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Chapter 11 Case Study Questions
This activity contains 4 questions.
Consumer Satisfaction Is Not My Problem!
A community health center received its annual patient satisfaction data, a summary
provided to staff from patient satisfaction surveys that are mailed to all current patients
by an external organization. The return rate this year was 40% of surveys mailed, which
was up from 20% the previous year. The center has a new director who has asked staff to
respond to the data. Staff members are rather surprised as in the past they were lucky if
they even saw the data. Many staff members do not feel it is their job to make the center
better or solve consumer problems; this is management’s job. Over the past year, more
patients and their families have been verbal about their complaints to staff. Some of the
complaints, which also were included in the summarized data, were increased wait times
for getting an appointment, longer wait times when arriving for appointments, staff
attitude (rude, abrupt, uncaring), little patient education, inadequate parking, and
confusion over payment.
Why is it important for staff to be involved in improving consumer satisfaction?
Who are the consumers in this case?
What type of structure would be most effective to make a plan for improvement?
Consider who should participate, size, purpose, and so on.
After considering the major complaints highlighted, how might the center respond to
improve consumer satisfaction? (Be specific in the interventions that might be taken.)
Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
Chapter 11 ANSWER KEY Case Study Questions
[Answers may vary]
In today’s highly competitive healthcare delivery environment, patient satisfaction and
[Answers may vary]
[Answers may vary]
Finkelman, Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care, 3e
[Answers will vary]
The management of the Community Health Center should analyze the data collected and
come up with a plan, with staff input, to address concerns related to patient care.

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