Nursing Chapter 6 Homework With Decreased Staff Working The Inpatient Units

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Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
Chapter 6 Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning and Judgment
This activity contains 3 Discussion Questions and 1 Application Exercise.
Discussion Questions:
1. What are some of the issues today related to emergency services? (Online Application
2. Why is continuum of care important? (Online Application Option)
3. How would you apply the Nurse Manager Engagement Project to yourself as a staff
nurse? (Online Application Option)
Application Exercise:
1. Debate the benefits of the Magnet Recognition Program®. Be specific about the
benefits, and apply them to a hospital in which you have had clinical experiences. (Online
Application Option)
Chapter 6 ANSWER KEY Thinking Critically Questions
Discussion Questions:
1. [Answers may vary]
The IOM has published several reports on emergency services. These services are
described as “overburdened, underfunded, and highly fragmented” (2007b, p. 1).
Frequently patients have to be sent to other hospitals due to overburdened ED units.
Downsizing has also had a major impact on emergency services. This service is one of
the areas of care that has received much media attention, primarily focused on
reimbursement denial when insurers consider the care nonemergent. Health insurers may
require preauthorization for emergency care in an attempt to control abuse of emergency
services. Laypeople may consider many conditions an emergency, particularly when they
are not sure what is happening to them. They go to the emergency room to have a
do not need emergency services, but EDs hold patients in the ED even though the patient
has been admitted to the inpatient service and should be transferred to appropriate
inpatient units. With decreased staff working on the inpatient units and some beds closed,
patients cannot be transferred out of the ED quickly. ED staff find this very frustrating,
and these patients require staff time that should be used for patients who do need
2. [Answers may vary]
Understanding and participating in the changing healthcare environment requires an
appreciation of the importance of the continuum of care and its relationship to acute care.
Continuum of care focuses on assessment of patient needs, ensuring that the patient gets
3. [Answers will vary by student.]
Chapter number: 6
Module number: 6.4
Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
Application Exercises:
1. [Answers will vary by student.]

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