments designed
to change people’s minds. This is written as more of a how-
to on dealing with insurance.
Some potential topics to choose from if you want to stick
with car accidents could include:
-Everyone should be required to carry collision and personal
injury protection insurance (regardless of current state
-Elderly drivers should have more restrictions on obtaining

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