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Chapter 20 Case Study Questions
This activity contains 2 questions.
Improving Care Through Staff Education
You are the director of staff development focused on nursing services for a 600-bed acute
care hospital. In this position you attend the weekly chief nurse executive (CNE) meeting
with the nurse managers. As you enter the room, you scan the agenda, which you did not
have time to review prior to the meeting. You know this was a mistake, and sure enough,
there is a surprise item on the agenda: Discuss staff development plan to address increase
in hospital-acquired complications (HACs). You review in your head past meetings and
scan the last meeting’s minutes, which you brought with you on your tablet. You see no
information or discussion about HACs. You sit there and get frustrated. The item comes
up in the meeting.
You know this is a complicated issue and has “political” aspects. Your immediate
supervisor, the CNE, is at the meeting along with all the nurse managers who do not want
responsibility for the problem.
How should you handle this?
What should be your tone? Describe what you propose as next steps.
Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
Answers will vary.
Answers will vary.

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