Nursing Chapter 2 Homework Justice Treating Others Fairly And Impartially Frequent

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Chapter 2 Thinking Critically
This activity contains 2 discussion questions and 2 application exercises.
Discussion Questions:
1. How would you support the statement “Nurses need to be aware of and involved in
health policy development”?
2. How are the ethical principles of beneficence and justice related to healthcare
reimbursement policy?
Application Exercises:
1. Visit the American Nurses Association site on healthcare policy (Government Affairs).
What are the current policy issues addressed? How might you apply them to nursing
leadership and management? Discuss with your team in class.
2. Identify a potential ethical dilemma you have observed or experienced. Describe the
situation and discuss its relationship to the ethical principles.
Chapter 2 ANSWER KEY Thinking Critically Questions
Discussion Questions:
As changes occur in the healthcare environmentpolicy, legislation, regulation, and
Responses will vary according to student opinion. Information related to beneficence and
justice are explored here:
An HCO has a political component to its environment, and leaders need to be aware of
the political environment. Nurse managers and staff must consider beneficence or the
Application Exercises:
Your response depends on the ethical issue you observed or experienced. The ANA’s

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