Nursing Chapter 20 Homework After Reviewing This Study Describe How

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Chapter 20 Evidence-Based Practice Questions
This activity contains 3 questions.
Evidence for Effective Leadership and Management
Citation: Kovner, C., Brewer, C., Yingrengreung, S., & Fairchild, S. (2010). The new
nurses’ views of quality improvement education. The Joint Commission Journal on
Quality and Safety, 36(1), 2935.
Overview: With the growing concern about continuous quality improvement (CQI),
there is recognition that the staff needs to be prepared, particularly nursing staff, to
participate actively in the continuous quality improvement process. However, if nurses
lack sufficient knowledge, concepts, and tools required for CQI, then they would not be
able to participate in an effective manner. This study used data from an eight-page survey
of new nurses who graduated between August 1, 2004, and July 31, 2005. There were
436 respondents (69.4% response rate) to the mailed survey. “Overall, 159 (38.6%) of
new nurses thought that they were ‘poorly’ or ‘very poorly’ prepared about or had ‘never
heard of’ CQI” (p. 29). The final conclusion from the study is that both academic nursing
programs and healthcare organizations need to work to better prepare nurses to assume
active roles in quality improvement and leadership.
Application: Staff development needs to be aware of current issues, particularly research
in a variety of areas, but particularly when it focuses on nursing education. In addition,
with greater emphasis on CQI, staff development needs to be very active in developing
staff competencies related to CQI.
After reviewing this study, describe how it was designed.
If you were director of staff development, how would you use the results of this study?
What is a major limitation of this study that you might want to address as you assess the
need for greater QI staff education in your HCO?
What might you do to better understand new staff QI knowledge and competencies?
Chapter 20 ANSWER KEY Evidence-Based Practice Questions
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