Nursing Chapter 8 Homework Learning Objective Analyze The Issue Retention And

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Chapter 8 Thinking Critically Questions
This activity contains 2 Discussion Questions and 2 Application Exercises.
Discussion Questions:
How do laws related to human resources apply to healthcare human resources? Why
should a nurse manager be concerned about these laws? (Online Application Option)
What are some of the current issues related to nursing staff turnover? (Online Application
Application Exercises:
What is the status of nursing staffing in your local area? What strategies are HCOs using
to recruit staff? Are they effective? What do you think should be done to improve the
staffing? Does your state or local area have a nurse or healthcare workforce group, and if
so, what can you find out about it? (Online Application Option)
In teams discuss incivility in the workplace. Provide examples you have observed in
clinical. Do not provide names or any other identifiers. What could be done to reduce
passive-aggressive behavior? (Online Application Option)
Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 2e
Chapter 8 ANSWER KEY Thinking Critically Questions
Discussion Questions:
1. [Answers may vary]
Laws, both federal and state, protect employers and employees. It is important for both
2. [Answers may vary]
Turnover problems are related to retention. There are turnover problems throughout
Application Exercises:
1. [Answers will vary based on student location and resources used.]
Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 2e
2. [Answers will vary based on student experiences]
Incivility can be difficult to cope with in the work environment, and it is something that
all staff will undoubtedly experience with colleagues. When coping with a staff member

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