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Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
Chapter 19 Evidence-Based Practice Questions
This activity contains 4 questions.
Evidence for Effective Leadership and Management
Citation: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (2012, June). Enabling patient-
centered care through health information technology. Executive Summary. Evidence
Report/Technology Assessment Number 206. Retrieved from http://www.effective- Patient-Centered-
Overview: This federal government report examines the implications and connections
between health information technology and patient-centered care.
Application: Using EMRs/EHRs is now highly recommended, though as these
researchers note, there is limited research to date on its impact. Decision making about
EMRs/EHRs and implementing them are not simple processes. Much needs to be
factored in, and we do not know enough to always make the best decisions. Nurses who
use EMRs/EHRs often describe their frustrations with this new documentation and
technology. “While the healthcare community widely recognizes the potential of health
information technology in enabling patient-centered care (PCC), we have yet to see an
evidence-based comprehensive analysis of its impact on quality of care. In addition, there
does not yet exist a systematic review of barriers and facilitators for health IT-enabled
PCC” (p. 1).
What are the key questions asked in this report?
Why is this report considered to be a systematic review?
What are the results?
Identify two implications for nursing management.
Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
Chapter 19 ANSWER KEY Evidence-Based Practice Questions
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