Nursing Chapter 15 Homework Nurses Are Expected Know What These Are

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Chapter 15 Case Study Questions
This activity contains 5 questions.
Getting the Work Done to Reach the Best Outcomes
A new team leader is struggling with learning a new role and getting the work done. It is
like learning on the run. This day is particularly difficult on the surgical unit. There were
four new admissions last night; one is from a serious automobile accident, and a second,
a gunshot wound. Five patients are scheduled for morning surgery. A nursing student is
assigned to a patient who is one of the team’s patients. This student can provide only
basic care, as this is the student’s first clinical course. The team is composed of the team
leader; another RN, who graduated six months ago; two LPNs; and one UAP, who has
worked on the unit for 10 years and must be shared with another team depending on
need. The night shift reported that two patients have elevated temperatures and both are
one-day postop. Today there are eight patients assigned to the team; six patients have
IVs, with two to be discontinued. Two patients will be discharged, and three admissions
for elective surgery are expected toward the end of the shift. The report has been given,
and the team leader is meeting with the team to plan the day.
Identify the key team member characteristics that the team leader needs to consider as
potential strengths or limitations.
What should the team leader remember about delegating to LPNs and to UAP?
What should the team leader consider about assignments for the nursing student and
working with the student? What are the priorities?
Considering the patients assigned to the team and possible tasks and responsibilities,
describe how the team leader might delegate to the team.
How should the team leader supervise the team members’ work?
Chapter 15 ANSWER KEY Case Study Questions
[Answers may vary] Selecting a staff member to do a task who will be honest when he or
she needs help or if there are questions or concerns is paramount to effective delegation.
[Answers may vary] When delegating tasks to a UAP or an LPN, it is essential for the
RN to consider the scope of practice for each of these team members.
When delegation occurs, the tasks performed must meet the standards of practice, as well
[Answers may vary] The student nurse requires an experienced RN to act as a role model
for delegation. The student can only perform certain tasks unsupervised; therefore, it
would be best to assign the student with the other RN for the day shift.
Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
[Answers will vary per student] Information related to delegation can be found in the
section entitled, “Effective Delegation.”
[Answers may vary] Monitoring progress of a delegable task, activity, or project can be
difficult. Too much or too little monitoring may get in the way of success. Figure 15-1

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