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Management Information Systems, 13TH ED.
Kenneth C. Laudon Jane P. Laudon
Learning Track 2: Business Processes in Supply Chain
Management and Supply Chain Metrics
Supply Chain Processes
Many processes and subprocesses are involved in managing the supply chain to expedite this
ow of information and materials. e Supply Chain Council (SCC) developed a Supply Chain
Operations Reference Model (SCOR) as a cross-industry process reference model for supply chain
management. (SCC members are organizations interested in applying and advancing state-of-the-
art supply chain management systems and practices.) SCOR denes a common set of supply chain
processes to help companies better understand supply chain management issues and set goals for
supply chain improvement. SCOR identies ve major supply chain processes: plan, source, make,
deliver, and return (see Figure 8-2).
Plan Consists of processes that balance aggregate demand and supply to develop a course of
action to meet sourcing, production, and delivery requirements
Source Consists of processes that procure goods and services needed to create a specic
product or service
Chapter 9: Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy:
Enterprise Applications
Chapter 9 Learning Track 2 2
To manage the supply chain, a company tries to eliminate redundant steps, delays, and the amount
FIGURE 9-2 Key Supply Chain Management Processes.

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